Lavender essential oil : application , properties

Lavender essential oil is considered to be the means, which must necessarily be in every medicine cabinet.In addition, lavender is considered the key to women's health, beauty and youth.How to apply the essential oil of lavender?What features it has, and by which diseases can be cured by having a home medicine cabinet is a wonderful natural remedy?

Homeland lavender medicinal

Lavender essential oil is obtained by water-steam distillation of only fresh flowers of a plant called lavender officinalis.Lavender grows in the southern area under the scorching sun and the sea breeze.Inhale the fragrance can be stunning on the coast of the Crimea, southern France, the Canary Islands and in Central Asia.If

about the medicinal properties of lavender little is known about the perfume - everyone knows.How much perfume, toilet water, lotions and other cosmetic products contain lavender.

Lavender essential oil is considered an elite versatile natural product.This lavender oil is not cheap, but its properties -

both aromatic and medicinal - fully justifies this cost.

useful part of lavender oil

Lavender oil contains the essential acids - acetic, valeric, caproic, and - oil.Also, here you can see a number of other nutrients in the form lavandiola, borneol, coumarin, tannins.

Lavender essential oil blends perfectly with the other base and vegetable oils.It can be used to normalize blood circulation, improve cardiovascular activity, activity for brain stimulation and memory.Since

lavender has a sufficiently powerful bactericidal effect, the essential oil can be used as agents for the treatment of cuts, wounds, and injuries of skin lesions of various kinds.Lavender oil soothes, tones, improves mood, normalizes the central nervous system, relieves fatigue, invigorates and helps get rid of depression and nervous tension.

If a person suffers from insomnia, then it will be enough to light aroma lamp before going to bed with a little lavender essential oil.

Medicinal properties of lavender

If a sinus man bring a bottle of essential oil of lavender, its nervous system is activated and its normal operation.Even with the most severe form of insomnia lavender oil helps soothe, normalize sleep, eliminate neurosis and even serious diseases of the central nervous system.

fatigue, loss of motivation, lack of vitality - all this can be easily solved with the help of aromatic baths, smelling procedures, as well as with lavender compresses.

This natural ecological means can normalize hormones person, increase the production of the hormone corticosterone.As a result, normal human mental activity, is significantly improved memory, lost a sense of panic and anxiety.It is recommended to use lavender oil to those who engaged in increased mental activity.

Heals skin and fights inflammation

Lavender essential oil can replace expensive products for problem inflamed skin.If you have a small or large eruptions on the face and body, boils, acne, it is enough to dot every day put on pimples lavender essential oil.Also, it is possible to enrich the composition of the existing arsenal of purchased assets to deal with problem skin.

added lavender essential oil in masks, shampoos and conditioners for hair.This helps get rid of dandruff, gives hair a unique luster, health, increases their flexibility and significantly improves the appearance of curls.Lavender oil can be added to the base oils.For example, in order to make a mask for hair (intensive nutritional) needs to take 3 tbspolive oil or any other vegetable oil and adding thereto 5 drops of essential oil of lavender.All this is thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath.After - applied to the scalp and distribute for curls.The mask is held on the hair for approximately 45 minutes and then washed with warm water and shampoo.

Application of lavender essential oil

Lavender oil can be used in the composition of aromatic compositions as inhalation, nutritional, restorative and relaxing baths in aromamedalonah, oil burner.Also, with lavender oil and make medical compresses applied to the skin for medicinal purposes (for inflammation, acne, boils, psoriasis).

only warning to use lavender essential oil - do not exceed the recommended in the instructions for use, dosage.Also, the lavender oil is not taken in its pure form inward and avoid direct contact with the mucous membranes.When used in a pure oil inside undiluted chemical burns may occur.

When using lavender essential oil inside, stick to recommended dosage of 2 to 5 drops (no more).Dissolve lavender oil should be in alcohol or natural liquid honey.For the treatment use lavender oil 3 times a day.

With a strong cough and colds can be done cold or hot inhalation - to this end, 3 drops of oil dissolved in boiling water and breathe the steam for 15 minutes.Cold inhalation imply the inhalation of vapors of lavender oil directly from the vial.

If you use natural lavender essential oil for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the face, then in that case, be prepared for the fact that the skin in the first few days will begin to redden and burn (this is normal).

For newborns lavender oil is used as a sedative and relaxing.To this end, in the room where the baby, put the aroma lamp with 2 drops of lavender oil diluted in 2 tbspwater.

For taking a relaxing bath add 10 drops as a massage tool - 2 tbspbase oil base - 5 drops of lavender essential oil.