Neurosis heart - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Heart - is the most important and sensitive organ of the human body.Any experience, whether joy or sadness, grief or happiness - all this heart reacts fast work, that is, accelerated heartbeat.Very often this rapid heartbeat enters attacks.Generally speaking, there are two groups of heart diseases: first cause infection and cause diseases of the second group are the emotional experiences of the person.

If the diagnosis of the first group of heart disease quite easily done in modern laboratories, the heart disease caused by psychological experiences are felt in rapid heartbeat, arrhythmia.They can disappear as suddenly as they appeared.These include heart disease cardiac neurosis.What is this disease?What is the reason for its occurrence?And treated cardiac neurosis?This will be discussed further.

Why is there heart neurosis?

cardiac neurosis arises against the general neurosis, which is caused by emotions, stress, emotional turmoil.Stress - a protective function of the body, under its influence qu

ickens the heartbeat, the blood circulates faster.The body ready for what will have to run, to escape, to make quick decisions.This is one of those reflexes, which are incorporated into the body of nature.Of course, such methods are unlikely to help rescue in everyday life to get rid of the problems, but the body is not learned in a different way to respond to fear, emotions, danger.Naturally, a huge weight on his heart, but because it was a false alarm, and this enhanced activity of the heart is unproductive, then over time begin malfunctions.There comes a time when these failures joins the fear of death, strong emotions, anxiety, that is the formation of such diseases such as cardiac neurosis - or vegetative-vascular dystonia.

more susceptible to the disease in all the young men and women during menopause (this is due to changes in hormonal levels).To date, heart neurosis is 25% of all diagnoses, which place local doctors-therapists.Usually rooted disease goes into childhood, when parents strongly spoiled child indulge his tantrums.These are people who are torn between two conflicting feelings - the desire to always be with her mother and the desire to be autonomous, independent.Kardiofobiki live in constant conflict with family and loved ones, they are afraid of separation, but at the same time aspire to it.

Symptoms of heart neurosis Neurosis

heart may manifest itself in different ways, and each individual can be completely different symptoms.H is a main feature of the disease - is that during the attack the man really bad attacks are very painful, and the symptoms may be different.Among the symptoms are often observed palpitations, increased blood pressure, stabbing or aching pain in the heart, shortness of breath, sweating, sleep disturbances, disruptions in heart weakness.

One of the most characteristic symptoms of the heart attack of neurosis is a pain in the heart, which is accompanied by numbness, dizziness.Pain may last a few hours or even a few days, and they are not very strong.Such attacks occur because of the excitement, emotional experiences, thus when taking heart medications pain persists.Another possible manifestation of neurosis - a brief pain occurs in the retrosternal area and giving the left hand.This on6a brief, brief, stabbing.Usually it occurs as a reaction to negative experiences, shocks, caused by spasm of the arteries.

neurotic patients often feel a "fading", "stop" of the heart, disruptions in its work.This manifests itself in violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat.Some patients may experience palpitations, that causes them anxiety, fear, anxiety.Although this state briefly.Such a condition can be observed from the experiences, worries, but can also occur without a cause.Among the common symptoms of heart neurosis I want to also note that such patients may experience fever (37,2-37,5) for a long period of time.There may be shortness of breath.

treat heart neurosis

a commanding position in the treatment of cardiac neurosis takes psychotherapy.If the patient fails to reassure during the attack, he prescribed tranquilizers or beta-blockers.Some patients try to find salvation in alcohol, which is very undesirable because of the neurosis does not cure alcohol and harm to the body brings great.In the process of psychotherapeutic techniques can not identify the cause of the attack, the patient is taught the correct resolution of conflicts.The sooner treatment is started, the better the chances of success.Psychotherapeutic techniques involve the use of a variety of training, which allows to learn to control their emotions, manage their fear.

great importance in the treatment of cardiac neurosis has a peaceful environment at home, avoidance of stress at work, the patient needs to present a sense of satisfaction.It is important to stick to the regime of the day, start the day with a charge, to eat properly.Neurosis of the heart, although not life threatening, but we should understand that the patient should avoid stress, excessive worry.