How to help your child teething ?

Teething is a very painful process for the children, each process is different, some going all quiet and painless, baby feels fine.Some children teething on the contrary is very difficult, the child is naughty, very anxious, constantly crying, if the mother breastfeed constantly eats it, asking for the hand, he has a very large salivation, swollen gums may itch, itch or become white.

kid because teething does not sleep, constantly waking up during the night, the temperature can be raised, upset digestion.Remember, symptoms are similar to a viral infection, influenza, the common cold and SARS.

As teething in children?

teeth begin to develop even before the baby is born, since the 6 th week of pregnancy.At first it may grow up to 20 milk teeth.But at 20 weeks begin to form permanent teeth, they are placed under the milk teeth.

average age of appearance of teeth in children from 6 to 8 months.Of course, it happens that the first teeth are cut and a 3 months to 11 months later.Age always takes the aver

age, depending on the state of health of the child.No need to worry if the deviations are not large, in cases where no teeth after a year, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor to be examined fully, you need to do x-rays to determine if dental primordia.It may be that they are not.

Some kids teeth can appear very early, even in 3 months, some only a year, it is very seldom that a child already born with teeth.Most often this hereditary and other factors.

main signs of teething in children

Each child's individual symptoms of teething:

1. Strong salivation, it can be seen from 8 weeks up to 4 months.

2. Due to the saliva on his chin, around the mouth irritated skin.This delicate skin is very red, pimples can form.In this situation, help baby cream, which is perfect for your baby.

3. Baby teething, everything starts to bite, pulls everything in his mouth, because he is very itchy gums, it starts to bother him much.

4. Begin inflamed gum tissue, because of this, the kids there is a strong pain, some do not feel pain.The most painful eruption considered first teeth and incisors.However, each child may hurt your teeth are different, some are cut with all the signs of eruption.

5. If the inflammation increases, and sharp teeth have already seen, the pain in the gums becomes permanent.Some children may suffer very much, they are very irritable, because the symptoms have lasted more than a few days.

6. Most often, the child wants to relieve the pain, itch when cutting with the help of chewing food.But when he begins to eat or breastfeed pain gets worse, he has a feeling of discomfort, because he refuses to bottle chest.If the child likes to solid food, but for a time from her refused, do not worry, because it still receives all necessary substances in breast milk or formula.When the teeth are fully erupted, the child resumes appetite.Consult your doctor, you need to if the child refuses to eat at all.

7. mothers complain often that the child while teething, loose stools, diarrhea.Scientists attribute this to the fact that the saliva enters the stomach and completely dilutes the chair.Other scientists between saliva and liquid stools do not see the connection, then it is so important to see a doctor in time.

8. Not associated with teething and fever, of course, is not very high temperature may occur due to the fact that inflamed gums.If your child is teething and there is a fever, it is necessary to lower the temperature and contact a doctor, the temperature should not be more than three days.

9. The teeth begin to disturb the child's special night, an excellent analgesic method during teething is the chest.

10. In some cases, the children's gums appear slight bruising, do not worry about it, you need to wait until they go away.With the help of a cold compress can relieve pain and sucked hematoma.

11. Pain in the gums may be given to the cheeks, ears, chin.Some appear otitis media, because it is so important in time to see Laura.

How to help your child teething?

1. You can massage the gum in a place where the tooth is cut, before this carefully wash your hands, wrap your finger with a bandage, and very gently, without pressing massage Desenka.

2. Buy baby teether tooth, but he has to be cool and clean.With the help of a cool material can reassure reduce inflammation in the gums.The helium drugstores ring, they must be cooled in the refrigerator, not in the freezer.It is best to apply at least two rings, one kid will be used, and the other will be cooled in the refrigerator.After teether warms up, it is necessary to pick up the baby, wash thoroughly and put in the refrigerator and let cool kid.

3. You can give the baby to chew on a carrot, apple, cucumber, toast with bread.

4. If your child has a fever, you should give him a fever reducer or insert homeopathic candle.

5. You can use special preparations "Dentinox-H", "Kalgel".They have an anesthetic and sedative effect, so you can help get rid of the pain and remove the itch.Be sure to comply with the instructions - the child must be at least 3 years, take 30 minutes, apply no more than 6 times a day.

So, it is very important at a teething help your child get rid of the discomfort, to distract him from the pain as much as possible to play with him, to use all known methods.Your goal is to teething child was not a painful procedure.Remember that when teething, the child's immunity decreases, because it is so important to protect him from infections.