Olives - useful properties, application

Olive European refers to the evergreen trees.The plant reaches a height of no more than 20 meters.It differs slightly curved trunk, crown volume.Bark often gray and there are many different cracks.Foliage at the top is olive green and brown bottom.Petioles are small enough.Please note, though, that the olive tree leaves are falling, they are bald.In olive leaves are changing gradually.Than helpful olives?Where they are used?

Description olives

Cup in this type of plant is chetyrehzubchistoy, bell.Corolla can be green or white.Olives can pollinate by wind, flying insects or own pollination.Flowering plant begins in the summer, and you can harvest throughout the fall until fully ripe fruits of all.What

represent the fruits?This glossy black berries, sometimes black and purple.Within the large stone fruit is dark brown in color.The berry is a fleshy, can be of different sizes.Fruits appeared at a temperature of 20 degrees.The fruits develop slowly and long.They need a warm, dry autumn without frost.I

n the wild plant is rare, it is specially grown.

collection and harvesting of olives

For medicinal purposes are allowed to use leaves, fruits, and pressed oil is appreciated.Harvest the plant when in bloom from May, ending June.

Leaves need to sprinkle on baking one layer, and then dried in a well ventilated area, not to forget sometimes to turn the raw material.Some uses for these purposes special dryers.Store the leaves in paper or a canvas bag.The fruits are prepared when mature.Pre them thoroughly soaked in a salt solution, and then begin to canning.

oil is pressed immediately after harvest already.It is important to note that oil should be stored in a dark place that is constantly ventilated.The product is useful for about 6 months.

Application olives at home

Fruits actively used in cooking.They are added to appetizers, first courses, pastries.Especially prized olives in Mediterranean cuisine.There usually are prepared from the fruit of oil.It is used in cooking, soap making, dietetics.

Useful properties of olive

olive fruits

The pulp so many different beneficial compounds.Ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol - this is the best vitamin complexes, which help to prevent vitamin deficiency, as well as take part in the diet, reproductive and regenerative process.

olives fruits rich in proteins, pectin, oil, fatty acid.Also, they contain a lot of stearic, arachidic, palmitic, linoleic, oleic acid.This medicinal composition helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, it is a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, protects against:

  • aneurysms.
  • stroke.
  • thrombophlebitis.
  • atherosclerosis.
  • Infarction.

Olives are one of the best antioxidant agents.If you turn the fruit into your diet, you stop the aging process, as well as protection from cancer.The bitterness in olives visibly improves appetite.

Leaves olives

lot of useful substances contained in olive leaves.They are rich in rubber, organic acid, bitterness, tannins, flavonoids.They are actively used at high pressure.Olives are a part of these preparations:

  • Olimetin.
  • Halagol.
  • Cystenalum.

This group of drugs helps to remove the excess amount of bile, also has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effect.oil is prepared from the leaves, it is enveloping, laxative, antitoxic, emollient effect.

Application olives

Broth olive

This medicine reduces swelling, it helps to cope with hypertension, obesity.This is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis.Preparing the drug is simple: come from crushed dried leaves of European olive - 10 grams, poured a glass of water.All boiled not more than 8 minutes.Before you sit down to eat, drink a decoction of 20 grams.

cough medicine olive

you need 35 grams of oil of olives, 15 grams of honey and add yolk.Gathered goes to bed?Eat dessert spoon cooked means.

agent for treating abscesses, wounds

fresh fruit are ground and then added to a small amount of vinegar.Weight is applied to the affected skin.

remedy for poisoning

Boil milk, add 50 ml of olive oil.Drink decoction to induce vomiting.In this way, your stomach is completely clean.

Antihistamine drug

first drink 10 grams, gradually increase the dosage to 150 grams.Receiving repeated periodically until you reach the desired result.

olive oil for headache

means you need to dig into each ear with a migraine headache.

Flask with olives at high pressure

You will need sheets of olive trees - 75 pieces.They need to be cut into small pieces, cover the jar and pour the boiling water over all.Bank closes tightly, means infuses about one day.Drink before meals for 30 minutes before eating.Treatment continued for three weeks.

draw your attention to this recipe, which will also help get rid of hypertension.In the evening, you need to prepare a cup of dry leaves of the olive tree, all fill in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water.Divide the cooked product to three parts and drink during the day.

infusion of olives in atherosclerosis

Take fruit - 200 grams, grind them.Heat the olive oil a glass and pour the fruit of them.The means adopted before sit down to eat 25 grams.

Thus, olives are quite useful.With regular use of olives can significantly improve your health, get rid of many diseases.The only prohibition in the use of olives is an idiosyncrasy.