Examination of the quality of medical care

quality medical service examination is carried out to obtain evidence that the obligations of professional work of medical workers performed properly.Examination of the quality of a specialist who has qualified for the qualifications checked.Moreover, the expert must possess technology expertise, be able to assess the activities of colleagues, using a set of actions algorithm correctly to issue from the study results.

expert assessment should be objective and impartial, should be based on the most advanced achievements of medicine, if necessary, should include an analysis of the literature on the subject under study.An expert evaluates the activities of their colleagues need to be higher than the so-called corporate spirit, which is characteristic of the people of the same profession.

One of the main legal instruments in this field is the order of the Ministry of Health "On measures to improve the examination of temporary disability."In this Order contains provisions for clinical expert commission of

the state or municipal hospital.This commission is formed for the collegial discussion of issues of diagnosis, treatment, management tactics, rehabilitation, disability determination and professional suitability, or other issues, decision-making on these issues.In addition to the responsibilities of the commission include conflict resolution and consideration of complaints of patients and organizations that may arise in the process of providing medical care.The Commission assesses the quality and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment process, the results of experts checks the regional medical and economic standards.This is the examination of the quality of care.

If questioned the quality, scope, conditions for obtaining medical assistance, initially the patient can write an application addressed to the head of medical institutions.It is necessary to briefly describe the situation that causes a feeling of dissatisfaction.Next, referring to the order of the Ministry of Health, to present a request for a clinical expert commission in order to examine the reported case, a copy of the conclusion of printing medical facility.If you obtained the conclusion of the patient is not satisfied, it can refer to your statement in the territory of the health management body, located in a part of the Federation and the Federation of Health Management.