Istoda ordinary - description , use, medicinal properties

istoda is a perennial dicotyledonous plant species, is unbranched erect stems that can reach a height of up to 30 centimeters.Istoda Leaves are sessile, alternate, are lanceolate, can form a rosette.The flowers are zygomorphic istoda, placed on the not very long stalks, blue, white, very rare to find and red, have unusual oval petals are at the top in racemose inflorescence.Flowering plant begins in late spring, early summer, the fruits are ready in late summer.

Description istoda ordinary

What are the fruits of the plants?Boxes obratnoserdtsevidnoy forms that can be flattened on both sides.Seeds are bare, can be hairy, necessarily contain prisemyanniki.

Selects locus istoda ordinary moderately warm area with moist soil and bright place.Also, it can often be seen near the road, river terraces, pasture and meadows.

How to collect and harvest istoda ordinary?

very important to carefully dig up the root, peel it from the soil, but not myl.Drying

attic can be specially designed oven, the temperatur

e should be no higher than 50 degrees.Once dried the root, it must necessarily shake up, so you can get rid of the land, which remained on it.Store in a special bag with a natural material, be sure to place must be dry, no more than three years.Harvested roots are best in late summer, early autumn.

The use of different varieties istoda

1. Siberian istoda growing in the steppe and forest steppe, in the West and East Siberia and the Caucasus.The roots rich in tannins, saponins, fatty oils, methyl alcohol.Good use the drug on the basis of the root in pulmonary and bronchial diseases, and diarrhea, intestinal and gastric catarrh.Externally it is used to cure boils, as they can gargle with laryngitis.

2. Mirtolistny istoda grows in Southern Africa, loves the light, we often put it in a pot.So far scientists have not been identified therapeutic properties of the species.

3. fine-leaved istoda can be found in the Altai, Primorsky Krai, grows near rivers, near the mountains, on a dry meadow.Use it often popular Chinese healers to treat diabetes, nephritis, hypertensive crises, vascular dystonia.Tibetan healers used it to relieve inflammation of the kidney, and using it can cure the disease of the bladder, to get rid of swelling.It is part of various charges, with which to cure sleep disorders, anemia, atherosclerosis, nerve disorders, relieve spasm of blood vessels.

4. istoda ordinary one with a common species in the territory of Ukraine, Russia.He likes to grow on moist meadow, near the rivers, forest edges.With this type of plant can cure bronchial system, stop inflammation in the lungs, because it is composed of triterpene saponins.

Useful properties istoda ordinary

plant makes extensive use of traditional medicine, although it is in its composition has a large number of bitter substances.To prepare medicines based on istoda usual, it is necessary to take root and aboveground part istoda.Flowers, leaves tedious tearing when the plant blooms.The root is dug much later.It is important to dry the grass on the street, under a canopy, can be in the room, but at the same time to comply with the condition - constantly ventilate it.

root and rhizome is rich in a substance such as saponins, also in its composition contains a large amount of tanning, coloring agents, essential fatty oils, various acids.istoda leaves are rich in flavonoids and ascorbic acid.The plant as a whole is the one with the best cholagogue, expectorant, wound healing, anti-diabetic, anti-sclerotic funds.Chinese healers believe that using it can prolong life.

Application istoda ordinary

On the basis of the root can prepare the infusion, decoction, it is one of the best expectorants, using it can cure asthma, pneumonia, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.Also, it is perfectly enhanced secretion in the bronchial mucosa, because this slime will razzhiaetsya and is excreted in the human body.A decoction of the root based on help cure cystitis.

Infusion herbal plants used to treat diarrhea, intestinal diseases, gastric catarrh, and using it can improve appetite.

Nursing mothers should drink it in order to increase lactation.

calm down, get rid of the convulsive state, help infusions based on leaf istoda ordinary, as it is useful to drink for men suffering from impotence, with amnesia, as a remedy for fever.Poultices and rubbing on the basis istoda help heal eczema and skin abscesses heal.

Broth-based root is curative drug for its preparation is necessary to grind the 8 grams of dry root, all boiled in a water bath for half an hour to insist.Drink a half hour before eating one tablespoon.

Very good use for many diseases infusion based on the leaves and flower istoda ordinary, for it is necessary to take the chopped grass - a teaspoon, pour half a liter of boiling water for up to three hours.

soothing and toning the body has the effect of tea on the basis of dry leaves and flowers istoda usual to prepare it, you need the third part of the cup of boiling water to brew two teaspoons of plant, after 5 minutes the filter.Before use, be sure to add the honey, so the effect will increase.

Contraindications istoda

Root has irritable bowel effect on the area, the stomach, so it is prohibited to those who suffer from chronic gastritis and ulcer.Also when receiving plants often allergic reactions.Do not use ordinary istoda small children who are under three years.