Myocardial infarction, myocardial after treatment

myocardial infarction never passes unnoticed, because the abnormality has occurred in such an important body as the heart.Very often it ends fatal, especially if it was not given medical care at the right time.If a person is able to survive after a myocardial infarction, it can be called a second chance at life.However, all will not be as before, and the patient is waiting for is still a long process of rehabilitation, during which will have to radically change their habits and learn to live a new life.

How long can last the rehabilitation period, and whether a person will be able to return to his usual life?Give a definite answer to this question is impossible, since much depends on the extent of damage to the heart, the patient's general state of health.It is important to bear in mind that every person led a different life to a heart attack - who once worked at the school, and someone at the desk and someone was constant stress.In addition, proceeds from a heart attack each person differently and co

mplications may vary in different people.

value of physiotherapy in the treatment of post-myocardial

rehabilitation period begins in the walls of the hospital where the patient not only takes medication, but also gradually exposed to increasing physical activity.All this must take place very gradually, because it can lead to the speeding up of reinfarction and death.The treatment after a heart attack should be sure to include exercise therapy.Start with exercises you can walk on a flat surface, and later you can go on walking up the stairs.If after a while the systematic physical exercise, the patient can slowly climb to the 4th floor without a problem, it means that the healing process is going well.In this case the patient should not feel pain in the heart or other some discomfort.To assess the state in a medical facility using tests with dosed physical load.Usually conducted monitoring of cardiac performance during training on a treadmill or bicycle.

Question intimate life often worried people after myocardial infarction.The answer to this question is quite expected.We must be realistic about their situation and opportunities.Back to sex life can be when a person is resistant to exercise.To bring the pleasure of intimacy does not have to come back to this with experiments.It is desirable that this was a familiar partner in a familiar environment.Choosing a position is necessary to give preference to one that will be accompanied by a minimal physical activity.

diet as a type of treatment after a heart attack

value dieting after myocardial infarction was difficult to overestimate.In a hospital or sanatorium patient is forced to eat the way you want in this period, while at home, the patient has to take care of their own diet.It is necessary to reconsider the choice of products, removing from the basket of "bad" foods high in cholesterol.It is advisable to abandon the use of fatty meat, eggs and butter.If you give them too hard, then you should at least minimize their intake.At the same time, they can be successfully replaced by poultry, meat diet (rabbit, veal).This not only diversifies the diet, making food more diverse and delicious, but also reduce the intake of unhealthy fats.Always on the menu should be present seafood and fats of vegetable origin, and it is desirable to increase the rate of consumption of fruit vegetables.

after myocardial infarction have to be wary of salt, so it is better to reduce or eliminate from products.This is because the salt promotes fluid retention than increases the load on the heart.We must not forget about the dangers of obesity, so it is not necessary to pass.

Mental attitude - an important component of successful treatment after myocardial

Indeed, the psychological mood of recovery, the desire to return to life much faster healing process, helping to fix the result.Ambient and the patient himself must be aware of the dangers of stress, excitement, experience.Man must learn to control their emotions, although after a heart attack is not always easy.This can help psychologists, so it is necessary to attend courses of autogenic training and psychological relief.Such techniques help to learn to keep your emotions under control.If this treatment fails, the patient may have to take sedatives.

Drug treatment after myocardial

At the beginning of this article we mentioned that rehabilitation begins in the hospital and the patient during this period have to take certain medications.Regular intake of medicines prescribed by your doctor, to speed up the process of healing the wounds of the heart, avoiding the repeated cases of heart attack and prolong life, improve its quality.

Undoubtedly, after suffering a heart attack is required to undergo periodic medical check inspection.Conducting a study of blood, ECG, and ultrasound.It is important that the patient is alone every day watching your heart rate and blood pressure levels.Correctly completing all doctor's advice can not only prolong life and prevent recurrent episodes of heart attack, but also prevent the development of post-infarction complications.