Why hurt the chest ?When driving , you breathe in ?

Chest pain can talk about different diseases.In order to find out the cause, the doctor checks her character as it lasts, the patient must necessarily pass all the necessary tests, and only then can we say that has provoked the appearance of pain.We can not tolerate the pain in the chest, because, whatever the reasons or was not, in this area the appearance of unpleasant sensations are quite dangerous.Therefore, it is important to timely diagnose the cause and begin effectively treated.Why is there pain in the chest?

Chest pain after exercise

Unpleasant sensations occur most often after a person overly physical overworked, and after injuries, sprains, injuries.In cases of severe physical exertion may occur pain in the chest area and is located between the ribs.This pain is called - delayed onset muscle soreness, it can often appear after the active sessions, physical work.It does not provide hazards for human health because it is connected with the fact that the muscle connective tissues secrete lac

tic acid, because of this, a little damaged muscular and ligamentous structures of strained muscles.Has the nature of drawing, with a sharp movement begins to grow.This pain can be avoided, if properly trained, load and count his forces.

Post-traumatic chest pain

Chest pain occurs due to the fact that the injury was inflicted, as if internal organs are damaged because of it.At the turn of the ribs, the pain is stabbing, especially when the squeeze chest.It can be enhanced when a person is coughing heavily, passed after the relaxation.Bruises immediately evident when they begin to appear bruising, bruising.If lung injury, it does not provide a hazard, but if severe, can result in death, because because it can be a break of the lungs and bleeding.

Chest pain due to viral and infectious diseases

This pain occurs when a person takes a deep breath, sneezes or coughs.At the same time it appears in the location to which the infection has affected.In the cases of the common cold pain goes after curing, also when the patient adheres to bed rest.In case of deterioration of the condition of the patient, can be said that there were serious complications in vital respiratory organs, such as:

1. pneumonia - a serious lung disease, which manifests itself in the human body as an inflammatory process, it can affect one lungor just two.If time does not treat it, a man burned lungs in a matter of days.When pneumonia, in addition to chest pain, greatly increases the body temperature, which leads to unpleasant sensations in the chest, coughing, wheezing.

2. Pleurisy - pulmonary disease in which inflamed lung shell.Chest pain because it occurs when the diaphragm is strained.It's easy to recognize a person feels a spasm in the chest, can not breathe deeply and begins to choke.This happens if the person suffered pneumonia and pleurisy may occur in diseases of the cardiovascular system and tuberculosis.

3. Severe pain in the chest may indicate a tumor in the lung or bronchial system, the cough is choking, coughing up blood, man.Symptoms in this case is pronounced.

Chest pain due to problems with the digestive system

1. Often a person experiences discomfort in heartburn, when a large amount of juice in the stomach, and he begins to flow into the esophagus.Discomfort may occur after a person has eaten, as heartburn can appear on an empty stomach.The pain of heartburn begins from the esophagus and throat finishes.Patient burns strong in the chest area, it happens to one hour.

2. Due to the stagnation of food in the digestive tract, this is due to the strong pressure on the esophageal wall, the pain increases when a person swallows or breathes.

3. When liver disease - chronic or acute nature, as in the cases of the parasite getting into the liver area.There is a growing pain in this case, when a person presses the body starts coughing or sneezing.Chest pain can be triggered by hepatitis B, it has antispasmodic in nature, because the liver begins to increase, and it may be blunt, long.Or maybe vice versa it becomes sharp, intense, to give to the shoulder blade and the right shoulder.

4. Most often, pain in the chest may indicate that you have a problem with the gall bladder, bile when not fully excreted in the human body.Also, pain can be one with the symptoms of chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis.

pain in the chest due

cardiovascular disease 1. When angina chest pain is sudden in nature, may occur on one side or on both at once to give.This man tormented by oppressive pain, it occurs at any time of the day - after exercise, at night, etc.

2. Myocardial infarction Acute pain occurs in the chest area, it is caused by the fact that a person has died away one part of the heart muscle, because of this it is not enough oxygen.The pain is sudden in nature, is sharp, can be given in the left arm or shoulder.Here you need to act quickly to cause an ambulance immediately.

3. Chest pain due to pericarditis, which occurs when the inflamed pericardium.This disease can have an independent character, or accompany infections, cancer and autoimmune diseases.Pain reminds angina, but the person becomes hard to breathe, it hurts shortness of breath, squeezed esophageal system starts.Thus there is fever, swells the face, neck, noticeable veins.

Thus, the chest may hurt a variety of reasons and all of them quite serious, so do not hesitate, you need to urgently contact a specialist who can help accurately diagnose pain in the chest area.