Symptoms of stomach cancer

gastric cancer is quite common oncological disease.If patients are promptly paid attention to the symptoms, it would not have to diagnose cancer in the last stage.Unfortunately, cancer has an effect when it is too late.What signals is necessary to pay attention?How dangerous is stomach cancer?

Today, gastric cancer is a common disease that leads to death.In identifying tumors at an early stage, we can extend human life up to 5 years, so it is important to pay attention to all the symptoms and undergo the necessary tests in a timely manner.

What determines the symptoms of stomach cancer?

development of malignant tumors depends on:

  • From its location.
  • From its histological type.

defeat of the gastric cardia

When the tumor appears in the gastric cardiac department, the patient can not swallow normally roughage, her large pieces, it increases saliva.Note the more swelling, the more symptoms.Over time, begin to join these symptoms:

  • pain in the heart, chest, between the shoulder blades.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.

defeat antrum

If cancer develops in the gastric antrum lower section, the patient concerned does other symptoms: heaviness in the abdomen, vomiting, bad breath.

gastric body Defeat

In the early stages of tumor the patient must pay attention to these symptoms: constant fatigue, appetite problems, anemia, rapid weight loss.

first symptoms of gastric cancer

for early signs of the disease is rare, people pay attention, because they are inexpressive.For the very first symptoms of cancer include:

  • Discomfort in the chest.There is a heaviness, pain, discomfort, distension.
  • violated the digestive process.In this case, patients have constant heartburn, belching.The severity of the stomach appears increased flatulence, bloating occurs.Many people think that such signs are normal.
  • problems with swallowing.Man can not chew lumps.When the tumor starts to grow actively, even liquid food becomes hard to swallow.
  • Severe nausea after a meal.
  • Vomiting.It is on this symptom patients pay attention.Vomiting may be periodic, single, most often occurs after a meal.Especially dangerous vomiting crimson, brown blood.With a small and regular bleeding, anemia occurs with rapid fatigue, pale skin, shortness of breath.
  • Blood in the stool indicates that the bleeding in the stomach opened.Fecal often tar-black.
  • Pain occur in the chest, can give in the heart of the blade.

General and secondary symptoms of stomach cancer

Common symptoms include tumor metastasis, in which there is severe weakness, anemia, lethargy, fatigue.The patient rapidly loses weight, gets tired easily.On the secondary symptoms doctor says, when the tumor begins to affect other organs.

One of the main symptoms of a malignant stomach tumor is indigestion.When it is observed such symptoms:

  • Reduced or absent appetite.
  • person dramatically reduces the size of the portions.
  • appears aversion to food.The man refuses to do fish, meat.
  • Severe nausea, which often results in vomiting.
  • food does not bring pleasure.
  • It seems that the stomach is full.

If you have symptoms alone, there is no need to worry.Danger when diagnosed with multiple symptoms.In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

factors for gastric cancer

  • Defective diet.The lack of fruit and vegetables.If a person is constantly abused meat, fish, salted, smoked, fried.
  • abuse food with nitrites and nitrates.
  • Passion addictions - alcohol, smoking.

most often gastric cancer provoked by such diseases:

  • Adenomitoznymi gastric polyps.
  • chronic form of atrophic gastritis.
  • previously transferred operation on the stomach.
  • pernicious anemia - a chronic lack of vitamin B-12.
  • bacterium Helicobacterpylori.
  • obese.
  • stomach ulcer.
  • genetic causes.

Methods for the treatment of gastric cancer

course of treatment will depend on the type of tumor, its localization.Also during the diagnosis necessarily draws attention to the accompanying cardiac, pulmonary, renal disease.


most frequently to prevent complications the doctor prescribes the operation.It can be radical, in which the tumor is removed, as well as palliative - the stomach is completely removed.Can use a combination gastrectomy, in which the stomach and part of the adjacent organs removed.

In recent years begun to actively use laparoscopic surgery, through which the patient quickly recovered and returned to normal life.


This method is often combined with surgery.Chemotherapy is essential to destroy the cancer cells completely.For the treatment most often used targeted therapies.


Radiation therapy is used in combination with chemotherapy, surgery.It helps to stop the growth of malignant tumors.

Thus, stomach cancer is quite common and dangerous disease.It is important to timely pay attention to all the changes that happen to your health.Remember that in the early stage of the cancer is treated.As a preventive measure should be promptly treat diseases of the stomach, intestines.Equally important is good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, giving up all bad habits.Carefully watch your health!