Hair Mask with olive oil at home

For several centuries, women used olive oil in their recipes beauty.Useful features of this product make skin face youth and radiance, and unique hair silky, smooth, shine and elasticity. Olive oil is able to restore and nourish its medicinal ingredients, even the most damaged hair, dry and devoid of its former luster and life.

The useful olive oil?

Olive oil is known that it is perfectly cleanses the skin of both the face and the head and the entire body of dead skin cells.After the mask with olive oil skin begins to breathe, it is nourished.Oil normalizes the sebaceous glands and because of this, the hair does not have such dull and faded, as it was before.If you regularly make a mask for hair with olive oil, you can forget about dandruff, hair loss, split ends, as well as the fragility, of confusion and lifelessness.The hair will be so soft and silky, like a child.

In the olive oil contains valuable amounts of vitamins A, E and K, as well as phenols, oleic and linoleic acids, minerals, and nutrien

ts that are necessary for the stimulation of hair growth, as well as their unique brilliance.

In Greece, olive oil is used in the classical way, namely olive oil is heated in a water bath and carefully rubbed in the scalp, and is distributed over the entire length, to every hair got his share of nutrients.

Moreover, olive oil can be combined with any product that is part of the popular nourishing and intensely moisturizing, firming masks Hair: burdock oil, essential oil of lavender and rosemary, egg yolks, sour cream, mayonnaise, clay, etc.

application of oil, depending on the hair problems

If you suffer from excessive dryness of the scalp constantly scrub head, then forward - to the nearest store for a magic olive oil.It is ideal for very dry, brittle hair damaged after multiple staining and discoloration.If you think that you will not save your hair after another unsuccessful hair dyeing or heat, and can be chemical action, be sure to conduct a course of masks with olive oil.Moreover, olive oil is recommended to be applied not only to the hair, but also on the face (of the first wrinkles) and rub into problem areas of the body as a vehicle, which get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

Use olive oil and oily hair as well as head of hair combined type - in this case, you will be greasy strands of hair at the roots and along the entire length curls fairly dry, brittle and split.

Only in this case, with the combined type of scalp and hair, you will need to apply a mask of olive oil only to the entire length of the hair, avoiding contact with the roots.

If the hair you have the normal type, it is desirable to do the healing nutritional moisturizing mask once a week.Thus, you will be able to maintain the normal condition of the hair, and will save your hair from numerous problems.Judging by the numerous reviews of girls, hair mask with olive oil to help them nourish the hair, moisturize them accelerate the growth of hair, get rid of split ends and restore damaged and over-dried hair, without the need for scissors.Curls become elastic, beautiful, soft, silky, shiny, as in advertising.In this case, the fair sex have forgotten all about dandruff, skin itching and hair loss.

We select olive oil for hair

Are there any secrets in choosing olive oil for hair?Unfortunately, on the store shelves, you can be faced with a lot of olive oil fakes.But, there are some basic secrets that will help you distinguish the present olive oil from a fake.So, we learn together:

  • Olive oil should be a greenish-yellow color;
  • Try butter taste - it should be to taste as fresh olives;
  • cost of virgin olive oil will always be higher than that of sunflower - usually 3-4 times.

the highest quality olive oil is considered to be the one that got cold right spin.Even if you do not consume olive oil in a food, and want to purchase it solely for cosmetic purposes - do not skimp on his beloved!Purchase a quality product that will really "work" on your hair.

Mask of olive oil at home

So transgress to the most beautiful time - to the proper care of your tresses.Olive oil can be applied both on dry hair, and in the wet;both dirty and the clean.

The simplest mask recipe with olive oil at home - it is a small amount of heat the oil in a water bath (a few tablespoons depending on hair length), and then apply the oil on the hair, carefully rubbing the curls.After - roll hair into a bun and put on top of the plastic wrap, and top - a warm woolen scarf or towel.To sustain a mask on his head should be at least 40 minutes (preferably even overnight, if the hair is very damaged).

Rinse off the mask to warm water with your usual shampoo.

Hair Mask with olive and henna

Remarkably strengthens and restores hair mask with olive oil and henna.Mix 1 tablespoonhenna and 2 tbspolive oil (the proportion can be increased depending on the length of the hair) and apply this mixture as the hair roots and the entire length curls.Also, if desired, can be added to mask one egg yolk and 1 tsphoney.All of this mix and apply on hair.Mask to survive on his head one o'clock under the cling film and a handkerchief, as described above.Effect after the mask is already visible after the first application - saturated with hair, well-groomed, soft and silky.