Cervical polyp - Causes , treatment and removal

cervical polyps represent a tumor that comes from the endocervical tissue.They are dangerous because they grow up in the cervix.How do I know that the vac polyps?The woman in the pathology often disturb whites, bleeding, dragging pain in the abdomen.In this situation, an urgent need to address to the gynecologist.The diagnosis is confirmed after examining the woman in the gynecological chair, and after a series of necessary tests - histology cervicoscopy, colposcopy.What are the treatments for cervical polyps exist?Is it possible to get rid of this disease?

Feature cervical polyps

polyps - growths is that can have a wide or slim leg.Education of growing into the lumen of the cervix or beyond.It should be borne in mind that the protuberances can be formed in different parts of the cervix, but quite often they are noticed in the area of ​​the external os.In the case of a large number of growths are diagnosed with cervical polyps.

believed that benign cervical tumors is observed in 25% of patients.Pol

yps cervical attributed to a dangerous process that can lead to cervical cancer, a pathology must always be seen by a gynecologist.

Types of polyps of the cervical canal in women

  • Depending on the histological type - adenomatous glandular, fibrotic, angiomatous, glandular-fibrous.Depending
  • epithelial structures are distinguished from cylindrical, flat, metaplastic polyps.

Separately diagnosed pseudopolyps that appear only in pregnant women.They are characterized by the absence of the pedicle.These polyps are dangerous because they can lead to miscarriage.

Why are there cervical polyps?

Note pathology frequently observed after 40 years.Many gynecologists believe that cervical polyp appears:

  • When hormonal failure.
  • When age-related changes in a woman's body.
  • At failures in the immune system.
  • Because of constant stress.

also polyps in the uterus may be formed after suffering an abortion, childbirth, if a woman do diagnostic curettage, hysteroscopy.It is often characterized by tumors in women with inflammatory cervical mucus process.

80% of women polyps are formed subsequently cervical erosion, as well as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis.Education can occur in ovarian dysfunction, in some cases accompanied by atrophic coleitis.

Gynecologists believe that the pathology associated with papillomavirus infection, genital herpes, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomoniasis, chlamydia.

How manifest themselves cervical polyps?

If education are solitary and small, they practically do not manifest themselves.Typically, polyps are felt during inflammation, trauma, ulceration, infection. What symptoms bother the woman?

  • Drawing pain in the lower abdomen.
  • appearance of serous or purulent cables.
  • Occurrence sukrovichnyh discharge or bleeding in trauma polyp.
  • disrupted menstrual cycle, infertility occurs.

Important! especially dangerous for pregnant polyps at an early period, they irritate the cervix and can cause miscarriage.Also polyps lead to poor location of the placenta.

diagnosis of cervical polyps Methods

experienced gynecologist will be able to visually detect polyps and then to confirm appoint colposcopy, biopsy knife cervical ultrasound and endocervical curettage.

After gynecological examination in the mirror you can see hypertrophy, thickening of the uterine cervix, which acts as a circular or polipopidnogo grozdevidnogo education.Polyps can be covered by multi-layered epithelium whitish color.If blood flow is disturbed in a polyp, it becomes purple or dark bardovym.

Attention! sure need to pass a colposcopy.With this method, you can learn:

  • about small polyps.
  • Carefully study the structure of the polyps.
  • Consult inflammation, necrosis, ulceration and other cervical changes.

To exclude endometrial polyps, you must pass an ultrasound.In addition, by visual inspection of the biopsy is taken for the timely diagnosis of malignant process.Before the operation necessarily investigated smears on an infection.

Methods for treating polyps cervical polyps

often removed because it leads to cervical cancer.To do this, the doctor exposes the cervix mirrors, then captures a polyp and a clamp removes it spun down movements.To completely remove a polyp foot doctor uses a curette.Using RF and cryogenic method, doctor removes a polyp bed.

What if polyps are found around the external os of the uterus? Such formations dissected and put catgut sutures.In this situation, be sure to remove tissue sent for histology to examine benign polyps.

What measures are taken, if polyps are formed again in the cervical canal? doctor decides to hold a conical cervix amputation.

If polyps are diagnosed in pregnant women, their removal decision is made in such cases:

  • Education more than 10 mm.
  • polyps grow rapidly.
  • observed bleeding.
  • necrosis.
  • dyskaryosis polyp.

The polyps are dangerous for women?

At untimely removal of tumors of a woman is constantly worried about sexual infections, bleeding.All can result in infertility or cancer.Pregnant polyps lead to miscarriage or early birth.

Thus, it is best to prevent the appearance of polyps of the cervical canal.To do this, we must not forget to be observed at the gynecologist, to monitor their health and timely treat gynecological, endocrine pathology.