Psychogenic cardialgia - they appear ?

our site, we have repeatedly drawn attention to the visitors that the timely diagnosis of treatment in most cases is the key to successful treatment.In fact it is so, because many people neglect their health, not in a hurry to the hospital and get there only if there are already serious violations.Today we talk about a disease that is caused by excessive attention to their health.It is psychogenic or cardialgia cardioneurosis.

When there is pain in the heart, it is quite natural anxiety and concern.And not only the patients is alarming, but the doctors with such symptoms are paying special attention to the patient, because you can never predict the consequences.After all, it is likely that this symptom may pass unnoticed, but can cause a heart attack.But at the reception cardiologist often come patients who owns a sense of anxiety and fear for their lives.Later, when carried out, even the most careful examination, there are no health problems in humans do not show.

Psychogenic cardialgia may even o

ccur at the slightest excitement, of a bad mood.Start heart beat faster, there is shortness of breath, dizziness, increased fatigue, and naturally there are pains in the heart.The same symptoms appear in patients with coronary heart disease.Patients immediately begin to suspect that they have something wrong with the heart, and this, in turn, leads to greater anxiety, and anxiety intensifies symptoms, which means that the patient feels worse and worse.for their health anxiety causes a person to turn to different specialists, testing, passing a lot of surveys that more exhausting human and cause additional fears about health.Even if no problems have been found, the patient winds itself suffers a rare disease that can not identify local experts.These people are afraid of panic of heart attack and die from it.Doctors call them kardiofobikami.

cardialgia Psychogenic Causes

Development cardiophobia contribute to neurosis, nervous breakdowns.And as a man's life is committed stress, emotions, excitement, then look for the cause of neuroses long nepridetsya.The quarrels, problems at work, dissatisfaction with a social problem - all that leaves its imprint on the nervous system.And as soon as the patient starts the slightest manifestation of arrhythmia, the disorders of the nervous system begins to pop speculation about the possibility of a heart attack, and then arises the fear of death and fear of kardiobolezney.

cardialgia, or, as they can still be called, heart pain in the nervous system are not shown in the results of medical research, no cardiac arrhythmias and ECG can not detect.However, patients suffer.There are factors that trigger such a state.These factors include exercise, prolonged infectious nature of the disease, so called chronic stress (long understood the excitement, experience), intoxication various products and substances.This list would be desirable to include depression and e causes a violation of sleep hygiene, nutrition, alcohol, bad habits, inability of social realization.

psychogenic symptoms cardialgia

pain in the heart - this is one of the main symptoms cardialgia, and this pain usually gives a person a sense of fear only, but the danger to life no.Pain may appear on the background of lingering depression or strong emotions.Now we present the main features of pain in my heart for psychogenic cardialgia

Aching usually is permanent, it can be replaced by throbbing pain, in addition to this increased level of skin sensitivity around the left nipple.Dull, oppressive, with a tingling pain in the heart or below it, there is a tightness of the chest.Burning in the chest, accompanied by acute pain shrinking, there is a feeling of emptiness or fullness in the chest.One of the distinguishing features of the pain in the heart "of nerves" is that it can be given not only to the neck, spine, shoulder, arm, and in the genitals.The pain can be so severe that the patient can point the finger the point where it hurts the most, and the pain may spread to the entire left side of the torso.

addition to heart pain, patients often indicate discomfort behind the sternum, there is a feeling of squeezing the chest, as if wearing a corset.Often there may be numbness kone6chnostey and other parts of the body, tingling, tingling, "pins and needles".With growing alarm appears shortness of breath, shortness of breath, the patient starts to choke.The reason for an increase in anxiety is often a symptom of one of its psychogenic cardialgia.The fact that the pain in the heart in this case does not pass after taking nitroglycerin, which in turn generate more worried man since sneaking suspicion that the most terrible, incurable disease.

Behavior patients often boils down to that at the slightest pains start taking heart drugs (and it is very harmful to health), they put cold water bottle to the heart.They are quite bright and colorfully describe their condition and express complaints.It is very important that the doctor was able to correctly diagnose the disease and was able to distinguish psychogenic cardialgia from other diseases that can be really dangerous.