Ultrasonic facial peels

Today a very large popular ultrasonic peeling face, which is a unique procedure to cleanse the skin, because it combines micro and peeling.However, with the use of special techniques can not remove only the superficial layer of the skin, and it promotes the complete removal of acne and skin smoothing. In addition, after treatment, the skin gets rid of dirt, dead skin cells, fat, even blocked pores are cleaned well and become less noticeable on the face.

worth knowing that ultrasonic peeling includes effective massage that acts on the cellular level.This procedure provides improvement of blood circulation, nourishes the skin and gives a lifting effect to achieve.This procedure applies to any type of skin and its use as a skin cleansing, as well as other areas of the body.It provides ultrasonic peeling the softest skin cleansing, and yet it has a few limitations in the application.This procedure is most effective, even with problematic skin.And all the reviews and the cost of this procedure will fully

satisfy every woman who is only going to try to do this procedure.

How does ultrasonic peeling face?

During the ultrasonic peeling, ultrasonic waves are applied where there is a certain frequency.And when compared to other types of treatment, the skin is not necessary before machining to steam.All you are doing - it is treated skin with mineral water or wiped with a special gel that provides a better cross.After that, with the nozzle beautician starts to spend more time on special massage lines, providing an excellent result of exfoliation of dead skin, it is removed from the excess fat and skin pores are cleaned.

As for sensations, during ultrasonic peeling procedure, the person feels a slight vibration, which depends on the power of the beam.However, this feeling is not painful, and even for some quite nice.After the procedure the skin is specially treated with a moisturizing cream.This process takes less than thirty minutes, and immediately after its end it is possible to notice that the skin has become more fresh, supple and young.The very first few hours after the procedure, the skin gets a nice pink color, but it can not affect the state of health of an organism.

Full session ultrasonic skin treatment does not require the need for a recovery period.And this is especially appreciated employed women, since this procedure can be done during your lunch break without missing their work, and the rest of the day to spend on a nice meeting where everyone will notice the excellent state of well-groomed skin.Another important point is the fact that the ultrasonic peeling face is forbidden for those people who have very sensitive skin that is prone to allergies or have closely spaced vessels.In addition, the cleansing of the skin with ultrasonic waves is absolutely painless, so recommended to the people who virtually any age.But except for those are patients who do not have the age of eighteen, so they need to avoid this procedure.

Ultrasonic face peeling leaves no scars, burns or other effects on the skin than is the case with other types of peels.The effect of this procedure is stored for one week, and after reaching the very good results, it is desirable to repeat the procedure.As to the frequency of the ultrasonic cleansing, it defines only a specialist, but on average it is carried out once a month.But if a woman has a problem skin or very oily, it is possible for it will require more than one procedure for a month, and already more often.Since this procedure is absolutely safe, in some situations it is allowed to carry out once in ten days.And on average, a full course of ultrasonic peeling can be 5-10 treatments.

And unlike chemical peels, this person is allowed to carry out cleaning, without taking into account the time of year and the age of the patient.After chemical peeling capable of in the summer sunshine cause a pigmentation due to the protective reaction of the skin to ultraviolet rays.Ultrasonic peeling layer does not damage living skin, which is why there is no response.As a result, this procedure helps to keep the skin clean and its freshness throughout the year.

Contraindications for ultrasonic peeling face

Even at this tender procedure has its contraindications.For example, ultrasonic peeling face can not be done to people who suffer from cancer, neuralgia, acute heart disease, dermatosis.Also special care should be people with acne, because during his aggravation would first have to heal festering education, and only then proceed to the application of ultrasonic cleaning person.You can not do this procedure for people who have recently had surgery on his face.The main contraindications procedures should include pregnancy, damage to the skin, the presence of implants or even poor health.