Pemphigus - Causes, Symptoms , Diagnosis and Treatment

Pemphigus is a chronic autoimmune disease, when it may appear on the skin and mucous membrane bubbles.Pemphigus has such kinds - vegetating, erythematous, vulgar, the sheet.Diagnose the disease when detected acantholytic cells.It is important not to run the disease, start timely treatment with glucocorticosteroids, it is also good to combine with hemocorrection - krioaferez, plasmapheresis and hemosorption.How to get rid of this disease and what are its dangers?

causes of pemphigus

Most often the disease occurs because of irregularities in the autoimmune process, immune cells in the body perceives as antibodies.It violated the antigenic structure of the epidermis due to the fact that it affects external factors - retroviruses, as well as the environment.

Due to the fact that in the epidermis is damaged cell specific antigens are produced, because of this broken and intercellular bubbles begin to appear.Most often the disease occurs due to genetic predisposition.

Symptoms pemphigus

vulgar form of pemphigus takes a long time, when her man feel bad, effective treatment is very difficult to find.Bubbles due to vulgar forms appear virtually the entire body of different size, they serous content, lethargic and covered with a fine sandpaper.This form is characteristic of the nose, mouth, because the patient immediately need to see a dentist or an otolaryngologist.The patient may be disturbed by it, he can not eat, breath smell bad.The disease can last from 3 months to 1 year, and then begins to inflame pemphigus and negatively affect the skin.

Often patients may not notice the bubbles, because they are of small size, the bubbles quickly burst, visible only to erosion, because they are very painful.Because the patient suffers permanent stomatitis.The bubbles that appear on the skin, also grow in the erosion of a bright pink color, have a smooth glossy surface, grow rapidly and begin to form extensive lesions.In pemphigus patient feels unwell, can be intoxication, often accompanies even a secondary infection if you do not treat it, the patient may die.In severe cases there may be a detachment of the top layer of the epithelium.

pemphigus erythematosus form affects the skin, are often formed in the area of ​​the neck, face, head, chest, and the surface is covered with yellow and brown crusts.When the separated crust may be visible surface erosion.Bubbles for small size, tire easily eliminated.It is very difficult to diagnose this disease in time, because it is often confused with the vulgar form, seborrheic dermatitis and lupus erythematosus.

leaf-shaped pemphigus has erythema-squamous eruptions, after they opened, the surface is bright red when they dry up, crust may form.The most common form of the leaf affects the skin, rarely can affect mucous membranes.Can join the pathogenic microflora, which is dangerous sepsis, the patient may die.

vegetative form of pemphigus occurs favorably, bubbles can be localized in the skin folds, when they are open, visible erosion with an unpleasant odor, the top covered with serous bloom.

diagnosis of pemphigus pemphigus

symptoms at first not very pronounced, because the doctor must be sure to interview the patient for further diagnosis.Only through labarotornyh studies can accurately diagnose the disease, smears show acantholytic cells.Histological examination helps to know exactly where the bubbles are located.

treatment of pemphigus

pemphigus sure if you need to follow a hypoallergenic diet to exclude from the diet of roughage food, canned food, carbohydrates, salt, fried.In cases of lesions of the oral cavity, it is necessary to be in the patient menu slimy gruel, to not have to completely give up food.It is also important to include in the diet proteins thus open cells and erosion will heal faster.

sure pemphigus patients should consult and be registered with a dermatologist, not peretruzhdaetsya, as little as possible is in the sun.Often change underwear and bed linen, to protect themselves from infection.

may also assign a high dosage of steroids, so you can remove the complex symptomatology, can be used hemocorrection - gemosorbatsiya, krioaferez, plasmapheresis.

the topical treatment of pemphigus can use antiseptic solutions, and aniline dyes.

Pemphigus disease that can not be run because the patient may die.Remember that hormone therapy can cause a number of side effects, but if it is not used, the disease can recur.

Pemphigus neonates

In newborns, the disease occurs in acute form and has an infectious character, extends across the skin.Dangerous pemphigus in the infant that is bacterial in nature, occurs due to Staphylococcus aureus.

amplifies the disease due to birth trauma, if a baby is born prematurely, if a pregnant leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

also pemphigus may occur due to the fact that violated health standards in the hospital, if staff have a chronic infection, too, if the newborn navel festers.

The disease can appear immediately or within 2 weeks after delivery.Often, it is characterized by intoxication, increased body temperature, the child refuses to eat.

If the disease is not treated in time the baby may be an inflammatory process in the internal organs - otitis, cellulitis, pneumonia.In feeble children is formed septic pemphigus, which is dangerous fatal.

diagnose the disease may immediately after a visual inspection, it is important to distinguish it from the syphilitic pemphigus, which may indicate congenital syphilis.Usually, this localized pemphigus on the palms.

So pemphigus very dangerous disease because it is so important to diagnose it in time and to begin treatment.