Chihotnaya grass - a description of useful properties, application

Chihotnaya grass (family Asteraceae) is known under the name of another ordinary chihotnik, ptarmika yarrow.The plant has a creeping rhizome.Chihotnaya grass can reach a height of one meter.Leaves are simple, they do not have petioles, they have jagged edges.The flowers are quite small and white, gathered in corymbose inflorescences.How useful chihotnaya grass?Where is it used?How to cook the drugs right?

Description chihotnoy grass

Flowering plant starts in mid-summer.Fruits are ready in late August.Fruit chihotnika as achene, which is slightly compressed at the sides.Chihotnaya grass prefers to grow in damp places, so it can be found in the fields, meadows, near the banks of the river.Yarrow is found in Central Asia, North America and in Europe.The plant is not afraid of drought and frost.

How to harvest and store chihotnuyu grass?

In medicine actively using a ground part of the plant, it is collected when it blooms.In order to use medicinal upper part of the plant.The grass is dried in a sh

ady area, indoors or outdoors.Keep the plant should be in a linen bag, paper bag.Chihotnaya grass is actively used in everyday life.The plant is often used for decorative purposes, for this specially planted in the flower bed.

Benefits chihotnoy grass

overground part is rich in alkaloids, flavonoids, essential oils, organic acids, stereopten.In grass chihotnoy sufficient amount of ascorbic acid, particularly in many of its leaves.The leaves are rich in inulin.

valued in the leaves alkaloid ahillein, with which you can improve blood clotting.Tincture adding chihotnoy herbs used to heal wounds, stop bleeding and treat ulcers.Due

chemicals contained in the plant, it is possible to improve the work stomach, intestines.You have much a toothache?Rinse the mouth with a decoction chihotnoy grass, it will help to get rid of acute toothache.

All herbal medicines, which include those chihotnaya grass, have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic effect.For a long time does not go cold, cold, suffer from headaches?Prepare a powder from chihotnoy grass.

Application chihotnika

In order to apply medicinal infusions, decoctions water, squeezed juice.

We treat toothache

Rub the dried or fresh root chihotnika - a teaspoon, fill all the cup of boiling water.All you need to infuse for about an hour.Then rinse the mouth.If the pain is unbearable, rinse broth every half hour.

Treat gastric ulcer

Use the same decoction that tooth.If you are going to eat, you first take a decoction (tablespoon).This should be done three times a day.Be sure to go through the month course of therapy.

Infusion uterine bleeding

You need to take the chopped herbs - 2 teaspoons, cup of boiling water.Wait until all stand up for about three hours.To stop the bleeding in the uterus need to take 50 ml of tincture in the morning and evening.The course of treatment is not more than a week.

Treat conjunctivitis

pulverized herbs - 2 teaspoons, all pour boiling water (100 ml), wait until 3:00 infusions.Then takes a cotton ball, moistened in the infusion and put on the eyes.So you have to lie down for about 15 minutes.The more often you perform the procedure, the better.

infusion of stomatitis

Prepare tablespoon chihotnika, pour 250 ml of boiling water.Put all in a warm place for an hour.Rinse during the day.Suffice it to three days, so that you become much easier.

herb to treat wounds

Take a fresh sheet chihotnoy grass, wash it with clean water, apply to the wound for an hour.Do not use if you are prone to blood clots or increased bleeding.

infusion of intestinal disorders

finely chopped grass, boiled water, then you will need at least 2 hours until all infusions.The medicine is drunk during the day of 25 grams.

packs for the treatment of external wounds

Prepare dry grass, finely chop it, pour a glass of water.The compress is used to treat a boil, injuries, dermatitis, abscess.This is an excellent analgesic for bruises.

Getting rid of itching

Prepare the dry grass - 5 grams, pour boiling water (300 ml).Drink in the morning, afternoon and evening, no more than 20 grams.

pure blood

To improve the well-being is necessary to periodically clean the blood.You should drink 300 ml of the above-described broth throughout the day.Take the drug for a week, then rest for 4 days and continue to use the drug.

infusion for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Pre-prepare chihotnika grass - 6 grams, fill it with 100 ml of boiling water.Drink remedy three times a day before going there.

Also this infusion can be used for diabetics.Medium rich in inulin, so it can be used to improve the metabolism, perfectly cleanse the body and reduce blood sugar levels.If you constantly use the infusion, you normalize the digestive process, prevent weight gain and get rid of this problem, as constipation.

Lotions, bath with a broken bone

To get rid of bone, joint pain recommend the use of a decoction as an external agent.To this end, finely cut 4 tablespoons herb chihotnika, all filled with water (a liter), cooked for about 20 minutes.You can use a decoction as a lotion or added to a bath.

Thus chihotnaya herb has healing effects.It is used for the preparation of decoctions, infusions, tinctures.It has long been traditional healers used herbs to treat various diseases.Self-medication should be used, because the non-compliance with the dosage can harm the body.It is best to use recipes phytotherapeutists and healers.