Advantages of the treatment of obesity in the clinic

Today is unpleasant and dangerous disease like obesity is a serious problem for a large number of men and women, because it can cause the appearance of cardiovascular disease, osteooartrita, diabetes and other diseases, and so when it occurs, should be as soon as possible to consult specialists.Treatment of obesity in the clinic involves the use of highly qualified doctors only modern and efficient techniques:

effective medication, special diet therapy, and in special cases surgical treatment.

Many believe that will be enough to spend on a specific set of medical drugs, forgetting that this method does not have a long-acting and stop helping after taking drugs.In order to make the effect last longer, it is necessary to combine tablet adoption rates with special physical exercises, strictly comply with all recommendations of the nutritionist.Modern experts apply the following sets of medicines to help patients suffering from obesity: Orlistat (reducing fat absorption), and fentramin lorkazelin (appet

ite suppression).

The most effective method of combating obesity is surgery: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding.Very popular among women are operations such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, which are well suited for local correction of defects, but not for solving problems in general.The method to combat obesity is only applied when the BMI is 40, when body weight exceeds the rate by half.Therefore it is recommended to use it in combination with regular physical activity and proper nutrition.

Turning to the specialized agencies, you can be sure that there for you to pick up an individual course of treatment, which will necessarily include practices that are aimed at reducing the number of calories, reduce the number of digestible food andalso increase caloric expenditure by assigning intense exercise.Specialists use techniques such as fasting, all sorts of diets, psychological correction is performed with the help of drugs suppress the feeling of hunger.

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