Wild yam Caucasian - description , medicinal properties , the use of

Caucasian Wild yam is a herbaceous perennial vine can reach a length of up to three meters, has a thick horizontal rhizome.Leaves attain a length of 15 cm, and have a heart-oval shape, tapered at the ends, bottom leaves opushayutsya densely.Dioscorea Caucasian Flowers are small, green, same sex, can be collected in the ear or a brush.Fruits Dioscorea Caucasian - boxes, which are often rounded and triangular.Seeds are distinguished by his volatility.Dioscorea Bloom begins in late spring, early summer, the fruits are ready in the beginning of autumn.

Description Dioscorea Caucasian

This type refers to a rare plant, so it brought in the Red Book.Meet it can only be in the Krasnodar Territory, in Abkhazia.

Useful properties of Dioscorea

plant provides a therapeutic mind, it is used to treat various diseases.Effective means are preparations based on twenty-five rhizomes of Dioscorea Caucasian.Collect root is best in early spring or autumn, before the first frost will come.Raw materials must be well dr

ied, then stored for three years.Decoctions and infusions based on Dioscorea is a sedative, immunomodulatory, choleretic, tonic, diuretic.

The structure of the plant includes such chemical components as steroid glucosides, using them, you can get rid of excess cholesterol in the blood.The Dioscorea contains fat and starch.

Application Dioscorea

Drugs prepared with Dioscorea Caucasian help cure dystonia, an atherosclerosis in the brain, rheumatoid arthritis, reduce inflammation to trigeminal nerve.

drugs based on plants improve liver, heart, kidney and mental work, and normalize sleep.With the help of plants can heal headaches, restore sight, if a person has cataracts.Wild yam also eliminates the fatigue irritability, tinnitus, uplifting person.

plant does not debugged lipids in the liver, arteries, lowers cholesterol in the blood, using it can improve coronary blood flow, expand the peripheral vessels, get rid of the attacks, which occur with tachycardia and angina.

infusion and the extract based on Dioscorea Caucasian provide a secretory, motor the stomach and intestines.It is recommended to take it to patients with diabetes mellitus, using it can improve the condition of the body, lipid metabolism, normalize blood glucose levels.

medical scientists proved that if Dioscorus Caucasian use fees with other types of plants that can cure diseases such as sarcoidosis, lupus erythematosus, glomerulonephritis, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma.

The rhizome of Dioscorea has up to 30% saponins, particularly useful protogracillin, dioscin, protodioscin.The root of the need to collect and harvest from the middle of spring until the moment when there will be the first frosts, it should be done very carefully using a shovel.Then root necessarily cut into small pieces, dried in a special oven at 70 degrees.Remember, Dioscorea Caucasian is a rare plant, so you can only use the one that is grown artificially.

To prepare the tincture with Dioscorea need half a liter of vodka, 100 grams of dried minced root pour all and insist 10 days.

after stroke and transferred to other diseases of the heart is recommended to drink this infusion, for it is necessary to take 8 tablespoons finely divided dry root, pour half a liter of vodka, insist two weeks.The infusion is recommended to add to the warm tea, one teaspoon is enough - morning, afternoon and evening.Dermatologic need four courses must be a break of one month.

healing powers is the root of tea with Dioscorea, in order to prepare it, you need to mix green tea with chopped root plants.Drink it is necessary only once a day after meal.With tea can normalize blood cholesterol, improve concentration, memory, and lead to normal sleep.

This is a great preventative tool hypertensive disease, atherosclerosis.

to protect from bloating, it is necessary to use tea with this collection of herbs - ginger, peppermint, root dioskoreni, fennel, chamomile.Drink only after eating.

If a person concerned about the disease atherosclerosis, folk healers advise to use a mixture - the powder prepared from the roots and a spoon of honey, then drink all the water with the dissolved honey.Suffice it to three times a day to take 2 grams of powder.This combination beneficially affects the components of the nervous system, the heart, so can lead to normal metabolism, it is easily digestible, while no effect on the gastric mucosa.The plant contains a large number of beneficial vitamins such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sodium, iron.

root and rhizome of Dioscorea used to prepare the dry extract called "Polisponin", using it can defend against lipid deposition in the heart, blood vessels and liver.

furry Wild yam is a unique plant species, it is found in many contraceptive methods, cream, with which you can cure eczema.This is one from the best antispasmodic, antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic agents.For women the plant during the premenstrual period is a real find, with the help it can expand blood vessels, thus to get rid of cramps and spasms.

Wild yam is rich in phytoestrogens, such as diosgenin.If decoctions and infusions to take root at menopause, can protect against osteoporosis, organize the work of the gonads.With plant-based drugs can cure cystitis and other inflammatory processes in the urinary tract.

Contraindications Dioscorea

Do not take drugs on the basis of this type of plant with bradycardia, pregnancy.The saponins may adversely affect the gastric mucosa, intestine, because it is so important to use all the drugs only after eating.Also at the reception on the basis of Dioscorea drugs a person may have problems with appetite, itching on the skin, in the gut disorder, excessive sweating.Therefore, it is important to follow the dosage.