Hair Mask with castor oil at home

What girl does not dream about making her hair kept saying compliments and words of admiration?But, in fact, it is not so!We often note that even the hair you do not want to dismiss, and all because they are dull, thin, split, not very thick, and generally are not very presentable.What to do in this case? Hide hair under hats, buy a wig, constantly doing hairstyle with false locks?No, you do not need such a complex scenario outcome.Suffice it to the nearest pharmacy to buy castor oil.Why castor oil and how it can be useful for hair - see this article.

Before we proceed to the most important - to disclose Antitheft perfect hair, it should be noted that whatever means you have not applied to the scalp, which would not rubbed it and so on, until you do not prefer to use your health from the inside,- it does not work.

skin, hair and nails directly reflect your inner state and well-being.If you eat junk food, greasy, spicy, sweet food, then your hair is not how to get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.T

herefore, hair treatment should begin with a proper diet and nothing else.Enter in your diet vegetables and fruits, as well as propyl complex of vitamins and minerals.

The beneficial properties of castor oil

What is so useful it means penny from the nearest pharmacy?Yes, that penny.And it's really surprising, because we used to spend on hair large sum of money to buy expensive professional shampoos, balms and masks, but somehow it all does not help to achieve the desired effect.What to do?So, you need to buy castor oil and follow the recipes below.

Oil castor oil is not very pleasant smell, it is viscous in its consistency, but the composition of her most valuable: vitamin E, A, F, B vitamins, and minerals, fats and acids - all can be found in one flakonchike oil.

Castor oil can penetrate deep into damaged hair structure and nourish it from the inside, restoring damaged areas and filling the hair completely with all necessary materials.

oil is very good for the hair and slides distributed along its entire length, carefully gluing all scales.As a result - hair after the first use of castor oil as a mask very moisturized, fried, they shine , them easy to comb her hair and put in .After castor oil you do not need to use additional moisturizing mask or nourishing serum - hair gets its moisture from the portion of castor oil.

Castor oil is recommended to use a girl with damaged hair, split at the tips.If you are decolorized hair, dyed it and now want to keep the color and return to its former strength and shine to hair, it will help you in this oil is castor oil.

addition, castor oil prevents hair loss, drying of the scalp and dandruff.

This castor oil is a clear, viscous, and with a specific smell.But in any case, you will not regret it, because such cheap pharmacy preparation is not fake.

Applications can use castor oil Castor oil for hair

independently means for hair care, and to combine it with other oils and make masks.For a start, you can start hair care with pure castor oil and oil after the move to the various mixtures and masks.

rules applying castor oil

There are several rules that must be followed:

  • Before applying castor oil on the hair, it is necessary to heat the oil in a water bath or in a microwave oven (as you see fit).This is necessary for the most comfortable applying oil to the hair and better absorption of nutrients castor oil in the damaged hair structure.Be sure before you apply warmed oil to the hair, apply a few drops on your palm, and if you feel a burning sensation, it means suitable temperature, it is possible to apply oil to the hair;
  • oil should be thoroughly rubbed into the hair, especially in those places that you have overdried and badly damaged;
  • oil should be well spread over the hair with a comb;
  • now on his head put on a normal plastic bag or cover with cling film to create the greenhouse effect.On top cover hair with a towel or a warm scarf.Keep the mask on your hair should be about an hour.
  • After 1 hour of exposure to oil your hair, it is necessary to rinse with warm water with your usual shampoo.Hair washed twice.
  • If you do not want to put a mask on all the hair, you can apply it only to posechennye and damaged hair.

Castor oil can be used in combination with other base vegetable oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil.Well suited for these goals, burdock oil, camphor, sea buckthorn.If you combine the oil in a ratio of 1: 1, then the mask for the humidification and power is applied to the hair and distributed throughout the hair much easier.

The mask for hair care, you can add vitamins A and E in the oil, as well as various essential oils as lavender, rosemary, orange, sage.They will give your hair an extra shine, smoothness and softness.

Masks with castor oil

Judging by the reviews of the fair sex, who have experienced the tremendous effect of the mask with castor oil, it can be said that after the application of hair on their structure becomes thicker and thicker, denser.And there is not even worth talking about brilliance, which they acquire, as well as the softness and smoothness.

If you fall much hair, then shifted to equal quantities of red pepper tincture (it can be purchased at the pharmacy) and castor oil.Apply this mixture only need to hair roots and stand for about 1 hour.But, be prepared for the fact that the mask really burn the scalp.It's pepper affects the hair follicles to stimulate blood circulation and the growth of new hair.

If you make a mask of castor oil and onion juice, the hair will be much bigger and more magnificent.

To get rid of dandruff , you need to add in the mask of calendula tincture.