Allergic cough in children : a description of the causes , symptoms, treatment

Allergic cough in a child is one of the symptoms of allergy.It appears from various causes, due to the fact that the allergens affect the upper respiratory tract.The cough occurs due to inflammation in the trachea, bronchial system, the throat.Allergic cough in a child may have paroxysmal in nature, he begins coughs.

Description of allergic cough in a child

1. Cough can be sudden, paroxysmal lasts about a month, the body temperature rises, sometimes a runny nose may occur.

2. A dry cough often occurs at night time of year, it is a rare day.

3. The sputum is clear, it does not contain pus, and the child often sneeze, he strongly itching of the nose and throat.

Cough allergies can be easily distinguished from other species, it lasts for a month, when the temperature rises it does not, there may be a runny nose.Most often, the cough begins to disturb the baby at night, during the day it becomes much easier.Cough dry in some situations, and in some wet, with purulent sputum does not discharge.In alle

rgic cough may appear itching of the nose, the throat, the person often begins to sneeze.

cause allergic cough in children

The most common allergy in the child to appear in color plants, dust, alien-type protein, also on medications - vaccine, syrups, anti-bacterial agents.

symptoms of allergic cough

very difficult time to find out what kind of cough in a child - or a typical allergic.If allergy symptoms appear rhinitis, throat swells, worried convulsive state.It is important to get rid of the cause that triggered the allergy - house dust, animal fur, pollen.To do this you must pass all additional necessary tests, test test allergen.

If the stimulus begins to adversely affect the respiratory system, bronchus, larynx greatly swollen, the child can feel like choking.When the baby gets rid of irritants, it hurts a frequent cough, so the body takes the allergen.

The course of allergic cough in children

The most common symptom that appears in the child that the baby was suffering diathesis.If your child is prone to allergic reactions, his cough may occur due to the small number of allergens.When the child has an unbalanced diet, if it is not time to make a vaccine, because of this there is an allergic reaction that manifests cough.

Symptoms can be aggravated in winter, summer, winter, if the child does not go to the street, constantly comes in a dry place.It is important to consult an immunologist, allergist, surrender all the necessary tests.

If attacks are constant, it is important to time to see a doctor, so that the disease did not develop into asthma.Most often the attacks can be triggered by a viral infection, genetic predisposition, environment, allergen.

First of all, the doctor finds the cause, because of what appears allergic cough, after the allergen is detected, it is important to avoid contact with him.Also designate a specific therapy.

Treatment of allergic cough

Pre-course therapy is required to carry out diagnostic tests may also assign computer bronchophonography to learn about allergic processes in the bronchial system.

children can often prescribe antihistamines - treatment suprastin, tavegilom, diazolin.Most often, in addition to allergic cough, nose appear strong thick discharge.In this situation it is necessary to use a vasoconstrictor drugs - to bury his nose galazolin, naftizina.The nose can greatly blush, severe itching are concerned.

Treatment of allergic cough in a child

necessary to use special medicines for allergies, protect the child from allergens.It is important to always maintain your child medications, that can be used to boost immunity.Note that you can not use glyukokortekosteroidy, these funds may adversely affect the child's body.

Remove coughing fit, you can use a dropper, for this purpose, the physical solution, glucose.With the help of drugs can reduce allergen exposure on the child, so he can quickly recover.

prevention of allergic cough

in any case can not be used antibacterial agents in allergic cough, they can lead to the fact that the disease is even more aggravated.You can use such folk remedies for allergic cough:

1. Drink as much of warm water.

2. You can get rid of with the help of the recipe, you will need a bay leaf, baking soda, honey for him.It is important to make this broth during a violent attack of coughing.Suffice it to 50 ml per day.

3. The child can not eat foods that contain a large number of allergens.

4. As much as possible to breathe fresh air.

5. Keep an eye on the child's skin condition when you notice a rash, you should immediately contact your doctor.

6. If a child suffers from allergic cough, you need to constantly clean the house every day, ventilate the room.

7. It is necessary to abandon dogs, cats, fish, if you know that the child is allergic.

8. Relieve symptoms in allergic cough, you can use suprastin, diazolin, tavegil.

Thus, if your child has frequent allergic cough, you should immediately seek help from the allergist, using it you can find out the reason of its appearance, the allergen.It is important to take action as soon as possible if you do not, the child may have asthma.In addition to the treatment of allergic cough, and it is important to properly care for them, pay attention to diet, daily routine, the conditions in which he lives.Do not let him into contact with pollen, animals, and other allergens.