How to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini area , legs , body

Ingrown hairs on the legs and other parts of the body, called pseudofolliculitis in medicine, are included in the group of disorders of hair growth disorders.In this case, the hair shaft and remains under the skin begins to rise in the opposite direction, i.e.deep into the skin.

The prevailing majority of cases occur in places of regular removal of unwanted hair: on the neck, face, legs, underarm and pubic area.Looks like a small patch of swelling is accompanied by redness and itching.

Women may notice that rooted hair in the bikini area: a bump formed on the skin, and there pseudofolliculitis.Inflammatory pathology character may be different degree - in half of the cases through the skin is illuminated pus, but there is inflammation in any case, because the body skin ingrown hair is perceived as a foreign body.

risk group

ingrown hairs due to a traumatic effect on the skin is a feature that occurs in some people: all men shave, while women use some methods of hair removal, and the problem pseu

dofolliculitis observed only in some of them.

subject to this disease blacks and owners hard, curly hair, dry skin.Such a feature is a sharp angle of the hair follicle relative to the skin surface, also promotes ingrowth.

Causes of ingrown hairs

investigation depilation held at home

Methods such as shaving using a razor, electric razors, hair removal using special creams and wax strips remove only cutaneous protruding part of the hair and the follicles remain in the skin.With each subsequent waxing hair weaken and become thinner and the skin, on the contrary, coarsens and thickens: horny epidermis is not exfoliated and closes the mouth of the follicle.

Thus, thin hair shaft can not break out and starts to curl up in a spiral and grow in the opposite direction.After hair removal ingrown hairs become visible after 1-2 days.In some cases it is necessary to abandon that method of getting rid of hair (depilatories, hot wax, etc.), In which there is the problem and replaced by another method, for example, shugaring (thick sugar paste).

lack of preparation of the skin before and after depilation

before shaving should apply emollients and moisturizers for hair and skin, as well as the use of special tools for shaving and after-care for irritated skin: even the most gentle hair removal is a mini-stress to the dermis.

Violation technology shaving hair

Shaving against the growth of the use of blunt blades sverhtschatelnoe shaving hair from the same area, a strong pressing and stretching of the skin when shaving, shaving is very frequent.


rare, but still has a place of reason, when a person has accelerated keratinization of the epithelium and becomes rough and thick, through which the hair shaft is difficult to get out.

rubbing shaved area of ​​the skin tight and narrow clothes

Signs pseudofolliculitis

  • local redness and swelling of the area of ​​skin that has been depilation.This is the first sign that develops before the ingrown hair.
  • dense papules, accompanied by pain and itching of the skin, resembling nodules that occur within 2-3 days after shaving.
  • visible through the skin of the tip of the hair or the hair loop protruding outside.These features can be seen always.
  • abscess may develop nodules: the skin is illuminated yellowish contents.
  • formation of dense knots and white pimple, called milia.Dispatched within 1-2 weeks, with further growing of the hair shaft, and the absence of treatment.
  • In a complicated course: infectious abscesses and ulcers, most often caused by bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas or staphylococci.

Further symptoms depends on the tactics of ingrown hair

  • Exit the hair shaft to the outside due to the self-overcoming of the skin barrier - the local inflammatory response, which gradually subsides.
  • Independent autopsy node using a non-sterile needle or forceps, squeezing dirty hands (mostly) - infection of the follicle and the formation of nodules melting festering pustules, after the resolution of which remains lengthy and hyperpigmentation keloid scars.
  • ingrown hair in a beauty salon conditions, the medical establishment - the formation of aseptic wounds, after the resolution of which remains a slight hyperpigmentation.

differential diagnosis

Ingrown hair is differentiated with sycosis, folliculitis, acne vulgaris, follicular hyperkeratosis, pyoderma.

How to remove an ingrown hair in a health institution

If the ingrown hair began to bump with purulent contents, there is a tendency to the spread of inflammation, or have been made separate action, leading to fester, it is necessary to consult a doctor, dermatologist:

  • purulentpustule opened a surgical scalpel or a sterile needle;
  • cleared of pus and hair;
  • washed with an antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine);
  • superimposed sterile dressing with antimicrobial ointment.

would seem that these simple steps can be done at home.But this is a big mistake: to comply with sterility at all stages of the procedure in the home is difficult, chances of entering further infection in the skin.It is especially dangerous to touch festering pustules located on the face and neck: a rich network of blood vessels contributes to the rapid spread of infection.

Separate removal of ingrown hairs

Valid only at the stage of the aseptic inflammation (up to pus).You can not use these methods on the neck and face.

