Causes and symptoms of cervicitis

Cervicitis - is a serious inflammation of the lining of the cervix.And allocate only two forms of the disease, it ekzotservitsit, ie the inflammatory process, which captures the entire vaginal cervical segment, and the second form - it endotsevitsit, that is inflammation of the lining directly into the cervical canal of the cervix.Usually it combined with cervicitis vaginitis or its consequences. Causes of cervicitis can be very much, but the factors that increase the risk of disease is sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and hladimioz, and as a result of infection with genital herpes or human papilloma virus.The causes of cervicitis can become harmful effects of conditionally pathogenic, ie it aureus, Escherichia coli or Streptococcus.

disease can develop after cervical trauma during dilatation and curettage, as well as after birth and abortion, because of the constant change of sexual partners, with early sexual activity, due to the late change tampons, as a result of the

negative reaction to the contraceptives onintimate hygiene means, due to an allergic reaction to latex of condoms, as well as components that are included in spermicidal compositions.

symptoms cervicitis

If a woman has a mild form of cervicitis, the presence of any symptoms, it may not be noticed.The earliest signs of cervicitis are the most intensive vaginal discharge for several days after the completion of menstruation.Unfortunately, many women do not attach much importance to these manifestations.The main symptoms for which a woman have to pay attention to is itching in the genital organs, spotting, which lasts a few days after the menstrual cycle endings, pain in the abdomen and perineum, pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, and even burning sensationafter urinating, bleeding immediately after intercourse.

In more severe forms of cervicitis in women can be observed purulent discharge from the vagina, which have an unpleasant odor, accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen, as well as itching in the vagina.If it is not detected or is not cured cervicitis acute phase, the disease becomes chronic process, which is already at the woman observed constant dim mucous discharge from the vagina, may be present weak itching and irritation of the mucous of the external genitalia.

Full diagnostics cervicitis

Of course, self-install cervicitis is simply impossible, because the symptoms of this disease has no specific form.That is why the appearance of the very first signs need to go to the gynecologist, who will hold a series of necessary research and be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the effective and correct treatment.Usually perform diagnostic procedures such as inspection with the help of mirrors, a common smear on flora, conduct colposcopy, that is, the study of the mucous membrane of the cervix using a special device - kolkoskopa.Also, the doctor takes a common smear on the flora and assigns cytologic smear study and bacteriological study of microflora that determine sensitivity to antibiotics.Once administered PCR and immunoassay diagnostic, and other laboratory techniques for studying disease.

Treatment of cervicitis

the beginning of treatment should be to identify and address the factors that contributed to the development of cervicitis.Separately, it is worth noting that the detection of infections that are sexually transmitted, be sure to female sexual partner should also be treated.Required cervicitis treatment strategy depends on the identified causes of the disease.And in detecting the infectious nature of the disease the woman is prescribed antibiotics, it macrolides, quinolones and tetracycline antibiotics which choice is made taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen.It is worth noting that viral cervicitis is very difficult to treat, therefore, require special-purpose antiviral drugs, acyclovir and Valtrex is, as well as the use of special immunoglobulins.

after remission of acute stage of the disease is also possible to use local treatments.Another very effective use of suppositories and creams, as well as the recommended treatment of cervical and vaginal mucous membranes by using silver nitrate solution and Dimexidum hlorofillipta.In advanced cases of the disease, when it is in the cervical mucous membrane occurred atrophic changes, in this case shows the local hormonal therapy, ie ovestin, which promotes regeneration of the epithelium, as well as helping to fully restore the normal vaginal microflora.In addition, it may take a conservative treatment, which does not give good results in the chronic stage of cervicitis.And in such cases, the doctor recommended surgery, which includes laser therapy, cryotherapy and diathermocoagulation.To evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment is carried out the test, colposcopy and performed laboratory tests.