Knyazhik ( planting, breeding, care) - a description of useful properties, application

Tibetan monks and healers have long talked about the beneficial properties of knyazhika.With it you can cure the tumor, and now, modern medicine considers the tool, with one of the best anti-tumor agents because knyazhik has a wealth of chemical composition, it contains iron, magnesium, sodium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, aluminum, silicon.Scientists have proved that in knyazhike a lot of polysaccharides, glycosides for heart, triterpene saponins, volatile, flavenola, ascorbic acid, alkaloids, so the plant has antibacterial, wound healing and tonic effect.

Description knyazhika

plants mnogooreshkovymi Fruits are ready in the middle of summer.Due to the fact that they have long peristoopushennye bars, they quickly carries the wind.Fruits are rich in tiny black seeds that contain fats.

Circulated plant in Russia, Central Asia, likes to grow near the forest, rocks goal.Most often dwells in the coniferous and deciduous forest, where there are rocky slopes.Knyazhik is unusually beautiful flowers, it all

depends on the variety, they can be simple or terry cloth, white, pink, purple and blue.Foliage knyazhika lace, different bright colors.

can identify such common varieties:

1. Siberian knyazhik is a small shrubby vine, buttercup family.The flowers are bell-shaped, can be white, blue, purple.It has a pleasant aroma, with which you can improve the overall condition of the body, cheer up.In the plant a lot of useful components - macro and micronutrients, as it contains caffeic acid, so the folk medicine uses for medicinal purposes flowers, leaves and stems knyazhika Siberian.

2. Alpine knyazhik common in central and southern Europe.Flowering begins in late spring, characterized by blue-violet flowers.It may re-bloom in late summer.It is the one with the best honey plants.This type is most often used for decorative purposes, with the help of his make out the low fence, tree trunks, and often it is put on a rocky hill.

Useful properties knyazhika

Keep in mind that the plant belongs to the poisonous mind, so often it is used to get rid of harmful insects, ants, bedbugs.For medicinal purposes use the grass and flowers, they must be harvested when the plant blooms and bears fruit.After the shoots were cut, they need a little provyalit in the sun, then dried under a canopy.Be sure to note only suitable young plant when shoots already lignified, they can not be used.It is also forbidden the use of raw materials fresh.

All infusions, decoctions, tinctures need to cook it after knyazhik well dries, the funds used for the treatment of heart disease, they have a stimulating effect.

Application knyazhika

Leaves knyazhika have irritant effects, using them can improve metabolism, especially for those who are seriously ill.Due to the fact that the plant is the one with the best anti-inflammatory, restorative means by it is possible to stop the inflammatory process that occurs in the lining of the stomach, also get rid of edema of various origins, heal ulcers, abscesses.Well infusion based knyazhika used for colds, it will help get rid of the painful symptoms, eliminate the headache.

tinctures, decoctions can cure the disease of women, epilepsy.Outwardly they are used for treating long nonhealing wounds and scabies.Tibetan medicine recommends tincture on the basis of flowers to use in abscesses, hepatic inflammatory process, hemoptysis.

To prepare the infusion based on flower knyazhika need a teaspoon of dry plant, a glass of boiling water, all you need to insist to half an hour.

Eat this tool should be up to two tablespoons three times a day, when a person eats.With knyazhika and treat cancerous growths, for this you need to use internally on the basis of the tincture leaves, despite the fact that so people will recover much longer sick after some time will be better.

To prepare on the basis of leaf knyazhika need a tablespoon of dried leaves, two cups of boiling water, steamed raw, insist about an hour, drain.

Mongolian folk healers prized knyazhik because using it can quickly heal wounds, to enhance regeneration of the skin, also good to use for the treatment of edema, dropsy.Russian folk healers have long identified many useful properties of the plant, using it can eliminate the headache, get rid of the dizziness, cure the common cold, flu, stomach upset, restore exchange process.When topically used products based on knyazhika can thus cure rheumatism, paralysis after a rebound.To prepare the broth based knyazhika need a teaspoon of finely chopped plant, all fall asleep in a glass of boiling water, boil for half an hour, then diluted with boiled water.Drink up to three times a day after meals, one tablespoon.

cure many diseases help tincture, it is important to only take them correctly.

To prepare tinctures need to take a bottle, which has a dark glass, fall asleep in her dry grinding plant, pour all the vodka, insist to two weeks in a cool and dark place.Drink 40 drops three times a day.It is treated no less than one month.

When a cancerous tumor that can not be operated, for investment of the patient is recommended, such tincture, for it will require a teaspoon of dry knyazhika previously it should be finely chopped, two cups of boiling water, all for about an hour, strain and drink three times a day for one tablespoonspoon.

With the help of drugs prepared on the basis of knyazhika can cure ailments that have accumulated over the years, they have proved experience, then do not come back.