Tintura ( tintura ) rosa canina : benefici e rischi

infusion (infusion) of rose hips for medicinal purposes were used for the treatment of many diseases in Kazakhstan and Siberia.For Ivan the Terrible specially collected rosehips.Warriors know how to store it, and then sold, because the plant was valuable.Infusion is most often used during the cold season, so it was possible to strengthen the immune system and protect your body against SARS, the common cold.The wild rose contains a lot of vitamin C.

Useful properties of rosehip infusion

drug is valued by its composition, it contains a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid.If you are sick, you need as much as possible to drink the infusion, so you will enrich the body with vitamin C, the immune system will be able to quickly overcome the disease.

Remember that a large amount of rosehips microelements, vitamins C, B, and potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.All these elements are contained in the infusion, tincture.In addition to a large amount of medicament tannin, sugar, essential oils, organic ac

ids, pectin.

If you use the infusion, tincture, you can improve the bowels, stomach.Rosehip - one of the best diuretics drugs, using it you can stop inflammation in the genitourinary system, and for the treatment of hypertensive disease, infusion with rosehip knocks intracranial pressure.When a person regularly uses a tincture, it normalizes the status of all internal organs.

from diarrhea can be removed quickly if the infusion prepared with wild rose root, it has astringent properties.Also recommended for the preparation of medicaments use the seeds, they reduce inflammation, heal wounds, because they contain fatty acid.The infusion of rose hips is recommended to take a preventive measure in atherosclerosis.The wild rose contains vitamin K, using it can speed up the regeneration of tissues, bones, in the case of a fracture will quickly coalesce.

Application infusion and tincture of rose hips

drug used to improve appetite, so you can stimulate the digestive process.rose hips tincture helps to heal diseases of the gallbladder, liver pathology.This is one of the best means of prevention of influenza, SARS, the common cold.Infusions recommend drinking in diseases of the joints, is one of the best anti-inflammatory drugs.

tincture, infusion of rose hips are based on the best drug rehabilitation, it is advised to use in case if a person suffered a serious illness, surgery, women after childbirth.

Preparation of tincture of rose hips

Take boiling water - 2 liters of water, add a little wild rose, boil for about 20 minutes.The drink should be saturated, may have little sour taste.

can use another effective way to prepare the infusion, take 100 ml of fruit, pour 250 ml of boiling water.Infuse for about 20 minutes and you can drink.The taste of this drink soft, tender, it contains nutrients and vitamins.

Folk healers recommend to pay attention to this recipe need crushed dog rose and a glass of boiling water, boil for an hour, cover and infuse for about two hours for him.When the water starts to boil, you need to add a little.Infusion drink before eating no more than 250 ml.

Application of tincture of rose hips

1. The drug helps to get rid of constipation.This will require a wild rose - 3 tablespoons, pour half a liter of boiling water.Cool and strain.At the end, add a little honey.Drinking on an empty stomach.

2. The flu, the common cold are advised to take the infusion of rose hips, to quickly recover, strengthen the immune system.

3. Women with heavy period are advised to take 20 drops of tincture of wild rose in the morning, afternoon and evening.

application of rosehip infusion slimming

Japan Doctors have long used the drug in order to get rid of obesity.Extract plants store energy, so the person gets rid of the excess fat.It is proved that with the infusion of rose hips can lower blood cholesterol levels.Tincture - one of the best drugs is significantly reduced blood glucose levels.

When cholecystitis need to drink 250 ml of infusion of rose hips for 30 minutes before eating food three times a day.To cure the disease can be for one month, if you are regularly taking it.

harm infusion rosehip

If you constantly and systematically to take a drug, it is necessary to pay attention to how your body reacts to it, in order to avoid side effects.You can not abuse the drug, often rosehips leads to intoxication.

Please note that the funds on the basis of rose hips contain plenty of vitamin C, they can increase the acidity of the stomach, leading to heartburn.Once used the vehicle with rose hips, it is necessary to rinse the mouth, acid can adversely affect the tooth enamel.

The infusion contains a lot of acid, so it is forbidden to take for gastritis, ulcer.You also can not be used in thrombophlebitis, thrombosis.

So infusion with rosehip help stop the bleeding, it has a positive effect on the capillaries.The drug normalizes the function of sexual glands, using tinctures can heal wounds.For fractures, injuries from the dog rose tincture will help speed up the healing of tissue.Infusion is the best remedy for constipation, it restores the function of the intestine.The positive effect on the heart muscle - is reliable protection against heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis.Carefully take infusions in kidney diseases.If you take into account all contraindications, means rosehip bring only benefits.During pregnancy and lactation is allowed to use drugs with rosehip.