Fast pounding heart - what to do ?

Quite often, there is a phenomenon of today is considered to be heart palpitations.With him facing adults, young people and even children.The increase in heart rate in medicine is called tachycardia.It can occur after an emotional outburst, after exercise, exercise.

This phenomenon is normal for a healthy person, as the body reacts to the load is palpitations.

If the heart rate will soon be resumed after the removal of the factors that caused its increase, there is no cause for concern.For a healthy human heart is normal parameters heartbeats frequency of 60 to 90 beats per minute.It is not considered a pathology increase rate to 100 beats, but if you are concerned about frequent attacks of tachycardia, will not be superfluous to consult a doctor in order to exclude pathological diseases.

So consider the types of tachycardia:

Physiological .As a reaction to external stimuli, tachycardia can occur during physical activity (sports, jogging, brisk walking, lifting up the stairs, etc.), increase in

body temperature, overeating, intake of certain medications, and also as a consequence of smoking, alcohol abuseor energy drinks.

Pathological .Increased heart rate may occur in a state of emotional calm and lack of exercise.This tachycardia, as a symptom may indicate the following diseases of the vascular system:. Heart disease, myocarditis, heart, cardio, etc., as well as to be the cause of neuroses, anemia, infectious diseases, as well as time-critical states of the organism, such as blood loss,eg.

First aid for heart palpitations for physiological reasons:

- palpitations body's signaling you that you need to slow down the load.So calm down and take a comfortable position, it is best to lie down on a flat surface without a pillow, so you can ensure normal blood circulation;

- The patient needs to be done very deep breath and then hold your breath and slowly exhale.Such breathing exercises to do for five to ten minutes;

- normalizes heart pressure on the eyeballs.You need to press hard, the duration of about 10 seconds;

- Significantly reduce the pulse washing with cold water.You can take a cool shower or in the region of the heart to put a cold compress;

- If there is a medicine cabinet valokordin, Corvalol or trikardin, may use one of the above products according to their weight and age.Adults are recommended to use up to 25 drops of the drug;

earlier first aid for heart palpitations, faster patient heartbeat back to normal will be provided.The timely provision of assistance may depend on further human health.If the heart rate exceeds 120 beats per minute, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance.

When pathological tachycardia can be traced following symptoms:

- Interruptions and tremors of the heart;

- Loss of consciousness, chest pain;

- Severe dizziness;

- Blackouts;

- High heartbeat, which is stabilized for 5 - 10 minutes.

course, always easier to prevent the occurrence of disease than to treat it after.Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of tachycardia, should maintain a healthy lifestyle.This can help daily walks in the fresh air with the use of therapeutic walk, which should not be quick, the main condition is keeping to a certain pace.If you allow the medical condition, not a bad run in the morning to exercise.If you can, you can go to the gym.

It is also necessary to adhere to proper diet.Do not overeat and also better to exclude from the diet foods which contain cholesterol, as well as other pollutants, such as a variety of preservatives, stabilizers and flavoring agents.It is not recommended to consume a lot of fried, smoked, salty and fatty foods.Do not just drink large quantities of coffee and tea.Need to eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as cereal grains, cereals are rich in fiber, they affect the good digestion and also help cleanse the body of toxins.Positive effect on the heart muscle honey, raisins, dried apricots, as well as the infusion of rose hips.

Definitely should stop smoking and alcohol abuse.These bad habits directly affect the operation of not only the cardiovascular system.They can increase the pressure, prevent the normal diet because the body with oxygen, which is why blood is saturated with toxic substances that negatively affect the robot to all body systems.

may also want to monitor the level of their daily pressures.If pressure is normal, then the heart will work flawlessly.Frequent increase in pressure can also talk about various heart diseases.Pressure is measured with a tonometer.Tonometer must be in your home, if you notice pressure surges and tachycardia attacks, besides, this is not an expensive device.However, the pressure should be considered as the pulse and keep the dynamics of its changes.In addition, when you know exactly why you have increased pressure or heartbeat quickens, it will be easy to avoid situations that cause such discomfort.

To keep yourself in good shape should be regularly as a preventive measure to pass examination by a physician.This should be done no less than once a year, and it is better to carry out routine inspection twice a year.The doctor will be able to assess the state of health on the results of laboratory studies and provide further guidance on how to improve.Listening to the work of your heart, as well as monitoring the state of his health, you will be able to secure good health for many years.