Noninvasive treatment

Skin antibacterial ointment is applied on the basis of erythromycin (40 rubles), clindamycin (Dalatsin gel 850 rubles) or benzoyl peroxide (Baziron 800 rubles) for the relief of inflammation, ie,remove redness and swelling (1-2 days).Then steamed skin and exfoliate dead epidermis using a scrub:

  • can buy in a drugstore ready salt scrub.
  • Or use this recipe for homemade scrub - 0.5 kg of edible salt, turmeric and 1 pack of 200 ml of vegetable oil (all mixed).
  • Coffee Scrub - 3 teaspoons tablespoons vegetable oil, 2 cups of ground coffee or coffee grounds, half a cup of sugar, all mixed.

After thoroughly rinse the affected area and a hair procedure is released immediately or in the next day.If necessary, repeat the procedure.

  • can try this

chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide (2 parts), badyaga ointment (1 part), stir and put on only 5 minutes to the problem area, then rinse thoroughly.This method is not suitable in all cases and not all because badyaga promotes hair growth.

  • At the onset of inflammation

Skinoren Gel can be purchased in a pharmacy or any remedy for acne with salicylic acid (see. How to get rid of acne).

Invasive method involves the use of sterile needles and forceps

It is not recommended to open the knot with purulent contents.Ideally, it should be translucent or hair protruding arch.What to do - the skin at the site of the procedure, the hands and tweezers carefully treated with rubbing alcohol.Sterile syringe needle from the new hair carefully to hook and release it.If necessary, use tweezers.After the procedure, the skin is treated with rubbing alcohol and applied to the wound with antibiotic ointment.Within a few days until complete healing should abandon the zone of depilation.

Prevention pseudofolliculitis - how to deal with ingrown hairs

  • Replacement depilatory .If pseudofolliculitis arises from the razor, is to go to electrodepilator (electric shaver for men), wax strips or cream for hair removal, shugaring
  • Failure shaving temporarily - the stronger sex can refuse to shave, at least for some time, especiallythat brutal way with stubble or beard is now in vogue.
  • properly care for your skin before and after depilation .The skin should be cleaned and steam from the necrotic epithelium.You can also massage the skin and thereby straighten hair.If you use a mechanical razor sure to use special gels and shaving foam.After the procedure lubricate the skin antiseptic, and then softening and anti-inflammatory creams and lotions.
  • Observe depilation technique. When shaving with a razor mechanical movement produced by the growth of hair.It is impossible to stretch the skin, repeatedly carried out with a razor in one place, etc.For electric shavers and epilators are always accompanied by instructions that should be followed.
  • shave hairs, regrown at least 2 mm .This is especially true of women who are willing to shave off "vegetation" in the bikini area and underarms daily.
  • use means to reduce the rate of hair growth: cream after depilation soothing Aloe Vera by Dr.Bio, Cream Planta slows down hair growth by AL CAPTAIN et al.
  • There are special tools inhibitors against ingrown hairs (eg, napkins Clean + Easy).However, they are expensive, and the effectiveness is highly questionable.
  • scrubs can only 3-4 days after depilation, you can not use them frequently, intensively and peeling of the skin.
  • After scrub necessarily applying moisturizer as dry skin is one of the main causes of ingrown hair.
  • If there is pigmentation after the ingrown hairs can use depilatory creams, salicylic ointment, ointment ihtiolovaya, badyagu.
soothing cream after depilation Aloe Vera by Dr.Bio 150 rubles. Cream Beauty Image "Foli-End" from ingrown hairs 680 rubles. Planta Cream slows down hair growth by AL CAPTAIN 260 rubles. Napkins Clean + Easy, about 900 rubles.

lotion to remove ingrown hairs "Ingrow Go" 1200 rub.

Spray to slow the growth of hair "Hair No More" 1200rub.

Professional hair removal

It is carried out in institutions and prevent ingrown hairs bikini standing.Required in each case, the method of hair removal should recommend a dermatologist, given the characteristics of skin and hair.For soft hair removal methods include methods bioepilyatsii: shugaring and waxing, but they do not always provide the desired effect, which in any case is only temporary.

Such methods as electrolysis, laser epilation, and are non-contact and non-invasive, act directly on the hair follicles and allow you to completely remove unwanted hair, preventing their further growth.Contraindicated in the presence of skin infections and diseases, oncological diseases, hypersensitivity to physical methods of exposure, pregnancy and lactation.

  • IPL. absorbing heat hair shaft becomes conducting and delivers the light energy to the area of ​​hair growth, which leads to its degradation.
  • With laser and electrolysis is performed point impact on the hair follicle with a laser beam or an electric current.The final effect - a destruction zone sprout hair.

So, if you found out the ingrown hair - treatment should not be delayed, but to approach it is competent, rather than trying to squeeze a pustule dirty hands!