How to mask hair loss at home

Hair loss - is a clear aesthetic problem, especially for a fine half.The reasons for this state is different, sometimes - abnormal, concealing in its basis some disease (see causes of hair loss.).

In this article, we will share recipes for effective mask for strengthening hair and inspect the tested recipes of traditional medicine.

Masks with oils

It's quite effective mask against hair loss.Different oils (natural plant and essential) amazing influence on hair.In addition to nutrition and stimulating follicle itself, extend the oil vessels of the scalp, increasing the blood supply to the hair roots.Restoration of the scalp has a positive effect on the hair itself: they are healthier and grow rapidly (see the treatment of hair loss in women.).

important rule, which should remind everyone - not keep the mask from the esters (not to be confused with the usual vegetable oil) for a long time, not to get irritated and subsequent flaking of the scalp, the best time is 20-30 minutes.

olive oil mask

most effective at the very first signs of hair loss or as prophylaxis (see. How to choose the olive oil).
Preparation: About 50 ml of high-quality extra virgin olive oil (extra) slightly warmed and massaged gently rubbed into the skin.oiling time should take about 10-15 minutes: in addition to the main action, the scalp will get an excellent, stimulating blood circulation massage.At the head wear cellophane or shower cap, wrapped a towel warmed in the battery.
How to : Mask withstand 1.5-2 hours, then wash out hair shampoo.Multiplicity of application depends on the purpose: as a preventive mask is repeated 1 time in 7 days, hair treatment is performed daily for 20 days.

mask with cedar oil and rosemary

effectively strengthens hair and prevents their further loss.
to take the mask : 2 tspliquid honey and olive oil, 1 egg yolk, and strictly according to 3 drops of these essential oils.Oil was dissolved in honey and then introduced into the remaining components.
Apply after shampooing on hair, scalp, wrapped with cellophane and a towel over the harbor.The mixture was kept for half an hour and thoroughly rinsed shampoo.The procedure is repeated after 3 days for 14 days.

mask with lavender oil

in a container with 50 ml of warm olive oil is administered 10 drops of lavender oil, mixed and carefully applied to the hair from the skin.

kept under cellophane and a towel for about 30 minutes.Repeat twice a week.

Burdock mask

Agrimony undisputed leader of funds for growth and strengthen the natural hair regeneration.
Preparation: Two yolk whipped with 1 tablespoonhoney and 1 tbspburdock oil.The resulting mixture was spread on the hair and skin by covering the top with cellophane and a towel.
How to : Hours Burdock mask is 40 minutes.The hair will be healthier, if you do this superprotseduru 1 time in 7 days.For treatment it is necessary to repeat the procedure three times a week.

mask with black pepper and basil oils

These oils have a stimulating effect, activating the local blood circulation and at the same time improving the nutrition of hair.
Preparation : dissolve 1 drop of oil and mixed thoroughly in the two egg yolks.Distribute the mixture on the hair and skin, cover on top do not need anything.
How to mask: Withstand a mask for half an hour and thoroughly rinsed shampoo.Repeat twice a week for about a month.

Mask with butter Bay

stimulates the metabolism of the cells sprout zone and regeneration, strengthens and thickens the hair.
Cooking: in 2 tspburdock oil dissolve 3 drops hit oil, add to the mix a tablespoon of warm olive oil.
How to mask: neat movements rub the oil into the hair roots, carefully sheltering polyethylene.Wash off after 30 minutes with a shampoo.Recommended for use twice a week course of two months.

If time is not a perfect mask - can add up to 10 drops of any essential oil listed in the recipes in the shampoo and carefully shake.Of course, the same effect as from the full procedure is not achieved, but can improve hair condition.When applying shampoo, should be as long as possible to hold a head massage to enhance the curative effect.

Vegetable mask

masks based on vegetables are the most accessible - there is always the right product in the refrigerator.

onion and garlic mask

onion and garlic and sweet smells abound in vitamins, nourish the hair and activates circulation.
mixed with 30 ml of freshly prepared slurry of vegetables and carefully applied only to the hair, the skin should not be applied to the preparation of healing composition.
Withstand for 60 minutes and wash away the head with shampoo.The use of onion and garlic mask twice in 7 days.strengthen the hair and give them shine.

