Stitches in the abdomen during pregnancy , causes, treatment

Almost every woman is different unpleasant sensations can occur in an interesting position.No need to worry immediately and cheat themselves.Please note that some pregnant feelings are natural and are explained on a physiological level.When a woman becomes pregnant, her body swollen and stretched ligaments, muscle fibers, pelvic organs apart.These reasons are frequent culprits of pain in the abdomen.It appears pain in early pregnancy.Experienced gynecologists say that these feelings are often typical for pregnant women who have previously observed pain during menstruation.

is necessary to take into account cases where the stitching is a dangerous symptom for the woman and the fetus.In the diagnosis of the doctor is required to pay attention to the location of the pain.

on what to look for, when there is a stabbing pain in your stomach?

woman should understand that any discomfort are a threat to her pregnancy.Especially should guard intense unbearable pain.

common cause of stitching (pulling) the pa

in is the mother hypertonicity.If the pain is minor, you need to rest, relax, relax.When concerned about the intense pain for which there is a large amount of bleeding, immediately call an ambulance.

Sometimes a pregnant woman stabbing pain can be triggered by diseases of the stomach, intestines.Unpleasant sensations are due to the fact that stagnate stool, a woman is constantly worried about flatulence, constipation.

main causes stabbing pain in pregnant

It is worth noting that the sharp pain of appendicitis appear.They are cramping, are located under the right edge.Besides appendicitis such pain can be caused by cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder).In some situations, a woman appears stabbing pain due to the fact that inflamed pancreas.

Quite often pregnant complains of intense pain when she filled the bladder.Particularly concerned about the severe pain during urination.It is best to immediately consult your doctor, because the symptoms may indicate diseases such as cystitis or infection of sexual ways.

Stitching pain in pregnancy because of the coccyx

In some cases the cause of pain is the coccyx.In this case, the pain may be dull, often gives to the lower abdomen, thighs, perineum, buttocks area.Such changes may be triggered by different factors:

  • hormonal changes;
  • preterm labor;
  • stressful experiences.

diseases of female organs as the cause stabbing pain in pregnant

especially need to pay attention to such diseases as cervical incompetence, which occurs when the injured isthmus or cervix. The main causes of uterine trauma include:

  • Heavy previous generations.
  • Having a large baby.
  • Borne abortion.
  • Using special forceps during a previous birth.

All these factors lead to the fact that the cervix opens spontaneously, it can not hold the fetus, so it starts to fall down.As a result, a woman constantly feels stabbing pain. Attention! This symptom in this case is very dangerous, it may indicate a miscarriage.

Strong stabbing pain right in pregnant

Right discomfort often say that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy.This type of disease is quite serious, because the fetus is not developing in the uterus.In this case, urgent surgical intervention.When the fertilized egg develops in the uterine tubes, at the beginning of the second month in a pregnant woman may burst pipe.If the affected right uterine tube, there is an unbearable stabbing pain, it gives to the lower abdomen.

Pain during pipe rupture is somewhat similar to the one that occurs in acute appendicitis.It is important to differentiate it in a timely manner and take action. When diagnosing physician draws such distinctions:

  • If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, the pain gives to the groin, in the external genitals, rectum.
  • If ectopic pregnancy there is a large amount of bleeding.As a rule, women are reduced blood pressure, there is a delay in menstruation, quickens the pulse, dizzy, pale skin.
  • In acute appendicitis, but the pain can increase the body temperature to 40 degrees.Women are constantly sick, it bothers vomiting.

If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy or acute appendicitis, an urgent need to call an ambulance.A lot of cases, when a woman can not save due to the fact that it loses a lot of blood.

Stitching for rare pathologies of the female organs

In some situations, the discomfort provoked apoplexy (gap) of the ovary, which violates its integrity.As a result, bleeding pathology is observed in the abdominal area.Due to the fact that the pathology is quite rare, it is diagnosed late.disease, doctors often confused with ectopic pregnancy.But there is one significant difference:

  • Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by delayed menstruation.
  • ovarian apoplexy occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, usually just after ovulation.

In this situation often requires urgent surgical intervention to prevent anemia.

also shooting pains in the lower abdomen in pregnancy provoked inflammation appendages, cyst torsion legs.

Therapies stabbing pain for pregnant

physician only after examination can determine the cause and to appoint the necessary therapy.Most often, it includes receiving antispasmodics (No-spa, candles "papaverine"), with the help of drugs can relieve pain, relax muscles muscle.

analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drugs carried away during pregnancy is not necessary, they can cause serious fetal abnormalities.

In severe clinical conditions: acute appendicitis, ovarian cysts at break, as well as ectopic pregnancy, emergency surgery is needed.

Thus, stabbing pain in pregnant women often are not dangerous, but is it safe and tell them your doctor.