Pain in the left side of the chest

When there is pain in the left side of the chest, immediately have suspicions at the expense of cardiac problems.In fact, this is a very serious symptom and demands careful attention, of course, do not ignore it.It can be a distress signal, which feeds the heart, lungs, stomach, pain can cause breast cancer.In this article we look at heart disease, as neither are most often found in the presence of this symptom.

Why do I get pain in the left side of the chest?

This symptom occurs when the majority of heart disease.Pain occurs when a lack of oxygen in the heart muscle.It is important to remember not to self-diagnose, determine the severity of symptom, because only a doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

intense painful sensations in the left side of the chest is a symptom of acute myocardial infarction.The disease occurs because of an insufficient blood supply to the heart muscle, resulting in muscle portion dies.90% of cases triggered by atherosclerosis of the coronary

vessels of the heart.Characteristic symptoms: there is a burning pain in the left side of the chest and behind the sternum may be given to the scapula, shoulders, back, neck or jaw.Patients are often marked by nausea, weakness, cold sweat, there is shortness of breath, a man tormented by fear, there is a feeling that the danger looming over him.The skin turns pale and n6ogti and lips become bluish tint.Relieve the pain can be very difficult on the left side of the chest, sometimes narcotic drugs can not improve the patient's condition.In some cases, myocardial infarction may begin to suffocation, with pain in the left side of the chest faintly expressed.It occurs and arrhythmia.The big danger bears a complication - cardiogenic shock, in which blood pressure drops sharply (90/60 mm Hg), the patient throws in a cold sweat, overcomes weakness.Diagnosis is based on the electrocardiogram.More than half of all deaths from heart attack occur within 1 hour after the beginning of the attack, so it is important to deliver the patient to the hospital at the first appearance of pain in the left side of the chest.

Atherosclerosis - it seal the walls of arteries due to accumulation of fat occurs because the body's metabolism is disrupted, in particular, fat metabolism.Since there is blockage of the blood vessels, the blood supply to the heart is gradually deteriorating, and this, in turn, provokes the appearance of pain in the left side of the chest.The diagnosis is a doctor on the basis of analysis and research.Treatment is to change the diet, bringing the balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in normal and assigned medication.

Angina - a disease known as angina pectoris.It occurs when the heart receives less blood than it needs at the moment.The cause is atherosclerosis.Symptoms: pain in the left side of the chest paroxysmal, squeezing, pressing nature may give in the left shoulder, neck, arm.Perhaps the blanching of the skin, changes in heart rhythm.Pain in the left side of the chest angina may occur at the exit from a warm room into the cold, with significant physical exertion, from the nervous strain.The attack goes as quickly as it appears, can relieve pain using validol, nitroglycerin.

Pericarditis - an inflammation of the so-called heart bag.Causes of the disease - an infection, bacteria, uncontrolled medication, tumor.In this case, there is a sharp stabbing pain in the left side of the chest.Feeling worse with a deep breath.A distinctive feature is that the pain subsides a little when a person leans slightly forward.There may be those associated symptoms - pain when swallowing, cold sweats, fever.

aortic aneurysm or aortic dissection - is nothing but a violation of the inner lining of the aorta integrity.If the pain in the left side of the chest is a consequence of the aneurysm, the forecasts are extremely disappointing, as only 20-30% of people survive after that.The reasons - high blood pressure, elderly, pregnant, taking powerful drugs without a prescription.There are strong, tearing pain in the left side of the chest, shortness of breath, numbness of the limbs and tongue.

First aid for pain in the left side of the chest

Pain in the left side of the chest can occur suddenly and for no apparent reason for it.In this case, it is important to provide first aid to the patient, and in any case it can not be left alone.The first step is to help him to take a comfortable position of the body, untie the tie and unbutton his shirt, that is free from the neck of any oppressive garments.It is necessary to learn about the possible causes of pain in the left side of the chest, it may have an injury, ask if he has chronic heart disease.Patients are usually with a medication that helps to remove the attack, in which case he should get help and take the medicine.If repeated attack, you should call an ambulance.It is important to remember that the sooner medical care will be provided, the better chance of life left in the patient.