Carrot Mask The carrot

have an effective activator of growth - provitamin A.
How to cook: in equal proportion to dismount finely grated carrots and low-fat sour cream and spread evenly.
Withstand mask for 40 minutes and wash off with water and shampoo.Recommend to use once a week.

Combined homemade mask

mask made from egg yolks and vodka

Preparation: Two yolks whipped with 40 ml of vodka and is applied to the skin, actively rubbing the mixture into the hair roots.Wrapped a towel.
Withstand half an hour, wash off residue from the hair without shampoo - the mixture will not only strengthen the hair, but also to clean up pollution.

mask their bread

Bread helps get rid of the basal fat, dandruff and simultaneously moisten the dried ends of the hair.B vitamins strengthen the hair.
How to: piece of black bread, pour hot water (70-80 C) to obtain a slurry, insist 60 minutes and applied to the hair.Bready mush wash off after an hour without shampoo.

mask from an egg and gelatin

Gelatine contains substances that are similar in structure to human hair.Mask nourishes and strengthens hair, adds shine.
Preparation: One egg is combined with a bundle of high-speed gelatin insist 5 minutes and is applied only to the hair.On top of cellophane wrapped.
mask thoroughly wash after half an hour.

Kefir and onion mask

Fills hair vitality, revitalizes the scalp and hair follicles builds power.
How to cook: Gruel of onion mixed with the same amount of yogurt
How to: applied to the skin and hair.Nestle towel.The mask is valid 60 minutes and wash off with shampoo.It is advised to do on a weekly basis.

Mustard mask

mustard mask effectively improves blood circulation, resulting in increased inflow of nutrients directly to the hair follicles, as well as the activation of "sleeping" follicles and new hair growth.
To prepare the therapeutic composition is mixed with 2 tbsp mustard powder, vegetable oil, granulated sugar and 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons then introducedhot water.
How to : All of this is applied to the skin and hair roots cellophane top hat and clothes are covered with a towel head.After 1 hour the mixture was washed with a shampoo residues in warm water.Be sure to apply for 3 months, 1 time per week.

Folk mask for strengthening hair


can find a pharmacy in capsules, ampoules.Vitamin PP (second name) provides additional nutrition of hair, moisturizes and improves circulation.
required amount of liquid from capsules or ampoules gently rubbed into the hair roots.
Withstand for 1 hour, washed with shampoo.It recommended three treatments per week for one month.

Natural Henna Iranian

Colorless henna does not stain hair color in the fire, but perfectly strengthens the hair roots, activates growth and prevents hair loss.
Preparation : 25-100 grams of henna is poured hot water, stirred and cooled.
How to: then applied to the hair, be sure to distribute to the tips.Withstand 20 minutes, wash off with warm water.Recommend to use instead of the usual hygiene procedures within 2 weeks.


This is a complex natural product of plant origin (11 plant extracts and essential oils 4).The multi-component composition has an exciting action - stop hair fall out, gain density and silkiness.
Application: paste is applied to the scalp, wrap the head cellophane and warmed towel.Maintain at least 3 hours and wash without shampoo and warm water.Recommend repeat once a week, and for the treatment - 2 times in 7 days.


oil solution of the two vitamins (A and E) strengthens the hair, accelerates cellular metabolism and fills inner hair shine.
Application: 4-5 capsules pierced with a needle and gently rub oil solution to the root of the hair.Dress up a shower cap and leave the mask on the night.
morning wash the hair with regular shampoo.P 2 is repeated weekly.


Stoletnik stimulates hair growth, strengthen them and saturating vitamins.
Application: Freshly cut aloe leaves kept in a refrigerator for 12 hours, after which the juice of them survive.According
1 sl.l.aloe juice and honey mixed, slightly warmed, then introduced into a mixture of whipped egg yolk and 1 tbsp 0.5fresh garlic juice.Everything is mixed and spread over the hair and scalp, wrapped in cellophane on top.Half an hour later wash the head with warm water and shampoo.Repeat through 4 days for 21 days.

As shown, reinforcing recipes for hair masks much.The best mask - this one that come up and help you.The main thing - do not be lazy and make a mask with the desired frequency, and forget for a while the treatment of the hair dryer, curling irons and hair dyes!