malabsorption syndrome : causes, symptoms, treatment

malabsorption syndrome characterized by complex symptoms that occur in disorders of the digestive function of the small intestine.All ends with severe metabolic disorders.If you start worrying diarrhea, you notice that dramatically lose weight, suffer from lack of vitamins, immediately go to the doctor.Because of what appears malabsorption syndrome?How to get rid of it?

severities malabsorption syndrome

pathology can occur in different forms, it all depends on the degree of its development.

first degree

patient loses weight not exceeding 10 kg, had reduced working capacity due to ongoing weakness arises multivitamin failure.

second degree

patient loses weight rapidly - more than 10 kg.He has a shortage of electrolyte substances - potassium, calcium.In this case, it begins to develop anemia, multi-vitamin deficiency, as well as the reduced function of sexual glands.

third degree

much thinner man, while his condition is due to a lack of potassium, calcium deteriorates.He suffers f

rom osteoporosis, anemia, edema, often have severe disease of the endocrine system, there is a convulsive state.

Types malabsorption syndrome

congenital form of the syndrome

Most often, the child is born already with the syndrome.It may be accompanied by celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, lack of lactose, sucrose, Hartnupa disease.

Acquired form

Pathology syndrome usually develops in people with the disease Whipple, lymphangiectasia intestine, enteritis, as well as in chronic pancreatitis, hepatic cirrhosis and malignant tumors of the small intestine.

main symptoms of the syndrome of malabsorption

about congenital abnormalities know immediately when a child is born or within 10 years.Please note that the syndrome is quite dangerous for a small child, can be fatal.The main reason - the strongest exhaustion.The prognosis of malabsorption syndrome depend on the underlying disease that caused it.

can distinguish specific and nonspecific signs of disease:

  • fatigue, constant tiredness.
  • Strong swells the stomach.
  • aches and rumbling in the abdomen.
  • Flatulentsiya.

When malabsorption syndrome bothers pain in the upper abdomen, which gives to the waist, often encircling it.If the patient still and lactase deficiency, it bothered constantly cramping pain and rumbling in the abdomen.

Because of malabsorption syndrome often increases the amount of bacteria, it ends flatulentsiey.You can notice yourself and peristalsis.When touched her stomach, feeling of fullness.

Quite often at a syndrome for a long time concerned about diarrhea, which is watery or pasty consistency.If the syndrome is accompanied by steatorrhea, feces become bright, brilliant, it has an unpleasant smell.

case of violation of separation of bile acid aholichny chair, often with a greasy luster.You may notice that a patient with the syndrome begins to dramatically lose weight and delayed growth in children.

Dangerous symptoms of malabsorption syndrome in children

  • Skin Problems.Most often develop dermatitis, dry skin increases, the nails are brittle.The changes are related to the lack of iron and vitamins.
  • lack of vitamins.
  • appearance of age spots on the face.They can also appear on the neck, hands, legs and feet.
  • strongly shelled skin and dry.
  • child often worries stomatitis, glossitis, cheilitis.
  • subcutaneous hemorrhage.
  • gums bleed much because not enough vitamin K.
  • Vision problems due to vitamin A deficiency
  • Pain in the bones with a shortage of vitamin D.
  • Neuropathy develops in the case of a lack of vitamin E, B1.
  • Megaloblastic anemia due to a lack of vitamin B12.
  • convulsions, paresthesia, pain in the muscles, bones due to calcium deficiency.

Attention! If time does not pay attention to the malabsorption syndrome, can result in osteoporosis of the spine and pelvis.

polyglandular insufficiency develops in the endocrine metabolism.All ends with a reduced function of sexual glands, may also decrease libido in women and men suffer from impotence.In women, there are serious disturbances in the menstrual cycle, amenorrhea.

malabsorption syndrome Diagnostics

first step is to identify the underlying pathology that led to the development of the syndrome.In this case, carefully collected history of the patient.Particular attention is paid to the congenital disease.In the case of the acquired form, the internal organs are checked.
As the medical practice, women malabsorption syndrome develops during pregnancy or childbirth.

immediately diagnose the syndrome in a patient who has anemia, chronic diarrhea and rapidly lose weight.Despite this need:

  • blood test, urine, feces.
  • Go biopsy.
  • Make an x-ray.
  • Pass CT.

malabsorption syndrome Prevention

Warn syndrome can identify the root cause of the disease.It is important to timely cure the underlying disease and a diet that includes adequate amounts of vitamins.

methods of treatment of malabsorption syndrome

first physician to identify the causes, and then assigns a course of therapy that will help get rid of the main symptoms and lead to normal weight.Equally important is a diet which is protein foods, niacin, folic acid.Additionally prescriber iron, calcium.

Required appointed antibiotics, enzymes, hormones, antacids, drugs that help stop diarrhea.To facilitate the patient appointed physiotherapy.

So, only a timely diagnosis and treatment can help prevent serious consequences of malabsorption syndrome.Remember that the pathology is particularly dangerous for babies!