Bradycardia heart .Causes, symptoms and treatment

pulse rate in an adult, a healthy person is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.But sometimes there are disruptions in heart rhythm.If there is a decrease in the frequency of heart beats per minute to 40, and stopped or the heart, then it is a special rhythm of the heart, called bradycardia.Sometimes athletes bradycardia is a normal phenomenon, but in most cases we are talking about the pathology.

If the heart rate is below 40, then in this case we are talking about heart failure and required surgery for pacemaker implantation.Rare heart rhythm can cause poor blood supply to other organs, can lead to oxygen starvation of tissues, organs, which leads to disruption of their normal functioning.

Classification bradycardia

bradycardia may be functional or physiological and occurs in athletes, can occur when a person is asleep, he is in a state of peace and tranquility.This state should not be a cause for concern, as it does not lead to violations of the vital functions of organs and tissues.But if bra

dycardia occurs when any diseases, in this case refers to the pathological form of bradycardia.Pathological bradycardia can occur in chronic or acute.Acute pathological bradycardia may occur during intoxication, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, they disappeared after it was cured provokes the disease.The chronic form is observed due to the age-sclerotic heart disease.

Depending on the location and recovered sinus bradycardia with heart block.Also, there is idiopathic, central, toxic and degenerative aetiology.

reasons bradycardia

cause for the development of bradycardia may neurosis heart, putting pressure on the eyeballs.Quite often, bradycardia may occur in men who constantly wear tight neckties.Raised intracranial pressure is also one of the main causes of bradycardia, a condition may be after injury, brain, with meningitis, in the presence of brain tumors, brain edema.It should be added and duodenal ulcer and stomach.This causes ekstragardinalnoy, ie neurogenic bradycardia.Organic bradycardia - a form of the disease, which is characterized by the presence of concomitant heart disease.In this case, the reasons may serve as cardio, myocarditis, myocardial infarction.Toxic bradycardia may be triggered by hepatitis, sepsis, typhoid, uremia.Bradycardia may be caused by the use of certain medications.

is often not possible to establish the reasons for reducing the heart rate.Sometimes it is associated with age-related changes in the body.

Symptoms and diagnosis of bradycardia

first and main symptom is a decrease in heart rate less than 60 beats per minute.Patients feel a constant weakness, drowsiness, dizziness.There may be disorders of the short period of time, deteriorating memory, attention, thinking.Patients observed difficulty breathing, shortness of breath.It appears chest pain.One of the most dangerous symptom is fainting, convulsions (which can last from a few seconds to 1 minute).This symptom is called attack Margania-Adams-Stokes.In this case it is necessary to provide emergency medical care, as it can stop breathing, leading to death.

Diagnosis of the disease begins with the collection of medical history and the patient survey.On examination revealed a rare heart rate can occur, and respiratory arrhythmia.The final diagnosis should put cardiologist on the basis of the survey.Low contraction of the heart rate can be established by means of electrocardiographic studies.Organic bradycardia requires ultrasound.If these methods will not be sufficient, the cardiologist will send to other research that will help deliver a specific diagnosis.


Treatment Treatment should be administered in view of the causes and characteristics of the disease.For each specific case is necessary to select individual treatment, which carefully studied the causes of the disease, as well as features perenese5niya bradycardia patients.

If bradycardia functional (the athletes, there is at rest) or is moderate, the treatment in this case is not necessary.And the treatment of other forms of the disease should begin with treatment of the underlying disease that is caused bradycardia.When it comes to medical nature of the illness, then carried out either replacement products, or reduced their dosage.To eliminate symptoms such as dizziness, weakness prescribe ephedrine, caffeine, ginseng.Attack of Morgagni-Adams-Stokes is an occasion to consider the need for pacemaker implantation.

can prevent bradycardia.For this purpose it is necessary to strictly follow the dosage of the drug received, undergo regular medical examination.