All about wheelchairs

Today the market of rehabilitation equipment offers a fairly wide range of rehabilitation equipment, including vehicles for patients with disabilities. Therefore choose a wheelchair is often not so easy.And at the same time it is very important, since the purchase of comfortable and functional wheelchair to minimize problems when traveling.

wheelchairs unlike wheelchairs are designed for independent human movement.Achieving this helps round wheels.These strollers can have different purposes:

• Stroller active type.They are designed for those who need an active lifestyle.These tools give the ability to easily and fast movement and maneuvering, and even some sports activities.For such wheelchairs high strength materials are used, which are able to cope with extreme loads.

• Wheelchairs electric type.Give yourself the opportunity to move around and in the room, and on the streets.By design, very different from the mechanical wheelchairs.There is a control panel, located on the arm and provides maximum

ease of use.The only disadvantage of such carriages - their rather high cost.

• carriage with lever operated.It helps to overcome large distances outdoors.Typically have pneumatic tires, which help to deal with road irregularities.Provide safe driving, high grip level and maximum mobility.

• Children's wheelchairs.Here the choice is much more serious than in the case of adult structures.Wheelchair must be appropriate to the age of the child, to ensure maximum comfort.Typically, these strollers are made to order to suit the individual needs of the child.

How to choose a wheelchair

Before making the final choice, it is best to consult with a specialist in this sphere and make the necessary measurements.Functionality and type of wheelchair depends on many factors: the presence of footrests, the ability to develop, armrests, and much more, one way or another can determine the level of patient comfort.

An important indicator - the size of it.For a correct choice of the patient is measured in six key positions: the depth and width of the seat, backrest height, footrests, armrests and seats himself.It is important to realize that the wrong choice can only worsen the state of human health and does not correct him.

Another important characteristic - it is wheelchair tires.A more reliable and durable recognized solid tires, but they can provoke problems when driving on uneven terrain.This is a good option to move only on the premises.Pneumatic tires, on the other hand, provide good movement on the streets.The only thing: they need to periodically swap and replace with new ones.

Regarding the footrests, it is best if they will be adjusted in height and rotated.This ensures the patient the highest level of comfort when traveling.

Today strollers are made of light, and at the same time strong and durable material, which, despite the sometimes very harsh conditions of their operation, help to increase the juice of their actions.The materials are completely safe for health and non-toxic.

is important to understand and remember that the right choice of a wheelchair to prevent injury, provide comfort and safety of the patient and eliminates the risk of dangerous situations for him, therefore, to approach the issue is with full responsibility.