Dead Sea Cosmetics - Dead Sea Mud

Israel is famous not only for its popular resorts, gourmet cuisine, highly skilled in medicine, but also healing properties of Dead Sea mud.Unique in its composition, the mud contains a set of the most useful minerals, used for the treatment of many skin diseases, as well as for the manufacture of cosmetics.Today, cosmetic stredstva extract mud and Dead Sea minerals do not need additional advertising - they are known all over the world.

The structure of many manufacturers of cosmetics includes chernaya dirt and minerals that are taken from the sea depths.In the production uses the latest advanced technologies in the field of cosmetology, unique scientific research and development leading specialists (chemists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons), as well as special formulas which allow successfully combine natural sea minerals and other natural supplements.This combination of the most beneficial effects on the state of health of the skin, has anti-aging and lifting effect, protects it from external i

nfluences and restores damaged cells.

Action medicinal ingredients enhanced herbal ingredients, essential oils and high-grade vitamin complexes.These additives help to maximize the absorption of minerals skin.Cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals can be used at any age, because it advantageously does not contain any chemical additives.Of course, you should pay attention to razgraniechenie by age category at the producer of various cosmetic lines as the skin of all ages requires radically distinctive approach to care for her.

Mud and Dead Sea minerals used in cosmetology for:

1. Care facial skin (lifting, hydration and nutrition, strengthening vessels normalitsatsiya and restoration of damaged cells).

2. Care body skin (regeneration, rejuvenation, anti-cellulite effect, peeling, general health condition of the skin and removing the stress of her condition).

3. Skin Care Foot and Hand (recovery, nutrition, smoothing, protection, eliminating otchechnosti, fungi and other skin defects).

4. Hair Care and Skin head (health improvement, comprehensive care for different types of hair, the color of their recovery and mechanical damage, the elimination of dandruff, daily care).

on the market represented a huge range of manufacturers of cosmetics, the composition of which contains mud and Dead Sea minerals.A variety of the presented products allows you to choose individual cosmetology solution for every skin type and every single cosmetic problem.If you have planned a tour to Israel - be sure to get cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals, manufactured in this country - and you're a long time to provide itself with the most efficient inventory of cosmetics!If you make a purchase in any other country, pay attention to the country of manufacture.