Fern ( plant) - useful properties

Fern is a seedless plant species.Below is sori, so it multiplies.The leaves have a complex shape, pinnatisect species.The plant belongs to Perennial, reaches a height of about 90 cm. When the spores mature, it seems that the fern blooms.Sometimes the plant can dispose of leaves, which are extended, then brush resembles a flower, they begin to open in the hot season.

Description fern Fern

different thick rhizome, has many types of subordinate roots.They are used by folk healers, collect them in the middle of autumn.This type of plant can be found in Mexico, Asia, Norway, Russia, Finland.He likes to grow in the forests.

on fern leaves are a large number of scales.The top of the rhizome has pinnate leaves, they look like a snail.In September, the leaves at the bottom of many sporangia, where disputes when they are fully prepared to begin to crumble, so fern reproduces.

Modern researchers amazed healing properties rhizome plants, there are a lot of different unique components.The root helps to remove

toxins and waste from the human body, cleans it.With this part of the plant can heal the wounds that do not heal for a long time, ulcers, eczema, rheumatism, chronic constipation, get rid of headaches.Preparations from the roots to improve the condition of the cardiovascular system.

varieties of fern

1 .The room has a carved fern leaves, does not like the sun, it should be moderately watered, the soil should not dry up.

2. Thai fern different long root, has bright green leaves.He likes bright light.

3. Male fern refers to herbaceous perennial plant species has large leaves, strong root.Disputes occur in mid-July to August.No problem grows in shady areas around the bush.The rhizomes are used to extract manufacturing.

4. Indian fern is found in tropical landscapes, pale green leaves, melkorassechennye.He loves moderate lighting.

5. Red Fern grows very slowly, the young leaves with red shades.

6. Tropical fern can reach a height of about 20 cm, the root of his pridatochny.It reminds liana, fern, raised up the tree, is where a lot of sunlight.You can select a tropical moss species, it grows into a small damp hole, leaves like lace, they it absorbs all the moisture.The rainforest and meet other species, they like a shady area.

7. tree ferns can adapt to different climate.It can be found in damp woods, around lakes, swamps.He enjoys subtropical climate.The branches of the unusual, leaves with pointed tips.Propagation spores.

8. Water fern growing in Australia, Asia and America.Reproduction occurs in the older parent sheets.

9. Forest fern Dryopteris called, strausnikom, listovikom, mnogoryadnikom, bracken.It has unusual funnel-shaped outlet, saturated hue.It grows in open areas.Refers to the winter hardiness of mind can be easily adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia, likes moist soil.It used as an antibacterial drug.

Useful properties fern

especially appreciated the fact that it can overcome an intestinal infection.As part of a large number of fern phloroglucinol, different acids.Keep in mind that all these substances are toxic, because they can be paralysis.To cure rheumatism using the infusion water, to collect this rootstock.It is an effective remedy helps to heal wounds that fester, eliminates the convulsive state, heals ulcers.

fern Application for medicinal purposes

to cure various diseases, it is necessary to use in addition to the aerial parts of the root.It contains alkaloids, different acids.Rhizoma - the best drug for treatment of intestinal diseases, stomach.The broth with the grass will help when you cough, relieve pain from joints.

One of the best medicines for worms is a powder with a fern, using it can destroy parasites, and even get rid of the stagnation in the intestine, spleen.

Folk healers used a decoction, when a person makes a noise in the ears, constantly appears diarrhea, they treated jaundice, cold, various boils, eczema.Fern used for bleeding, which occurs during hemorrhoids.Also shown its positive effects on the central nervous system, it improves the state of mind.Fern rid of malaria without problems.To prepare a decoction by roots, you need to take 10 grams of dry plant, a glass of boiled water.After a long boil, add a teaspoon of honey.

with ferns prepare healing an external agent, it needs to take a rhizome - 70 grams, a bottle of water, put everything simmer for two hours.Then this drug to anoint skin all the places that impressed, you can add the broth into the bath.

Medicines based fern help relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, stop the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, improve the condition of the patient with rheumatism, protect against cramps in the calf muscles.The course of treatment is not less than 3 weeks.

Contraindications fern

Remember that the plant is toxic species.All production of medicaments should be used after consultation with a specialist.In the case of kidney, liver abnormalities, gastric and intestinal ulcers, fern taken strictly prohibited.

Thus, fern - a unique type of plant that is valued by folk healers.Using it, you should always keep in mind its toxic effects on the body, to get involved in drugs fern is not recommended.