I Can Theraflu during pregnancy?

Can Theraflu during pregnancy?This question is asked almost every other girl who falls pregnant at the peak of colds and acute inflammatory conditions.Some of the girls, as often happens, they can not even guess what they are already pregnant, and then they asked this question to find out - are there any effects after drug treatment has taken place?In this article we will try to find answers to all these questions.

Theraflu and pregnancy

Today Theraflu is a common drug that is recommended to take for colds, acute respiratory conditions, influenza virus, etc.This is not surprising, because it is quite an effective remedy, which is able to help a person at the very first symptoms of malaise.

As part Theraflu can see such active substances such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Paracetamol, pheniramine, Phenylephrine.Theraflu release form is suitable for each patient: a powder, spray or tablets for internal use.

Theraflu helps with patient symptoms such as:

  • high body temperature;
  • Runny nose, nasal congestion;
  • Broken depressed;
  • The feeling of weakness;
  • Severe headache bordering on migraine.

According to medical statistics, if a pregnant woman takes place in the cold season, the chances of failure colds increases significantly.

and doctors really very difficult to deal with states of colds and flu, which hit a woman in such a crucial period of pregnancy.It is important to choose a treatment that will not harm either the expectant mother or her baby.

It should be immediately noted that the instructions to the drug Theraflu stipulates that it is not recommended to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Such guidance on medicines prescribed after major clinical trials have shown that pregnancy and lactation - these are the conditions that can not be combined with medication Theraflu.

Theraflu exception in the application form only such clinical situations where it is important to restore and revive the physical condition of the mother, and it is, at the moment is more important than the child's condition.In such case, the use of the drug is controlled by the attending physician.

In no case can not be taken during pregnancy Theraflu yourself!If you are sick, be sure to consult a doctor and only then take a decision regarding the treatment of colds.

Theraflu and 1 trimester

anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesic medicine Theraflu is contraindicated in pregnancy, occurring in the early stages, that is to say, this is the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

As mentioned above, make an exception only in the case when there is a real threat to the mother's life.And in this case, the direction of the treatment is selected in order to save the woman and reduce the risks to her health.

However, women in the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to remember that there are so many alternative treatments for colds that do not bear the damage to life and health, or mother, or child.As an example, this folk treatment methods: the use of large amounts of warm liquid, treatment lemon, jam, steam bath for the feet, different inhalation.But, even if you choose as folk therapy treatments, you can not do without the professional advice of a doctor.Because even these methods can have an impact.

Theraflu as a spray during pregnancy

Theraflu drug as a spray during pregnancy should be taken very carefully, after having passed a complete diagnosis of the physiological condition of the body.Treatment using spray Theraflu assigned only in the second and third trimesters, and only if, there is a threat to life and health of the woman.

Action Theraflu organism

is important to know that the clinical effect of the drug has not been studied Theraflu physicians until the end, so the medication can be dangerous even for the average person.

Theraflu is a drug having antimicrobial activity, local anesthetic.In a spray it is used in ENT practice, as well as in dentistry.This drug has a pronounced antibacterial effect, and so it quickly and effectively destroys Gram-positive bacteria.In addition, Terflu eliminates viral and infectious conditions.Also, Theraflu is an excellent analgesic drug.

It is prescribed in such clinical conditions as laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, gingvinit, chronic tonsillitis.

specific contraindications to the use of the drug is: a state of pregnancy, lactation, children under 4 years of age, as well as allergic reaction and idiosyncrasy of certain active substances in Theraflu.

Theraflu Lar during pregnancy

medicament called Theraflu Lar may prescribe during pregnancy only in very rare clinical situations.Only in the event that other alternative safe treatments have led to a positive result.

The composition of the drug Theraflu Lar include active components such as lidocaine and Benzoksony.

If we consider their clinical impact, the Benzoksony fighting effectively with Gram-positive bacteria as well as fungi.He is very rapidly absorbed into the blood of a sick person.And all this leads to a sharp rise in pressure, and impaired heart rate.Therefore, it is not recommended to take Theraflu during pregnancy and lactation.