Why hurt the chest ?

Chest pain there is not so rare, cause of a variety of reasons.Furthermore, the localization may be different - or sore right or left, or in the middle.Do not immediately panic - not necessarily a place to be a serious disease, often the pain is usually expressed fatigue, but it is necessary to make a diagnosis.

Where is the problem?

main causes of pain in the chest may be as follows:

- myocardial infarction;

- regular angina;

- tachycardia;

- coughing;

- physical stress;

- hit by the fall;

- heartburn;

- panic, anxiety and stress;

- problems with the gall;

- ulcer;

- pulmonary embolism;

- changes within the body that occur during pregnancy and more.

Accordingly, in some cases, help to lie down and relax or calm down, to change the diet, while others need urgent hospitalization, otherwise it may be too late.

When you need to sound the alarm

What symptoms should alert the person and encourage him to take immediate action?The most dangerous is considered to be a pain in the chest o

n the left, that is in the heart - with heart problems often appear in the corresponding sensation retrosternal area.Danger is, if you are faced with cardiac pains, which are wavy in nature, given in the neck or the back, jaw, have a high intensity and crushing type.Shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, weakness, abdominal pain - these symptoms should also alert you.Often such feelings begin after taking nitroglycerin, physical stress, nervous feelings.Mistakenly believed that the heart, hazardous pain unbearable - doctors say the patient asked for help a week after the attack, heart attack, rather the norm than the exception.

Instead of conclusion

Thus, myocardial infarction can flow relatively easily and is not typical, it is sometimes confused with general weakness or spinal cord injuries.Keep track of your health, and in case of problems seek medical advice and turn in the appropriate tests, pass routine health examination.The risk group among the "core" - smokers, people with high blood pressure patients, obese women taking hormones.If you are concerned about pain in the chest, do not let things drift.