Water pepper (tincture ) - description , medicinal properties , the use of

tincture with pepper water has long been popular, it is used for a long time to stop bleeding in the uterus, hemorrhoids.Scientific research has proven that the plant is one of the best with styptic.The ancient Greeks and Romans used water pepper for medicinal purposes.The water pepper extract contains large amounts of essential oils, glycosides, tannins, thus, help to accelerate Blutwurst clotting.All components that come in tincture have a bactericidal effect, this has been proved by medical scientists.

Useful properties of water pepper

Due to the substances contained in the plant, it is possible to speed up the contractile function of the uterine muscles, especially after labor.The plant also helps to stop the bleeding, because it includes poligoperin and vitamin K. It is also rich in plant ramnazin, glycosyl rutin, izoramneti, organic acid, kaempferol.Data of the substance helps if the vessels are fragile and highly permeable.Therefore, they can help reinforce the vessel walls.Water

pepper incorporates a substance such as silver, magnesium, vitamin C, E, K, D, manganese, titanium.With the help of medical herbs can stop bleeding, heal wounds.Ascorbic acid, rutin help calm the central nervous system.

water pepper root in its composition contains tannins, antraglikozidy, it has an astringent effect, so it is used in intestinal disorders, if inflamed mucosa.

Application of water pepper

tincture is used to treat bleeding hemorrhoids are characteristic, it is also good to use it for uterine bleeding, uterine hypotension, atony.

Especially useful it is for women immediately after birth, it helps to recover quickly, thus eliminating the various complications.Traditional healers use a powder based on water pepper, if difficult urination, in the tea added with severe headache, as if a heavy period, with ulcer disease and stomach cancer, is used in malaria, tumors, various diseases of the skin - rash, abscess.

with tincture of water pepper is the one with the best anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, hemostatic, sedative and astringent.

charges, which include water pepper, is used for the treatment of enterocolitis, diarrhea, rheumatism, sores that are formed on the mucous membranes.

Preparations Water pepper can be used only after the doctor's recommendations, which will give specific recommendations, appoint a course of treatment and the necessary dosage.Tincture of pepper with water to alcohol often issued such a dose - twice a day, you need to take 20 drops.

To prepare a tincture with pepper water, you need to take half a glass of alcohol, vodka, pepper 25 grams of grass, to insist 14 days in a dark place, do not forget to stir.Recommend to take 40 drops four times a day.

vodka prepare a tincture with water pepper, need a glass of vodka, 15 grams of herb plants for her.Infuse for up to two weeks.Well this tool helps with bleeding in the uterus, as if a woman has any irregularities in menstruation cycle, recommend taking up to 10 drops per day.

If disturbed small hemorrhoids, bleeding in the intestines or bladder, there bleeding after childbirth, it is necessary to use a tincture of water pepper on alcohol.To prepare it, you need to take the dry grass pepper, which is best harvested in August, finely chop it, fill in 70% alcohol.Thus obtained extract, which has a bitter and astringent taste has a dark brown color, using it is possible to stop bleeding.Take 40 drops recommend 30 minutes before a meal.Tincture of pepper with water can be purchased at the pharmacy.

With the infusion of water pepper can cure bowel disease, restore intestinal flora with dysentery.Also, the plant will help to bring the sand, stones from the kidney, bladder.

also infusion with water pepper rinse the mouth with angina, inflammation in the mucous membranes.Externally grass with water pepper is used as a lotion with which to heal festering wounds, eczema.Also it possesses antitumor effect.Use the tincture of water pepper can reduce the proportion of the thyroid gland.In cases of bleeding that arise with hemorrhoids, use a decoction of the plant on the milk.

Water pepper is very good remedy for hair, on the basis of it prepare an extract, it is also one with the effective means against hair loss, it accelerates their growth.To do this, the dry powder is mixed with 70% alcohol, to insist, add vitamin E in liquid form, then rub in a small head massage movements, to insist 15 minutes, until the agent is absorbed.Rinse the mixture should be with a conventional shampoo.

When monthly also recommend the use of water pepper, using it can get rid of the unpleasant sensations that occur in women during the critical days, it is perfectly relieves pain and reduces blood profusion.Tincture is the one with the best prophylactics.To prepare the infusion, it is necessary to take one tablespoon of the plant, fill it in a glass of water, boil all.

After birth with the help of pepper broth with water can be removed from the tone of the uterus, to reduce clotting Blutwurst, this one with the best antiseptic.For the treatment of sores, gum disease is recommended to rinse your mouth with broth.Internally, broth-based water pepper recommend taking in cystitis, cholecystitis, is the one with the best choleretic and diuretic.In combination with other herbs to help heal the plant whites, broth need to douche.

Thus, water pepper is a species with useful plants that can be used to cure a lot of diseases.