Sore right side during pregnancy , how to treat?

Pregnancy - is a crucial period for every woman.It was at this time it is necessary to carefully observe all the changes in his body.When there is pain in the right side, a woman should immediately consult with a specialist.A lot of different factors and causes that can lead to discomfort.To avoid serious consequences, it must be attentive to their health, the slightest violation can negatively affect your baby.

Physiological pain in his right side

often feel discomfort in his right side appears because the growing uterus, which can compress the bodies are close.You must also take into account the serious hormonal changes, it often leads to a stretching of muscles, ligaments, so often there are pains.

Natural pain is usually of short duration, is a non-acute.About pathology may be suspected if the pain lasts more than an hour, a woman can not tolerate it.The pain of a particular disease or syndrome leads to the fact that the woman bent and aimed to facilitate the pose.In this case, an urgent need t

o call an ambulance.

main causes of pain in pregnant women in the right side

To find out which body can disturb you, you need to know how they are arranged.On the right side is:

  • Gallbladder.
  • right kidney.
  • small portion of the pancreas.
  • appendix.
  • liver.

Each of these organs can cause severe pain. help facilitate diagnosis such factors :

  • What is the nature of the pain.
  • Where localized discomfort.
  • What symptoms accompanied by pain.

pain in his right side in diseases of the pancreas

pathological processes in the pancreas in pregnant are always accompanied by such symptoms:

  • Very sick.
  • appears vomiting.
  • Profuse sweating.
  • pain after eating.

often unpleasant sensations provoked by the growth of the uterus, disorders in the digestive process.In this situation, can relieve pain, dieting.In acute pancreatitis are issued special preparations for pregnant women.

Liver disease and bile stasis in pregnant

Violent inflammation in the gallbladder occurs when the bile stagnates large number.In this case, the pain gives to the shoulder blade, collarbone, in the right shoulder.In addition to pain a woman worried about severe vomiting, belching, bitter taste in the mouth, heartburn.When the fruit starts to move, a woman concerned about colic.

Gallstone disease complicating pregnancy.As a preventive measure is assigned to a special diet food and cholagogue drugs.If the pain occurs on the top and gives the side, can be suspected hepatic disease - cholestasis, hepatitis, jaundice, acute fatty liver degeneration.

Sometimes early in pregnancy appears jaundice due to toxicity, which is constantly accompanied by vomiting, weight loss and dehydration.In this case, the skin and mucous membranes may turn yellow.If a timely assist pregnant, you can save the life of the baby.

especially dangerous during pregnancy acute degenerative processes in the liver.Most often, they are developing at the end of pregnancy, and are accompanied by symptoms:

  • severe pain in his right side.
  • vomiting.
  • heartburn.

Two weeks may appear jaundice, weakness, vomiting of blood, fever.With the help of a late acute renal failure develops after two weeks, a woman could die.Until the end of unknown causes of degeneration of the liver, but most often when the disease is first concerned about the pain right at the top and in the side.

Pain in the right side can be caused by cholestasis, with him at the pregnant highly itchy skin of hands, feet, and dark urine.The disease is hereditary.In this situation it is necessary symptomatic treatment.

dangerous when discomfort in his right side indicate hepatitis A and B. In this case, the woman is constantly sick, she always wants to sleep for a long time concerned about the itching.In this situation, urgent treatment is necessary.

pain in his right side in renal disease

A pregnant may have problems with the right kidney.In this case, the pain is sharp, worse.Woman worried about painful urination, constantly seems that the bladder is not completely emptied.When the problem is provoked by the appearance of the stone, it comes out of the kidneys, in women there is a sharp pain in his groin.What to do in this situation?Save the baby and protect the woman from serious complications will help drug treatment.

Acute appendicitis in pregnant

Very often pain in the right side occurs when the appendix becomes inflamed.In this case, the pain is localized to the right lower abdomen, can rarely be given in the navel.The pain of appendicitis, acute and long-lasting, lasts about a day.If the appendix is ​​not where it should be, it gives pain in upper abdomen.Inflamed appendix is ​​an urgent need to remove if it would burst, can be peritonitis, septicemia, woman and child in this case do not save.

Appendicitis is dangerous because it leads to miscarriage.If, after the operation the woman herself feels normal, the doctor still closely monitoring her condition.

pain in his right side with apoplexy

Unbearable pain can occur when a pregnant woman break the ovary.A woman bleeding is observed in this situation, she can lose consciousness.The same pain occurs when an ectopic pregnancy, it is required to interrupt.Here, a woman will only surgery.

Thus, the pregnant woman should be attentive to the different pain.It is important not to delay the visit to the attending gynecologist, if you want to save the life of the baby and prevent serious consequences in the future.Remember that you are responsible not only for their health, but above all for the life of the baby.