Acne on the ears , ears - how to treat them ?

Acne in the ears can be found immediately, especially if every day wear loose hair, which hide them completely.During scratching pimples you can easily touch the comb and it will bring a lot of pain, because the skin is very sensitive to human ears.Therefore, even a small little spot can bring a person a lot of pain.Generally acne in the ears and in the ears can be seen very often, but they appear in most cases after contact with unwashed hands.

And if people forget about the simple hand hygiene, it begins to suffer not only their face, but also the body to which they are also touched with their own hands.Of course, people do not notice how touching the ears throughout the day or simply do not remember how touched or touch them.Usually ear lobes person touches inadvertently during a conversation or while straightens your hair.As a result, the next day on the ears or inside them after contact with unwashed hands appear white spots.

Causes of acne on

ears if accidentally discovered that the spots on

the ears appear very often and did not disappear, it is worth remembering how much we communicate on a stationary or mobile phone throughout the day, as well as whether the person oftenfollowed during the day of his hair.And in this case it is useful to carry out sanitization of their phones, which constantly accumulates mass of dust and dirt.More earlobe spots on or within the ear may appear due to insufficient ears hygiene, as well as due to the continuous surface touching the dirty objects ears.

mass occurs when a person unwittingly rubs his ear dirty hands, thereby making microtrauma, which fall into the microbes.In addition, acne in the ear may be the result of falling into the ear of sea salt or any means for swimming, which is badly washed from the ear.As a result, the skin appears a little red, and then jumps pimple.Quite often, pimples behind the ears suggest that people rarely washes her head, or when swimming is not good enough washes the ears and the area behind the ears, resulting in those places is foam shampoo or soap.Acne auricles for another may result from an allergic reaction to a hair shampoo or a mask containing chemical dyes.

How to get rid of acne on your ears?

Everyone knows that the skin of the ears is quite thick, so everything appeared pimples on it for a very long time, mature and can not be treated by conventional means to eliminate acne on the face.Therefore, no matter in what place jumped pimple - in the ear cavity or ear on the surface, a person will be able to help traditional medicine.For example, a good remedy is the use of aloe leaves.To do this, you need to take a thick leaf aloe, cut it lengthwise and in half, and then applying it to bind to the surface or pimple.In the same manner using sheets celandine and plantain, and even with the help of these plants can make a decoction and rub their ears.

With regard to the use of standard cosmetic products against acne, it is very good in this case deffirin or tar soap.In addition, to effectively treat pimples on ears conventional mask for the face that women make to cleanse and moisturize the skin, as well as the mask to improve the complexion.And for this you need to put a mask on the face, not only, but also in the area of ​​the ears, however it can be done and point, that is, apply the mask only on the pimples themselves.If it so happened that a pimple in the ear or on the surface of the comb is damaged, it should be immediately wiped with alcohol, and then seal the plaster.This makes it possible to limit the further spread of infection and to give time for the healing of pimple.And after that you can proceed to the main acne treatment.

Folk remedies for removal of acne on his ear

Many folk remedies to deal effectively with these eruptions, such as the most common is aloe, which is applied to the acne, make him a pulp and applied to the affected area or add its juice to differentcosmetic masks.You can also squeeze the juice of plantain or celandine, and the resulting composition applied to compress or lotion, yet we should not forget and kalanchoe.Similar procedure is repeated several times, after which the spots disappear completely.It is also famous for its healing properties and chamomile from which flowers make the broth, then prepared infusion rubbed ears.

prevention of acne in the ears and in the ears

To prevent such spots must be kept clean their phone, and this is enough to wipe the surface of the phone cotton swab with alcohol also applies to landline phone.And if you have to work on a lot of talking on the phone working, it is enough to have a hand Antibacterial wipes, with which you need every day to wipe the phone.And of course, do not forget about good personal hygiene and wash ears that they do not remain the remnants of soap or shampoo.