Analgesics for pain in the back

Do you know that uneasy feeling when driving back from such excruciating pain, just not the strength to straighten up?In such situations only wants to lie down and not get up out of bed, the pain once again not to disturb.Remember!Regular back pain - it's pretty serious and severe symptom in which a person needs to provide timely assistance to the situation has not worsened.

possible to treat back pain on their own?

backache is not recommended independently.After all, you can not establish the exact cause of why the pain is there?For example, someone has back pain lasts a few hours, some for days, others - it takes 5 minutes from a slight rubbing his back.And in each case it is necessary only to find an individual approach to the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment to the patient.

Of course, if you go to any pharmacist in the pharmacy, you will list at least a dozen drugs to help cope with the pain in his back.But, the problem is only in the fact that this kind of medication only reduces

the manifestations of pain, but do not eliminate the root cause of the pain.

How can you deal with back pain?

There are several basic ways to combat back pain.The first - a drug treatment and anti-inflammatory painkillers.But, they must appoint a physician only.According to its composition and the basic principle of action of such drugs are classified:

  • on anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesics;
  • muscle relaxants - drugs that eliminate muscle spasm and thus relieve pain.

addition to medications, a patient complaining of back pain, prescribe vitamin therapy - namely, B vitamins

following method of treatment - the so-called non-pharmacological therapy, which includes preventive physiotherapy,daily wearing bandages, which are aimed at maintaining the muscles and joints of the spine.

If the patient seeks medical help neglected disease, and prescription medications have not given a positive result, then the result will need to make a decision about surgery

list of painkillers

To eliminate back pain is mainly used analgesics thatin turn, are classified on narcotic drugs and narcotic action.

Analgesics drugs action plan have a direct impact on the source of the pain.For example, if the patient is diagnosed with a chronic and extremely painful back pain, then the recommended use of opium analgesics.

classify substances weak effects on the body and the natural environment of narcotic analgesics - more powerful.By the weak drugs include such as Tramadol, Codeine and Propksifen .If the pain is unbearable, excruciating, tearing a person from within and does not give to live in peace, then the pain cropped very strong narcotic substances in the form Fentanina, Morphine, Metandona. Absolutely all drugs narcotic effect appointed by the attending physician, and only if absolutely necessary.This is explained by the fact that all of the above narcotic drugs cause in humans a real physical dependence.

Common painkillers

If we talk about the most common painkillers, among these non-steroidal drugs can be identified that have a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the body.We are all familiar with such medications as Analgin, Paracetamol, Tempalgin, Benalgin, Baralgin.In the case of infectious origin of pain is isolated faith Diklofen, Clophen, Voltaren, Ortofen, Diclofenac preparations (tablets, gel, ointment), Citramon, Ibuprofen, askofen, Hlotazol.

All these painkillers can be used without prescription doctor.As such severe side effects, these substances do not cause.Their only negative, if I may say so - is that they cropped slight twinge.If the patient excruciating pain and unbearable, then remove it you will not be using the above medications.

Analgesics such as external action

talk about painkillers such as outdoor activities.Among those recovered gels and ointments are applied directly to the source of pain.The greatest distribution has now won Fastum gel.It can be used for back pain range of different - back pain after prolonged exposure to cold, female pain caused by painful menstruation, pain in the lumbar region;nagging pain that occurs after surgery or severe injury lumbar spine

similar effect have these drugs, how Ketonal, Febrofid, Ibuprofen gel, nimesulide, diclofenac, indomethacin, Finalgel.

If back pain combined, ie, the patient complains of excruciating back pain that has arisen as a result of the inflammatory process, used Dolobene gel.

Analgesics and restoring preparations

By painkillers, providing effective restorative effect on the body, can be attributed such as: Kapsikam, Analgos (cream), Apizatron, Nikofleks. These drugs stimulate the blood flow to the site of inflammation, nourish the skin, normalize its general condition, repair damaged tissue.

When damaged tissues is recommended to use Artrotsin, Chondroxide, Chondroitin, DMSO - preparations of this kind are aimed at restoring the damaged cartilage.

Analgesics with natural composition

Some doctors recommend combining medication with non-steroidal analgesics and gels / ointments to natural composition.Among these can be identified Comfrey ointment, gel Artrotsin, analgesic balm Valentin Dikul, Artrotsin gel. These funds can be used for the treatment of pain in osteochondrosis, radiculitis, and after injuries.