When the heart squeezes

In our turbulent times is quite common cardiac problems, but because of people complaining of aches and pains in the heart with more and more every year.Pain can have a different character and talk about a wide variety of diseases.

You may feel heaviness in the chest, pulling or squeezing pain.It can be given in the left shoulder, arm or shoulder blade.Basically, there is pain or enhanced as a consequence of exercise, a brisk walk, while playing sports or if your body is in an awkward position.

Just pain occurs as a consequence of heavy psycho-emotional experiences.In this case it takes longer than when occurs during physical exertion.Such pains are sufficiently strong reason for concern.

Since self diagnosis is not possible, you have to remember that the pain may indicate and other cardiac diseases.For accurate diagnosis, you need to see a specialist.In this case, it is the local doctor therapist who will make the primary inspection, appoint to do a cardiogram, general pass urine and blood samples,

and write the direction for further consultation by a cardiologist or a neurologist if necessary.

compressive heart pain often indicate the presence of angina.This is a form of ischemic heart disease.Its main reason is the occurrence of spasms of the coronary vessels when in the body there is a need in the oxygen supply to the heart muscle.Therefore, patients suffering from angina, feel squeezing pain in the heart.


- most often ischemic heart disease depend on the high level of cholesterol in the blood.It is formed due to obesity and poor eating habits.Therefore, heart attack occurs three times more often in people who are overweight.To normalize blood cholesterol level sufficiently adjust diet, eliminating harmful products.With the decline in the level of cholesterol and weight normalization, reduces the risk of developing the disease and the occurrence of heart attack.

- Bad habits.Smoking.Smokers are several times more likely to have the appearance of heart disease.

- Alcohol abuse.

- Increased pressure on third complicates and exacerbates existing cardiac disease.

- lack of physical activity, which may be the cause of "sedentary work" or less active lifestyle.

But what to do when the pain came unexpectedly and caught by surprise.There are tips on first aid yourself or the person who was next, but in no case can not be considered therapeutic methods, as ignoring the disease can lead to a transition into a chronic condition and greatly aggravate the situation.Naturally, the first-aid methods can not fully replace a full treatment, the doctor may prescribe that, but in case of an emergency, be able to substantially relieve the patient's condition.

First Aid:

1. Create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.You must remove all external stimuli, which may disturb the sick.It is recommended to take a comfortable position, it is best to lie down.By reducing physical activity decreases the body's need for oxygen and pain attack has to go faster.In order to facilitate respiration need to unbutton the collar, remove tie, heavy outer clothing and undo the waistband of his trousers.

2. Effectively deal with the pain will help slow and deep breathing nose.Breathing should be a little delay at the time of inhalation and at the same time the top of the bulging belly.Through this simple method, the chest is reduced air pressure.This provides good blood circulation, in particular, the inflow of venous blood to the heart.Accumulated at the moment of breath, carbon dioxide expands the good heart vessels than improved oxygen supply of the heart.

3. Helps relieve pain as active acupressure points.They are located on the left hand.Technique of this massage: you greatly compress the phalanx of the little finger on both sides at the base of the nail, with bent fingers massage the middle of the left palm in the area between the knuckles of the middle and ring finger.

4. The main drug that is used for angina is nitroglycerin.It must be put under the tongue until completely dissolved.The faster a patient takes the drug, the faster it will ease the pain.To avoid overdose, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions for use, and it is better to consult in advance with your doctor ambulance.If pain persists after ingestion, it may indicate myocardial infarction.

5. If the medication is not at hand, it can be replaced by mustard plasters.They need to be put on the spot where it hurts most of all, whether it's chest, or back.It relieves pain and hot mustard bath for hands.For its preparation is necessary to dilute one tablespoon of dry mustard in one liter of hot water.If no mustard or mustard plasters, remove the pain will also help and a simple hot bath for hands.You can just put your hands under running hot tap water.

For prophylaxis of angina and predict all sorts of pain, you need to undergo regular medical examination.Health status may be changed at any time depending on circumstances in humans.We need to abandon the abuse addictions move more exercise, if you can, go to the gym.It is imperative that the normalization of weight and diet.Because food is necessary to exclude fried, salted, pickled, smoked, fatty meals.Do not use mayonnaise, ketchup and other foods that contain all kinds of colors, preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other synthetic food additives.