Burdock burdock root and hair growth

Burdock and burdock root has long been used to strengthen the hair, popularly referred to as its thistles, dog, dedovnikom.This is not a common weed that grows under the fence, and a unique drug that can be used to strengthen the hair roots.It will help get rid of such problems as hair loss, alopecia means to treat, purify the scalp.If you learn how to use burdock root, it is possible to strengthen the hair and give them shine, strength and beauty.

Useful properties of burdock

The plant is composed of a large number of unique useful chemicals.With the help of plants can improve the hair, strengthen weakened strands, it is one of the most powerful, integrated tools for the hair and scalp.Hair Structure and roots become stronger.

Burdock root in its composition has:

1. The polysaccharides, which provide shine, smoothness.You can use a root conditioner or mask.

2. contains large amounts of essential oils, therefore, it is a means of calming.Ideal cope with itching of the scalp, which occurs due t

o dandruff.Also, it is recommended for the treatment of head lice, it will prevent scratching until the blood will not develop a scab.

3. The burdock root contains large amounts of fatty oil, which create a protective film, it does not become dirty quickly curls, moisturizes dry hair.It is a reliable protection from the negative effects of the sun's rays, temperature changes and other atmospheric influences.

4. Due to the fact that at the root of burdock contain tannins, it is the best fortifying agent that prevents hair fall.The broth is recommended for use in alopecia.

5. stigmasterol is a unique substance, broth with burdock helps to restore and improve the condition of damaged split ends.

6. sitosterol alcohol refers to a plant, that can be used to strengthen the hair roots.

7. Bitterness, which is part of the mug makes disinfectants, so use it if damaged scalp, it stops the inflammatory process is excellent.

8. Protein is very important for the structure of the hair, using it you can quickly restore the strands after they have been damaged or people experienced stress.Broth-based Burdock root helps to strengthen hair roots under constant painting, permed.

9. The burdock root contains a small amount of fatty acid - stearic, palmitic, due to this, you can moisturize dry hair in a sufficient amount.

10. The plant is rich in active ingredients, so it is used as a remedy for hair loss.

11. To improve the locks, you must use the root of the plant.

12. Each pharmacy selling collection of hair loss, but it is best to assemble their own raw materials.

collection burdock root

Note that collect plant should be extremely cautious, should not be near roads, industrial complexes.The plant is very strongly absorb all toxic substances.Collect plants are best in late autumn, early spring, you can, at this time there are a lot of different useful items.

dig deep to be able to get root.After the raw material washed with water.Then dried night in a room that is constantly ventilated.After crushed in a blender, once dried.Be sure to spread a root in a single layer, constantly ventilate the room.If you dry the quality, can be stored for about two years.Recommend to keep in a cardboard box, constantly sort through, make sure that the raw materials will not hurt.

Preparations of different cosmetic products with burdock root hair

Using the time-tested recipes, you can cook different beauty products for hair :

1. The infusion is prepared simply, for it is necessary to use fresh, dry root, you will need two tablespoons, 200 ml of boiling water, boil, insist 30 minutes.

2. To prepare the broth, it is necessary to take the raw material - no more than two tablespoons 300 ml of boiling water and cook all for about 20 minutes.After the filter, wait until cool down, use warm.Rinse weakened hair, so hair loss problem will be solved.

3. Juice get very hard.First, all the raw materials are ground in a blender, then squeeze the pulp.Juice is a healing remedy.

4. Mask is one of the best cosmetic agents.It is possible to add juice, tincture, decoction.

5. Before using different means, you need to check how they are perceived by the skin.To do this, you need to attach a wrist wrap, if there is red, it means that you have an allergy, an agent for the scalp can not be used.

6. The mask should be applied to the whole of the head, first, using a massaging motion, rub into the roots, then brush to distribute on the length of hair, most of all to pay attention to the tips.

7. The broth, juice, tincture, which included burdock root, is the best conditioner, the hair after it sparkle and shine.Juice is a stimulant for the hair.At home, you can apply with a strong hair loss, you need to use three times a week.

8., need to fewer than 10 procedures to completely restore the hair to strengthen the roots.Then rest a month and are undergoing medical treatment again.Particularly useful if the locks are dull, damaged after perms, coloring, hair dryer.

Therefore, burdock root is a medicinal drug for hair, with which you can strengthen your hair, give them smoothness, shine.It is important to take into account when using individual tolerance plants if you do not, a severe allergic reaction may occur.Carefully use for children.On the basis of burdock root, you can prepare a decoction, infusion, juice, butter, different masks, effectively combined with other plants.If you occasionally use the tool, the result will be noticeable.