Golden mustache (tincture ) - description , use, medicinal properties

Golden mustache or callisia fragrans - a plant that has long been interested scientists.Traditional healers called his home overlooking ginseng, used it as a medicine for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines, biliary system, spleen.Well it helps with the disease of the lungs, bronchi, tumors, allergic reactions.Medicinal products based on the golden whiskers help relieve pain, relieve itching from using them can heal burns and wounds.But at the same time we must not forget that each plant can be both beneficial and dangerous, so it's worth carefully relate to its use, on their own do not need.

Useful properties of the golden whiskers

American and Canadian scientists have shown that the juice of the plant is rich in a variety of biological materials, it is an excellent preventive tool cancers.But in addition to the positive impact, and scientists have proved negative effect - may be damaged vocal cords, there is swelling, allergic rashes, especially common for people who have problems

with immunity or they have a genetic predisposition to allergic reactions.

The composition of the golden whiskers include steroids and flavonoids.Also chromium, iron and copper.

Flavonoids are valuable biological agents, they are used both for external and internal treatment.With them, you can strengthen the blood vessels, they have sedation, they have anti-inflammatory effects on the human body, using them can heal burns and bruises.If you take a decoction internally based on the golden mustache, can cure stomach ulcers, is the one with the best cholagogue.The juice of the plant is rich in flavonoids such as the kaempferol, quercetin.They are perfectly combined with B vitamins C

Due to the fact that the golden mustache quercetin include its use for the treatment of hemorrhagic diathesis, nephritis, diseases of infectious nature, and for the treatment of cardiovascular, ocular inflammation.

Kaempferol, which is part of the plant has a tonic, anti-inflammatory action.Using it can be derived from organism toxic substances, it is the best one with diuretics, so it is used for the treatment of urinary system.

Due to the fact that the gold contained truncated steroids, it has anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-sclerotic effect.Particularly well to use in cancer, it is also possible to cure via prostate diseases that occur in the endocrine system, if any problems with metabolism.

Application golden mustache

With plants prepare tinctures, ointments, tinctures and oils.Also good plant add cream, wine, oil, honey, an alcohol, thus possible to prepare many drugs.

But we must remember that after taking tinctures, infusions can take a voice that is difficult to recover.You also can not use the golden mustache with kidney diseases, prostate adenoma.

oil, cooked on the basis of the golden mustache, recommend the use for the treatment of diseases of the skin, rubbing the affected area with arthritis, osteoarthritis, also for massage.To prepare the oil will require a fresh juice from the stems, leaves, and finely chopped shoots.

to squeeze out the juice, you need to take the fresh leaves, stems, squeeze them well, then the remaining cake dry, finely chopped, add the olive oil, to insist for one month.Keep always in a dark place.

ointment on the basis of the golden whiskers cooked very simply, you need to take the Vaseline, baby cream or fat nutria, add finely chopped stalk, leaves the golden whiskers.Such means are well used for colds, hypertension diseases.

also ointment can cure frostbite, bruises, sores and other skin diseases.

tincture of golden mustache on alcohol will help cleanse the body, using it can heal injuries, low back pain, polyps, fibroids, adhesions that occur after surgery, respiratory diseases.

To prepare the tincture, the plant will require full, you need to cut or chop it, put in a jar, pour a liter of vodka, insist to two weeks, do not forget to stir.Tincture of golden mustache has to be dark purple color, then it is a must to filter, store only in a cool place.

With the infusion based on the golden whiskers can cure diabetes, liver disease, pancreatitis, intestinal and gastric diseases, derive from the body toxins.

If you have problems with the liver using broth-based golden mustache, also is an excellent prophylactic against influenza, the common cold.Outwardly decoction treat skin allergies.To prepare a decoction, it is necessary to take the above-ground part of the golden mustache, all carefully chop, put in an enamel pot, add water, boil, infuse 8 hours.

With broth of golden whiskers can cure alcoholism.For this purpose, such a scheme, the infusion should be taken for 21 days, take a break of up to five days.A decoction is taken as 21 days, with an interval of 5 days.All you need to drink until such time as the person is not completely get rid of the addiction.Decoction taken in the dosage - one tablespoon three times a day before meals.Infusion consume up to 4 times a day for dessert spoon before eating food.After the interruption, the dosage should be reduced.

Good bedtime bath to add the broth with the golden mustache, so you can get rid of the depressive state, insomnia, headaches.It is also recommended to lubricate the whiskey butter cooked with golden mustache.

very important in the treatment of the golden mustache stick to diet, to give up salty, pickled, alcohol, potatoes and kvas, confectionery, dairy products, bread.It is also very important not to smoke in this period.The diet of the patient must be such products as cheese, nuts, fish, vegetables, raw vegetable oils.

Thus, the golden mustache has a healing effect, so it is worth paying attention to.