Gilbert's Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Gilbert's syndrome - a disease that has a hereditary nature.Gilbert's syndrome is caused by liver dysfunction.This means that the liver is not able to neutralize bilirubin.Consequently, bilirubin accumulates in the body, having a negative impact on other vital organs and systems.

Pathogenesis syndrome Gilbert

More than 100 years ago, a French gastroenterologist, described the pathogenesis of Gilbert's syndrome.In many sources you can find such titles syndrome as non-hemolytic jaundice, liver dysfunction and benign jaundice.

cause of Gilbert's syndrome - this increase of bilirubin in the blood.In this case the person does not carry the liver and diffuse structural changes.As mentioned above, Gilbert's syndrome - a disease that is inherited.The genetic defect is laid in the human body during the formation of the body in the womb.As a result, blood is blocked release of a special enzyme, which is responsible in the body for complete neutralization and disposal (destruction) bilurubina.

Patients with a diagnosis of Gilbert's syndrome have a high content of a given substance (bilurubina) in the blood.Bilurubin able to provoke the appearance of yellowing of the mucous eye, as well as directly to the epithelium itself.

patients with Gilbert's syndrome is not assigned to a particular surgical or medical treatment.This is due to the fact that the syndrome is manifested in the form of minor symptoms and the clinical picture.Most people can be in a few decades to live with the disease, and with pronounced symptoms and be unaware of his illness.Get to know the patients that they have Gilbert's syndrome, based on the results of analyzes.

number of people on a global scale, which has a pronounced Gilbert's syndrome ranges from 7-15%.This is a small figure.The risk group includes mainly the male population.

Causes of Gilbert's syndrome

reason education Gilbert syndrome lies in liver dysfunction.This means that the basic functional processes and actions of the body affected.In order to fully consider the clinical picture of the disease is necessary to consider the liver as one of the principal organs of the body, providing human activity.

main functions of the liver, is:

  • Influence of the synthesis of thyroid hormone triiodothyronine of thyroxine.If this function is impaired, the body begins a hormonal deficiency.Man sharply gaining weight, it decreases memory, fatigue appears that does not go after a long rest.
  • liver is responsible for the so-called glucose tolerance factor.This means that if the liver ceases to function, the sugar can increase or decrease as sharply in human blood.What is the appearance of pathological conditions.
  • liver synthesize all the nutrients that are present in the body, and in particular vitamin is converted into chemical formulas that are easier and more easily absorbed by the body;
  • The liver has a "cumulative" function.That is, the vitamins and minerals that enter the body through the liver cells exposed to accumulate in the body.And expenses when the human immune system is lowered and it needs nutrients and support from within.
  • liver regulates the level of proteins in the body.
  • converts cholesterol into useful shapes for the body.
  • Detox - is the most important function of the liver, which is responsible for the breakdown of harmful and toxic substances in the human body.

disease in which raising birirubina called hyperbilirubinemia observed in the blood.As a result of the emergence of the disease in humans in the blood reduces the production of an enzyme complex called a glyukuroniltransferazy.It is this enzyme is responsible for ensuring that bilurubin in the human body to dispose of.Disposal

as follows: dissolve bilirubin in bile and then sent to the duodenum.Thereafter, bilirubin synthesized and excreted.

If a person is set Gilbert syndrome Bilirubin that does not dissolve in the bile or in the water.He begins to accumulate in the body.This leads to the fact that a person begins jaundice.

Symptoms of Gilbert's syndrome

As mentioned above, the first and most the main sign that a person has Gilbert's syndrome - a jaundice.And it is developing against the background of other pathological conditions.For example, disruption of the menstrual cycle in women, dehydration, neurological disorders.

higher bilirubin levels in the body, the more clearly the symptoms of the disease appear.This may be a violation of human consciousness, severe headache, impaired memory and coordination, depression.On the part of the gastrointestinal tract are also observed disorders - nausea, decreased appetite, vomiting reflex, abdominal pain after eating.

accompanying symptoms are: insomnia, allergies, itchy skin.Many foods are not perceived because of this begins diarrhea, flatulence.After the failure of food in human metabolism is broken.

If a person were such clinical signs as persistent vomiting, nausea, a feeling of thirst, a strong tremor of the extremities, then at this stage, require urgent medical assistance.

Treatment of Gilbert's syndrome Gilbert's syndrome

for several years may not require any treatment, and absolutely interference.But, if the bilirubin level in the blood rises to the ceiling, then the patient is prescribed medication - fenolbarbital.You also need the patient to lifelong special diet that excludes fatty, spicy foods, and junk food like fast food and fizzy drinks.