Mask for hair tips at home

Every woman dreams of a long, well-groomed hair.Save difficult hair smooth, constant blow-drying, use ploek, ironing, dry and lead to split ends.Negatively affect the condition of hair stress, harmful food, because of which disrupted the activity of sebaceous glands.To get rid of fragility, brittleness recommend the use of special masks.Cosmetic means you can easily prepare their own home.

Preparation masks split ends

whipped tips on different types of hair.Most often subjected to long hair.They constantly need to comb because they are confused.Frequent hair styling spoils.

Many holders of long hair decide to simplify your task - to cut off split ends.This method only helps for a while, then re-cut by the tips of much.Way out there, you need to constantly take care of the tips of the hair.

mask must be applied precisely to split ends.It is best to use a mask based on oil.In this case, you will need olive oil, almond oil or burdock.The tool is applied to the ends of her hair, kept for half an hour,

only then you can wash your hair.So you protect the ends of the bundle.

In that case, if the hair is completely dry, it is necessary for an hour before going to wash my hair, and take a massage movements rub into the hair roots of burdock, sunflower or linseed oil.After that, wrap head with plastic wrap and a towel.Wash off with shampoo for dry hair.This method is perfectly strengthens the hair and improves the condition of the tip.

for dry and normal hair fits this mask recipe.You will need 2 eggs (yolk to take) and castor oil - 50 ml, add a small amount of shampoo.The mixture is applied to all of the hair.The mask is maintained for one hour, then washed with warm water.

Effective mask for hair ends

If you have dry hair, be sure to prepare yourself a mask.For her take castor oil - a tablespoon of olive oil - a tablespoon of lemon juice - half.Coat the ends of her hair, wait 30 minutes, then gently rinse decoction of linden and nettle.

for different types of hair used oil with burdock root tincture.Preparing it is simple: Take a vegetable oil - a glass, add the crushed root of the plant - 80 grams, about one day insist.After that, boil on low heat, strain and cool.Massage movements must be absorbed by the roots of the hair.Mask stand for about an hour.Do it twice a week and you will notice results soon.

restore the hair structure, improve the condition of the tips, will help mask based on aloe.To prepare it you need to take a tablespoon of brandy, aloe juice of burdock oil, lemon juice.Then add the egg yolk, all carefully mixed and applied on the hair.Mask stand for about an hour, then rinse.To conduct the procedure three times a week.

Getting rid of dry ends of hair

Mask with mayonnaise prevents a strong cross-section of dry hair, enhances their growth.To prepare it, you need fat mayonnaise - tablespoon, egg yolk, honey - teaspoon crushed garlic - 2 cloves.Apply the mask on the whole hair, then you need to take polyethylene and wrap their hair, tie a towel on top.Wash off after 30 minutes.The mask is applied twice a week.

Beauticians recommend, if the tips of the hair brittle and severely flogged, use a mask with yogurt.It should be a night to put on hair yogurt in the morning wash off the mask without the use of shampoos.To be effective, you must perform the procedure once a week, the course at least 10 days.

improve the condition of dry ends helps mask with burdock root, rhizome calamus.To make a mask, you need to take 200 ml of boiling water and a tablespoon of herbs, after all boil for about 15 minutes.Infuse for about 6 hours.Rub medicament necessary in the hair roots.An hour later, rinse with cold water without using shampoo.

Strengthens the tips of the hair mask with lemon juice, spinach, cabbage.It can be applied over the entire length and ends of hair.So it is possible to improve the structure of the hair, to protect themselves from the bundle ends.

Smooth hair and give them a natural shine will help peach mask.To do this, rub the peach.Then the slurry, which is obtained to the hair.To sustain the mask for 30 minutes.

used mask with colorless henna posechennyh For thin hair.For it takes a colorless henna - 2 tablespoons herb collection of mint, birch, chamomile.It should get a mixture of a creamy consistency.Mask infused for 20 minutes, then applied to the tips (keep no more than 30 minutes).Rinse it without using shampoo.

improve the condition of hair tips helps honey solution.To do this, take the honey - 2 teaspoons, dissolve it in 100 ml of chamomile decoction.After that, you must collect the hair with his hands and lower the tips in the honey solution.To prevent hair section must be constantly used as a rinse for hair decoction of nettle, chamomile, mint, linden, birch.The efficacy of glycerol mask, it is suitable for fine hair tips.

So, the hair should be beautiful and well-groomed.A woman must continually monitor the status of their ends, if you want to grow long hair.To do this, do not be lazy and once a week to please their hair healing mask.At home, you can use different recipes, choose a suitable and safe for yourself.Consider individual intolerance can trigger serious allergies to certain plant components.It leads to severe itching scalp, peeling, drying to the scalp.