Nitratomers portable - the best protection of the health and well-being

Many people today are aware that food may contain nitrates.And the neglect of this fact leads to more health problems.Do you know the harm caused to people nitrates?Speaking about the benefits of fruits and vegetables, do not forget that not all of them can generally avoid the shops.When people come to the supermarket, they attract and lure the colorful, bright, glossy literally tomatoes, apples, oranges and so on.

From this offer you can not refuse.However, the decision to buy these fruits and vegetables can be costly to your health.

And the problem is completely solved, but people need to pay closer attention to Nitratomers portable.Miniature these devices come in handy for anyone who goes shopping.

As such, nitrates are not a danger to the body, as nitrite - a substance to which they are converted.These chemicals can cause cardiovascular, nervous and other diseases.Do not be scared - single dose not lead to such consequences.But what if you eat contaminated food constantly?And not many people kno

w that the infected can be not only the food, but water.Eat and drink, you can not stop, so the way out offered Nitratomers portable.

proved that 1 kg of body weight of the human body should be not more than 5 mg of nitrates which come from the outside.Incidentally, these figures in tap water is usually increased by several times.And if you drink this water, then at least boil it beforehand.And it is better to buy one that is sold in stores.But this is not a panacea.There are examples of how portable Nitratomers found harmful substances, even in bottled water.

use such devices it is very simple - sort out and a child.It will take only a sample of the product.Now the market offers different models of nitrate, but the device "Coex" is particularly popular.It prompts you to select from a list of a particular product, then puncture your special sample probe and wait.The result will be shown on the scoreboard.

If you want to protect themselves from infection with nitrates, apart from the fact that you want to use to control Nitratomers portable, will not prevent to observe and two important rules.Vegetables are always thermally treated, and the fruit can be eaten only during the period when they massively ripen.Finally, the site of cuttings and tails must always be cut.It was there that accumulate harmful substances.