Tincture for vessels of garlic and lemon

Everyone needs a clean vessel.It has long been a popular method of cleansing with lemon and garlic.Many probably know that garlic refers to curative products, it has anti-sclerotic effect, it can be used to get rid of excess cholesterol.In the Caucasus, the meat is required to use garlic for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

beneficial properties of garlic

Garlic contains substances that remove the body from the large amount of salt.All proceeds from garlic have antibacterial and antiviral effect.If you suspect you have parasites in your body, you must be sure to cook the drug of garlic.To cleanse recipe is used, in which part of the necessary components - lemon and garlic.Sometimes only use garlic.

Impact lemon infusion of garlic on blood vessels

When a person eats properly, its vascular walls appear cholesterol plaques, due to their impaired blood supply.Man cutting becomes ill, his problems with the cardiovascular system.As a result of sharply increased blood pressure, there is a serio

us heart failure, atherosclerosis develops a dangerous disease.In this situation it is very important vascular cleaning.The drug, which included lemon and garlic returns the elasticity of blood vessels, their perfectly toned, strengthens the walls.With regular cleaning can break down and completely dissolve clots cholesterol that has accumulated on the inner walls of blood vessels.It has the same effect as aspirin.Remember, in the treated blood vessels circulates better, the cells are fed the necessary substances, they have enough oxygen.

How to cook lemon-garlic tool for cleaning vessels?

you need to take a 5 lemons (they must be thin paper) and garlic - 5 heads.All components are crushed using a blender or meat grinder. Attention! not clean lemon peel, it contains a large amount of nutrients.All products must be folded into a three-liter bottle, then pour boiling water up to the neck.The drug should have to stand for at least three days, do not forget to disturb him.Then strain the infusion well, and refrigerate.

How to make a lemon-garlic tincture for the purification of the vessels?

drink prepared infusion should be in the morning, at lunch and in the evening, no more than 40 grams.The course of treatment 2 months, during which time you should drink about 10 liters of infusion.Immediately after the treatment you will notice traveled result:

  • get rid of a headache.
  • normalize cholesterol levels.
  • forget about the headache.

After receiving the drug you significantly improve your mood, you will feel a surge of strength.Cleansing course should be carried out not more than once a year.

method of purification

garlic can be used to improve the condition of blood vessels with garlic recipes.You need to prepare the garlic tincture with alcohol.Note that it can be stored up to one year.You need garlic (400 grams) and alcohol (250 grams).Garlic finely chop and add to the bank, then tightly close the lid.Within 10 days means you insist in a dark place.Then tincture is filtered and infused for another two days.

garlic tincture should be taken at least three times a day. Attention! Before taking this means it is necessary to dilute the fat cow's or goat's milk is best.For 30 minutes before serving food need to take half a cup of milk, add the garlic tincture - 3 drops.On the second day, increase the dosage, for the same amount of milk, add 4 drops already, and so every day.Within 5 days, you add a few drops in the end should have 15 drops.

On the sixth day you start to reduce the amount of garlic tincture on the 10th day you should go out again 3 drops.Then, on day 11, you can already take 25 drops, stick to this dosage until the end of the treatment course.When you experience severe pain in the kidneys, should reduce the dosage on a daily basis, take 15 drops.

With lemon-garlic purification from the body displays all the harmful components to the kidney could recycle them, you need to drink plenty of water - 3 liters a day.You can drink juice, only pre-dilute with water.Especially useful juice of carrots.For efficiency should drink at least 500 ml of juice per day, while actively move.

During cleansing you have to forget about the strong tea, alcohol, as well as salty, spicy, fatty and pickled!

Recipes with garlic, lemon and onions for cleaning vessels

Firstly, you should include in your diet onion and garlic, you can add these foods as a seasoning for food.If you hesitate to odor, you need to eat a little lemon or parsley.

Useful properties have a recipe for the brew: chop onion blue (3 kg), add honey (500 g) finely chop the garlic and place (5 heads).Infusion is kept for about a week, then filtered.Eat breakfast before no more than 80 ml.To each time not to cook means, keep it in a cool place.Observe all contraindications, this recipe can not be used in diseases of the stomach, intestines.

Contraindications cleansing lemon and garlic

tool can not be used during pregnancy and in lactation period.Also, the infusion is prohibited in epilepsy, renal diseases.

Thus, in addition, that the tincture for vessels with garlic and lemon cleanses the blood vessels, it improves the condition of the liver, intestines.It is from the work of these bodies depends, whether the blood vessels and in time to get rid of toxic substances.Using a simple remedy, you can protect against serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis, angina and hypertension.After the passed week course you will notice how your condition has improved.