Chia ( seeds ) - a description of useful properties, application

Recently, especially popular was the seed of the Spanish sage - chia.This is one of the super-products.It is believed that it is possible to eat a little seed and satisfy your hunger, cheer up, positive energy, and at the same time is great to lose weight.In America, the seed is considered an effective drug that eliminates various diseases, and most importantly, the extra weight.The chia seed is useful?Where is it used?

Description chia seed

This type of plant refers to annual grass native to South, Central Mexico.Another tribe of Aztecs believed that by eating chia seeds they increase stamina, energy and strength.Also prepared from the seeds of healing oil.

Today the seed is grown in Australia, Mexico, South Europe.Grass can reach meters in height.Its seed is quite small, a bit like flaxseeds.Shaped like a bean.The surface at the Chia seed is shiny.The taste is pleasant, very similar to nuts.Chia seeds popular in the United States, Europe, because they have a lot of calcium and magnesium.

chia seed Benefit

The product contains a sufficient amount of monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein, carbohydrates.Also a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.Seed rich in iron, potassium, antioxidants.As part of the seed lot of phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, vitamin A, C, E, niacin, riboflavin.It is believed that calcium is better absorbed by the seeds than milk.

Efficiency chia seeds

  • Restores digestive system.
  • Adjust muscle weight.
  • Improve the functioning of the heart, blood vessels.
  • reduce cholesterol in the blood.

If you eat 2 tablespoons of seeds, your body will not starve.So you can quickly get rid of excess weight.Now scientists are actively investigating the seed and want to turn it on in the drug of diabetes of the second type.

believed that the seed helps to strengthen bones, teeth, because it has a sufficient amount of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.After a while it becomes a thin waist, so that the seed controls the level of glucose in the blood, which is the main cause of belly fat.

How to take chia seed?

great product swells in the liquid and can be increased by several times.The raw seeds are small and starting to get stuck in the teeth, so it is recommended to use chia this way:

  • Prepare seed like oatmeal, you can simply pour the milk.Already after 10 minutes it can be seen as a seed swollen.
  • Mexicans pre-soaked seeds in fruit juice, it is believed that this cocktail "chia fresco".
  • This is one of the best components, which is added to smoothies.It is necessary to take and lose weight.You just need to take one teaspoon of the drug and breakfast is ready.
  • seed to ground, you'll have a powder that can be put into the sauce, cereal and pastries.

Useful recipes based on chia seeds

Prepare the almond milk (200 ml).Not you?You can replace water.Everything has to swell for 10 minutes.Then add frozen berries - 100 grams, a little spinach and low-fat yogurt.In the end if you choose to put the honey (a tablespoon).All mixed in a blender, then add only the seeds of chia, flax (a teaspoon).In using such a smoothie, you will not notice, you start to lose weight.

Prepare yourself dietary cracker.So you can enjoy a delicious cookies, do not put on weight.It resembles something bread, to which is added a tomato or basil.Preparing cracker easy: you have to take 200 grams of chia, add 25 grams of basil, half a cup of tomato juice from a lemon (2 tablespoons) and honey - a tablespoon.Sea salt should be added to your liking.

Please note that pre-seeds are soaked in water for several hours.Then undertakes a blender and all whipped.Then gently with a spoon lay out the mixture onto the tray.Dry on the street under a canopy of days.Use olive oil to mitigate the cookie.

selection and storage of seeds of chia

forbidden to buy Chinese products.It is considered that this does not follow the environmental situation.The product, instead of the long-awaited good, can seriously harm.

quality product is required to be certified, the packaging should be obvious that he was the organic control.Do not buy too cheap products, it is not always quality.

harm and contraindications chia seeds

Despite the fact that the seeds are popular, you need to pay attention to their detriment.The most common side effects observed with the use of low-quality and cheap products.

When abuse chia seed may increase flatulence, because it contains large amounts of dietary fiber.Note!If you suffer from flatulence after eating cabbage, there you have it, and after taking the chia seed.

some people after using chia seed into a severe allergic reaction occurred.It manifested itself in the form of diarrhea, breathing problems and rashes on the skin.

is strictly forbidden to use the seeds, if you are taking aspirin or anticoagulants.It is also not recommended to take the seed at low pressure.

not worth the risk of pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.Can the product and does not bring harm, but it is best to play it safe.

Thus, the chia seed is a unique product, which is actively used in the treatment of various diseases.Particularly pleased that the seed makes it perfect to lose weight.If you use it correctly, you can achieve amazing results.You can cook porridge out of it, cookies, different teas, infusions.The main thing to stick to the recipe.You can eat daily seed in its raw form, the result will not wait - get rid of excess kilogram.Always remember that the product is not only useful but also harmful, so consider all contraindications and side effects.