Ivan tea - a great tool of folk medicine

What willow-herb ?

Ivan-tea now very widely known, but mostly through advertising healthful beverage that can be made from this herb.Although the plant itself is also quite widely spread in our country.Grass grows in latitudes with temperate climates and prefers sandy soil.The plant is not high, although the flowers have a long stem and buds are located.

Given that the willow-herb grows in the form of clusters of grass, somewhere far away it may seem like a shrub, although the tree trunk at the willow-herb is not, and therefore it belongs to the grass.

plant has attractive appearance and can be used to create a bouquet of wild herbs, although, given the beneficial properties of willow-herb, do not use it for medicinal purposes are often unreasonable.That's just it should be noted that in order to produce the desired medicinal effect, you need to properly collect the grass and the right approach to the production of tea, from which you can then do a medical drink.

So, should collect only the yo

ung inflorescence, which have not yet blossomed through.Do it better in the beginning of July, as this is the time to start mass flowering grass.Although you can find a suitable inflorescences to early autumn - flowering willow-tea for a long time.Here only pay attention to the fact that the later assembly at the bottom of the inflorescence can be a special form of beans, which contain the fluff kind with which multiplies plant.The fluff was in any case should not fall into the collection, or you can not prepare a tea with medicinal properties due.

In addition, you must initially learn how to properly prepare the herbarium collected by drying and fermentation.But more about the fermentation of willow-herb you can find here.Note that without observing the process collected from inflorescences then just not be able to "extract" all the medicinal substances that make willow-herb, and earned a staggering popularity among the people.

When to use willow-herb, and why?

On the application of willow-herb written quite a lot.Let us try to understand in which cases it should be used, and why.To begin with, that drink from this herb helps to effectively deal with high blood pressure - one of the most common problems today, especially among the elderly.

such action is caused, first of all, a pronounced sedative effect of the drug, and in fact nervous stress and vasospasm is paramount in the development of hypertension.In addition, the tea from this herb contains no caffeine unlike habitual us tea, and therefore does not increase blood pressure.

recommended to use infusions and decoctions of willow-herb and in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract inflammatory genesis.It is about gastritis, duodenitis, ulcers, colitis, and so on.The fact that the plant of the broth has a marked shielding effect and reduces the damaging effect of hydrochloric acid on the gastric and duodenal wall.Moreover, the extract from the leaves and flowers of herbs has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the swelling and the inflammatory infiltrate in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract when taken orally.

believed that the willow-herb can be successfully used in neurology to eliminate neuroses and disorders of social adaptation, it is perfect for people who have suffered the stress and want to deal with its consequences.The positive effect of willow-herb due largely to the fact that it contains large amounts of vitamin C, which plays the role of an antioxidant and helps to improve the immune system.

sure it is worth noting the fact that the drink of willow-herb is very useful for men to maintain the normal condition of the prostate gland and prevent the development of adenomas and other pathological changes.It is believed that its use helps to maintain male reproductive function into old age, and young men is an excellent tool for the treatment of infertility.

Contraindications to the use of a beverage from a willow-herb

is believed that at least a drink and lowers blood pressure, but it leads to an increase in blood viscosity, so it is not recommended to use for people with severe heart disease, arrhythmias or severe coronary artery disease.Also, the drink is undesirable for the elderly, who suffer from varicose veins or thrombophlebitis.

not use tea to children, pregnant women and breast-feeding.The fact that the effect on the tea in the body, the body for special periods have not been studied, but because it is better not to risk and temporarily refrain from receiving.