Why a stomach ache after having sex ?

On this issue, few people say, but it really is.Most women, and women in particular hesitate even to tell their doctor that they have a stomach ache after having sex.Why?And whether it is a pathology that requires immediate fix it.

pain after sex in women is localized in the labia and vagina.As a rule, it is the nature of acute pain, accompanied by itching and burning.In some cases, a woman has abdominal pain after sex is associated with unpleasant sensations deep into the vagina.

Men abdominal pain after sex is rare, but it is taking place.Generally, pain is localized on the penis and abdominal pain.Pain is aching, sharp character.

pain after intercourse may be the main reason for rejection of the partners of each other.What should I do to prevent this pain?

Causes pain during or after sex

Pain during intercourse can result from inflammatory processes that occur in a woman's body.It is also possible that the abdominal pain after sex can be caused by careless movement partners during intercours


If the pain occurs after sex during the start or entry into sexual life, then it is normal that you just need to accept and wait for the pain to subside.During entry into the sex organs of a small basin and we have to get used to adjust to a new way.In general, the first sexual acts are stressful for the female body.Also, do not be afraid of blood, which will be released in small quantities during intercourse - it is normal for girls.

order to significantly reduce the unpleasant sensation of pain after sex or the same time it is necessary to use lubricant-water-based lubricant.Just pay attention to the composition!At the heart of the lubricant should be water!If the lubricant is oil based, the coming into contact with a condom, it may proyzoyti gap.

vaginal lubrication - the cause of abdominal pain after sex

If a woman has a natural way is not allocated vaginal lubrication, this can lead to unpleasant and sometimes even painful sensation during intercourse, as well asfor some time after.

Let's look at the reasons for the lack of vaginal lubrication.The woman lubricant produced by glands located in the labia lips.On how hard and be productive these glands depends on the number of allocated lubrication.Grease starts to separate from the woman's sexual arousal.

But here it is necessary to consider features of excitation women.As a rule, a woman is excited much more slowly than a man.Therefore, the sexual act is necessary to begin to copulate, to give effect to the prostate gland.Get rid of pain in this case as well, by using water-based lubricants.

muscle spasms and psychological discomfort

For many, this will be news, but the panic that occur during sexual intercourse can lead to the fact that women there abdominal cramping.It will just be the cause of pain in the abdomen after sex.Fear of sexual advances, some tension, feelings women may provoke a sufficiently strong acute pain and discomfort in the abdomen.To avoid this condition it is impossible, while around a woman will not have a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Features sexual relations

Partners are not always closely related to each other during sexual relations.This leads to discomfort during sex, after, and throughout the duration of the relationship.In particular, a woman may experience pain after intercourse, if held in a painful position for her.Also, always should take into account the anatomical structure of the genital organs.Both partners should know that if a man's penis is larger than average and at the same time a woman is anatomically very narrow vagina, it can cause damage to the soft tissues.Do not risk your health!

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to the chemical composition of feminine hygiene products may result in severe irritation of the genitals.As a result, a woman can begin the inflammatory process which leads to the pain sensation not only in the stomach, and large and small labia.Therefore, try for some time to completely eliminate the use of permanent gels for personal hygiene, soap, etc.If the pain does not pass, then consult a doctor-gynecologist.

Gynecological disorders and pain in the abdomen

inflammatory processes in the genital organs, can trigger the occurrence of abdominal pain.The most common infectious disease in women is vaginitis.The reason for its occurrence lies in infections such as bacterial vaginosis, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, vaginosis.

characteristic signs of inflammation in addition to abdominal pain are also pus odor, cheesy or foamy discharge, as well as a burning sensation in the vagina and severe itching.

Another cause of abdominal pain are pathological processes of the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes.It should be borne in mind that the genitals of women have a low pain threshold.Therefore, if you experience even a minor pain in the abdomen or in the genital organs, it is an urgent need to consult a doctor.

diseases that can cause pain or after the time of sexual intercourse: cervical erosion, endometriosis, inflammation, tumor growths, ectopic pregnancy.