Reflux gastritis : Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

We are all familiar with this diagnosis, as gastritis, but not everyone understands how the disease develops in the body and what it can lead.Referring to the device of the gastrointestinal tract, in the stomach acid medium is present (since the released hydrochloric acid needed for digestion).In the intestine - the environment is alkaline. Normally, a healthy person, the contents of the intestines and stomach does not mix, so - made digestion.But, if the human body is exposed to a number of negative factors, it can penetrate hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the intestine, and all recycled and passed into the stomach intestine can return back into the stomach.In gastroenterology, this abnormal phenomenon is defined as reflux gastritis.

reflux gastritis - a disease of the gastrointestinal tract that is characterized by a reverse request food (their intestines to the stomach).

Why does reflux gastritis?

cause of reflux gastritis is in violation of the work of the gastrointestinal tract - a body

called the sphincter muscle.Functions

sphincter muscle or another name - gatekeeper lies in the fact that during the opening of the pylorus of the stomach food (already digested and treated with hydrochloric acid) enters the duodenum 12ti.Then, the gatekeeper as a normal type door is closed, and the digestion process has been going on in the bowel.But when the door was broken (ie, gatekeeper), the food comes back - from the intestine to the stomach.

reasons for this phenomenon may be a lot.Gatekeeper due to certain negative factors can not fully perform its job - the food, digested with hydrochloric acid, mixed with gastric juice, and - a large number of enzymes, comes back (from the intestine to the stomach).

In the absence of appropriate treatment of reflux gastritis, and the influence of hydrochloric acid, bile, and a large number of enzymes in the stomach having severe inflammatory processes (Gastroenterology, this phenomenon is defined as biliary reflux gastritis).

Causes disruption gatekeeper

list the reasons for disruption of the pylorus (mechanical sphincter).Typically, disturbances begin to increase pressure in the intestinal area.It could happen after the surgery on the stomach or intestines, the body of chronic duodenitis.Also, after prolonged antibiotic treatment, steroidal agents, anti-inflammatory action, an increase in pressure may occur in the stomach in humans.

The risk of occurrence of reflux gastritis get patients who abuse alcohol intake, consumption of fatty, spicy, sour, salty and too sweet food.

What could be reflux gastritis?

Depending on what the cause lies in causing gastritis reflux classify forms of the disease.In particular, reflux gastritis, duodenal subdivided into shape and biliary - discuss them in more detail.

reflux gastritis, duodenal form occurs when the pressure in the stomach and intestines, and that provokes enough tight shut gatekeeper.Under the influence of reflux gastritis duodenal shape a person develop destructive processes - inflammation of the stomach, intestines, and 12ti duodenum.In the form of gastritis duodenal bile back is not thrown from the intestine to the stomach.

If we talk about the form of biliary reflux gastritis, the reason for its occurrence is a pathologic disorder of motor function.In the form of biliary reflux gastritis corrosive bile enters the stomach, giving a serious inflammatory and destructive influence.

How do you know that you have reflux gastritis?

understand that you have a reflux gastritis can be on such a characteristic pain symptoms occurring in the body:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • Constant feeling of fullness of the stomach;
  • Flatulence stomach (bloating);
  • pain sharp, dull, aching and extremely painful;
  • After ingestion - regurgitation;
  • Violation stool - diarrhea and constipation;
  • Severe vomiting, regardless of the meal - in the vomit may contain bile, phlegm, blood;
  • Ulcers around the rim of the mouth;
  • Anemia - Anemia;
  • deterioration of appetite, and at the same time - there are still violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • rapid weight loss, and as a consequence, dystrophy.

How to diagnose the disease?

diagnose disease reflux gastritis is possible only in conditions of medical institutions and modern laboratory.To do this will need to do an x-ray of the stomach, intestines, 12ti duodenum.Also informative is ultrasound of the stomach.As a physician may need to conduct a study entitled - fibrogastroduodenoscopy.Gastroenterologist must give direction to the blood test.

treatment of reflux gastritis

treatment of reflux gastritis is solely the complex.The patient is prescribed a special medical diet and medication therapy.

If we talk about medication, then there are a few basic steps:

  • Reducing the production of hydrochloric acid in the form of medicines Pariet, Nexium, and - Kontralok;
  • drugs that prevent the loop back digested food from the intestine to the stomach - it Motilium and Tsezaprid;
  • Neutralization of bile acid and thus its negative effect on the stomach - Ursol ;
  • antibiotics - lactulose (in this preparation contains bifidobacteria);
  • normalization of motor activity and function of the gastrointestinal tract by metoclopramide;
  • Vitamin therapy.

When reflux gastritis is very important to follow a diet implies a consumption of liquid food, diet, lean, cooked in water, steamed, boiled.The imperative to eliminate fatty, salty, spicy, acidic foods, and fast food, alcohol, all the sweets and alcohol.