Recovering from a stroke

Today heart disease are very frequent, posing a threat to the life of both patients and healthy people.The disease has properties younger, so he often are exposed to those groups of people who are generally not prepared for this possibility.As a result, an increasing number of deaths immediately after insulin or during the rehabilitation period.Many physicians attribute this to the fact that young people are still unable to assess the seriousness of the incident, so wrongly rely on medical errors, on an unlucky coincidence, the result quickly complete their rehabilitation, and then create your body inadequate loads that are simply incompatiblewith an unhealthy heart and the body is subjected to impact.The very first rule for a patient with this diagnosis is gentle and proper recovery of the heart after ischemic stroke.

Full rehabilitation treatment after stroke

Usually the first few days the patient spends in intensive care or in other specialized units that are equipped with all necessary equipment

and can provide the patient with maximum effective care.Full recovery after a stroke occurs relatively slowly and can often have significant results, that is, the patient continues to feel helpless and weak.Another very important at this time to help the patient to find the right motivation, which can stimulate the desire to live and return to normal life in a family, where he was always welcome.

In some cases, the affected person can stay with insulin immobilized in a certain part of the body, and this only gives additional cause for melancholy and depression.As a result, long-term patient lying in bed sores may appear, which cause him physical pain.To avoid this, the doctor recommends the use of soft rubber circle or bandages on all vulnerable areas of the body.The recovery period after the initial insult always involves a strict diet is the use of vegetable and fruit juices, pureed mashed potatoes and broth.After the second day should begin effective restorative massage after stroke.

For the first time, the diet may include very light strokes, as well as stimulation of the extensor and flexor muscles.To begin, it is desirable to point local massage, full body massage and doctors are allowed to have at a later stage of recovery, a few months after a stroke.Efficient full recovery after stroke includes multiple stages, each of which includes complete rehabilitation of different functions.Experts are trying not to give the patient loads fast, and forced to work at the same time all parts of the body.

begin to gradually include the gastrointestinal tract, there is a restoration of insulin after, spend massage affected limbs, body massage is performed for the resumption of tone and muscle function, and so on.A good result gives the patient stay in special institutions for the cores.And the use of modern equipment, the classic care and all the latest knowledge of the staff to help bring up any heavy patient, and even those who are considered hopeless.However, it does not believe that such miracles are possible only within the walls of expensive clinics or by using only the most sought-after professionals.

Of course, such events are very dangerous to humans, since each part of the brain is working for certain functions of the human body.But nature has already provided a complete active recovery of affected areas, and in those cases where it is impossible, that is, there is a gradual degeneration and complete interchangeability of neighboring cells working.That is, instead of dead cells all main functions take on new cells that were close to the dead cells.And in order to stimulate the existing activity and compensating for some other cells, the patient is prescribed special preparations, as well as a variety of exercises for the full restoration of health after insulin.

recovery movement after a stroke

One of the main problems after insulin faced by virtually all patients, a violation of limb movement and coordination.Every doctor hears questions from their patients - how to restore your hands.And this is the fault of muscular spasticity that occurs after prolonged immobility muscles.To complete the restoration is recommended to perform a set of exercises, which must include in full rehabilitation.This complex can be carried out at home and in the medical center.Good help in the restoration of the body's insulin after a special pine baths for feet that make in a day.At the pharmacy or in the store, you can buy ready-made pine extract, then dissolve it in a very deep basin.But the water in the basin should be a comfortable temperature and not hot.The patient should keep your feet in the solution for 10-15 minutes, and then they need to wipe dry.This procedure gives a nice relaxing effect, and sleep after it will be strong and calm.